The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design featuring Rachael Taylor is a collaboration between internationally-acclaimed surface pattern designer Rachael Taylor and award-winning entrepreneur Beth Kempton (formerly Nicholls!), founder of Do What You Love. We are so excited to have joined forces to bring you this  e-course.  We hope that it will give you the tools, inspiration and confidence you need to succeed in the exciting world of surface pattern design.

(image courtesy of Red Magazine)

About Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor is a fun & energetic surface pattern designer & illustrator who creates ‘patterns to make you happy’! All of her products are unique creations. Her aim is to help you fill your life with fabulous colour, patterns & designs that will put a great big smile on your face!

Rachael left her full time design job in 2008 to fly solo! Early on in her career she developed her signature style of layering, textures & quirky hand drawn linework. Shortly after in 2010 the product label was officially born. After a large demand Rachael expanded the product line and launched an exciting fun brand.

The free spirited quality in Rachael’s design work has attracted a variety of clients worldwide. This includes design studios, high street stores & private buyers. Rachael has designed for the art, ceramics, interiors, fashion, textiles, greetings, stationery. Gadget & marketing industries. Her work is extremely popular with the press & has even made several appearances on television.

Rachael has her own popular label, Rachael Taylor Designs, and sells her products online and in stores across the UK. She also has also secured number of successful internationally licensed product ranges sold worldwide.

Find out more on Rachael’s website or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

About Beth Kempton (previously Nicholls)

Award-winning entrepreneur Beth Kempton is the founder of Do What You Love, which gives creative women tools and inspiration to do what they love, for life. This includes life-enhancing retreats and e-courses which combine creativity, enterprise and community to help women develop and monetise their passion. Beth’s pioneering Do What You Love e-course, has been described as ‘life-changing’, ‘awe-inspiring’ and ‘transformational’.

In 2010 Beth was named as one of the UK’s 16 most exciting young female entrepreneurs by Marie Claire magazine, and was a finalist in 2012 Digital Entrepreneur of the Year. Beth is an avid adventurer and has lived worked and travelled in over 50 countries on every continent. She speaks fluent Japanese and is inspired by all things Oriental. Beth loves photography, mixed media and of course pattern! The first artwork she ever sold was a celebrity collaboration which went for a staggering $10,000 at auction. Find out more on her blog, or connect on Facebook or Twitter.

Beth is excited to be working with Rachael to bring this collaboration to you, and will be at your side every step of the way to support you through the course. As a long-time lover of pattern (and with a secret dream of launching her own stationery label), Beth was a proud guinea pig as the course being developed. Beth got married in April 2013 and now goes by the name of Beth Kempton.

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