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Self-portrait bravery

Joining in Cathy’s self-portrait challenge for Blogtoberfest. Not a huge fan of having my photo taken (especially by me) but this one is quite fun – took it in Cape Cod a couple of weeks back, having caught the sun out on a long bike ride

How do you feel about taking your own photo?  Do you get self-conscious?  Do you see it as a way of getting a photo you actually like? 
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PS advance notice that THE GREAT BIG STITCHED POSTCARD SWAP IS BACK! It will launch on Tuesday 19 October, bigger and better with more sparkly bits – watch this space…
  • The Creative Beast

    Beth, you are beautiful inside and out and your light should be seen by all =-)

    In terms of taking my own picture, it just feels silly to do it, but i'm very comfortable being in front of the camera for others – maybe that's from dancing on stage or from posing for my mother's photography assignments??

  • Jenny Blair

    I'm so with you on the photo front, whether its taken by me or anyone else..I have yet to see a photo of me that I like, the worrying part being that the camera never lies!! :)
    Can't wait for the big stitched postcard…I just discovered your blog on the closing date of your last one and have been waiting impatiently since!! :)

  • chrissy

    i love seeing a glimpse of beautiful you….missed you…i am back on the radar now.

  • willywagtail

    Your skin is lovely and firm. Unfortuantely for me no photo can do that anymore so no I'm not enjoying photography by me or of me. Cherrie

  • angelique

    what a fab shot….very artistic! I am not sure why it is but I can never look at myself in a photo and say I look nice yet I look in the mirror most days and not mind what I see. Can you answer that one for me? Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  • The Clip Cafe

    Love the shot! And yes self conscious about me in the photo and on the blog :-) YAY just saw the postcard link and was going to check it out! I'll be back to see on the 19th!!!

  • m.e (Cathie)

    love the shot!
    yeah, a little self conscious & really don't like being in front of the camera at all.

  • m.e (Cathie)

    love the shot!
    yeah, a little self conscious & really don't like being in front of the camera at all.

  • Stella

    Love this shot of you! You inspired me to take a break from my business trip and post a recent self shot that I snapped with my phone.

    I'm also excited to participate in the next round of stitched postcards! YAY!

  • momijitomitsukoshi

    That's a lovely photo. Even if I tried to make it casual and cut off half of my face, I would still end up with a photo I hate. The only time I like a photo of myself is when (for some strange reason) it doesn't look like me. That's why I like all the weird things I can do on the computer.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and Happy Blogtoberfest!

  • Vic

    I love this photo – just a glimpse of your sparkly, pretty face!

    I'm not a huge fan of photos of me however they are taken, but if they have to happen then I would preffer to take it myself – that way if I hate it I am in control & can instantly delete, delete, delete!

  • Tracey

    Your photo is great … love your smile and the sense of movement.

    I hate having my photo taken, or taking a photo of myself … I tend to avoid most things that cause me to 'star'.

  • kylie

    Love that you've only shown a little glimpse of you in that shot, particularly your smile. You look like you're rushing off to do something fun. Great to come across your site this Blogtober!

  • Robin Norgren

    I love snapping self portraits- for me it feels much less contrived, I just push the button and I get what I get ( and many times it is SPOT ON!)

  • Cathy {tinniegirl}

    What a gorgeous shot. I love it. Love the one of your and Louise in the next post too. I miss my AAJ girls.

  • Dana Barbieri

    eekkk.. i don't like it one bit, pics of myself that it. you look lovely. pretty shot.

  • the textured leaf

    Im still checking out peoples self portarits from tinniegirl so hi! love how much colour you got from your ride, :)