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Toast in the post

I don’t know about you but we seem to get more and more junk mail these days.  I miss the days when I would race home from school, hoping to find a pale blue airmail letter with a Canada or France postmark, bearing a letter from my penfriend.  And remember the excitement picking up the letters from friends and family which were waiting patiently in Poste Restante at strange post offices in remote countries when travelling.  Now we have email, mobiles, Facebook, Twitter and all, it is easier to stay in touch, but harder to properly communicate with old friends.  There is nothing like snail mail, and ink on paper, for this.

And so, in protest, me and my two brothers (who live the other end of the country) have decided to start our own mini Campaign for Real Mail.  Every month this year we are going to send each other silly things in the post, and see whether they arrive. The only rule is ‘no envelopes allowed’.

This started when we were reminiscing about our time at uni, when I sent my older brother a piece of toast through the post, and amazingly it arrived!  So for January, I am sending them both some tea bags – a nice cuppa from Yorkshire (which is famous for its tea).  I wonder whether they will get there…


Have you ever sent or received something wierd in the post?  It’s completely pointless fun!  Why not try it?


Now here’s a lady who really is doing what she loves… Have you heard Flora Bowley’s story? Flora lives and works full-time as a painter in Portland, Oregon, where she is inspired by magical forests, abundant gardens and a thriving community of fellow artists.  Flora’s love for life and spontaneous nature are clearly visible in her vibrant, easily recognizable paintings.  Flora will be travelling to England in May to teach at the Do What You Love retreat.  Her work can be found in numerous galleries and homes across the US and internationally, and also on a variety of unique products made in collaboration with Papaya!   Listen to the podcast of the latest Do What You love interview here 


I am Guest Curating on all this week.  Pop over to read my Art Saves story, and see my collection of inspiring posts from other artists and writers


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  • bonnierose

    I so believe in REAL MAIL too and hv started my very own mail art swap here.
    I love opening up my mailbox and finding pretty things, and in turn, love sending out real mail too.. always so nice to bless someone just because! hugs
    see here,

  • paula Joerling

    Hmmm, this has inspired me to make some handmade postcards and send them out to random people. Maybe we can put our heads together and do something with the flying lessons group.
    Great post.

    • beth

      Sounds good Paula. And the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap will be back here soon!

  • Lisa

    Hi there! I am here for the first time, thanks to Chrissy at Cultivate…I love snail mail, too. I have never tried sending toast or tea bags in the mail, though…

    You have to check out Lea Redmond, at Leaf Cutter Designs. She runs the World’s Smallest Post Service, and has just posted a video about her Valentine’s Day offerings. She has some of the most unique and thoughtful ideas for snail mail, I think!

    • beth

      Wow, thanks for sharing Lisa. I had never heard of the World’s Smallest Post Service but I LOVE it!

  • Nic Hohn

    My girlfriend loves to send me crazy things in the post…the most memorable has been a large maple leaf with a stamp and my address on it! the edges were a little crumpled but it made me smile all day. she’s also sent me chocolates in an envelope…which arrived just fine but got a little melted in our mail box from the warm Australian sun.

    its great to think outside the box!

    • beth

      Nic that is brilliant, a leaf in the post. Might have to put that on my list of ideas for the campaign later in the year. We have 11 more months of strange things in the post!

  • Louise Gale “Dream, Inspire, Create”

    This is SO funny…. I have just been talking to friends here about real mail and reminiscing about poste restante from the old days of travel and how exciting it was to arrive to see if you had mail. Email and technology has been great for communication, but getting letters from penpals (I also had a penpal in Canada!) and those little letters that folded onto themselves to save postage are just so lovely to remember. Just like real books (I’m not a lover of the kindle thang) I believe the love of letters and real mail will never vanish. I think toast in the post is brilliant! Xx

    Oh and I have every single real letter i ever received still at my parents house in boxes in the loft – (my boyfriend wrote to me EVERY day when I was at uni – that’s 2 years of letters) will have to dig them out when i return in May. :-)

    • beth

      Love this Louise! So funny you were thinking about it too. I have all my old letters too. Maybe they would be good to put into our art? But then I love reading them every now and then, including the ones I used to send home from my adventures…

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