pattern by Rachael Taylor Designs

When you create an online course you put such a huge amount of yourself into it that you feel very exposed when you share it with the world. And however much you plan and shape and build it, you never quite know whether you have got it right until it is out there, and people tell you what they think of it.

So Rachael and I were completely floored by the incredible response to Module 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, which took place before Christmas with participants from 28 different countries. I just had to share some of the class testimonials with you (see below), as they mean so much to us. A staggering 96% of participants responding to our feedback survey described the class as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.  We are also thrilled that a number of the students have been featured on the world’s number one pattern blog Print & Pattern today!

Just some of the amazing Module 1 testimonials:

“Amazing, well structured, supportive, inspiring, challenging, you get out of it what you put into it, value for money, skills for life, focuses on the process, leaves you room to be creative within the structure, networking is already proving to be moving beyond the ‘walls’ and scope of the course.”

“Not enough adjectives to describe how inspiring, informational and encouraging this course was. I devoured all the lessons. The course teaches you how to see. How to see color, how to see pattern, how to see design”
“Very well balanced… inspiration, practical information, the interviews with ‘real live’ designers were motivating, the community of the flickr group was awesome”

“Creative trainers and colleges better watch out – some could learn a lot from this course’s customer service, structure of modules and weeks and balance between technical and practical exercises.”

“I signed up because I wanted to change the direction of my life and the course seemed perfect both in content and the timing….I have thoroughly enjoyed it….the course has been everything it promised!”
“Inspirational, motivating, educational and challenging…all the elements needed for a perfect course”

“The most fun I have ever had learning. The most I have ever learned about art and using computers in art in such a short amount of time.”

“I can’t stress enough how this course has given me back my confidence and my love for design. I feel like I’m on an inspiration ride, noticing everything around me so much more and my head is crammed full with ideas. I can’t remember feeling this happy in a long time. Most importantly, Rachael and Beth have given me the courage to follow my dream of a design career in 2012!”

“Maybe this course should come with a health warning as it is so addictive!”


If you are inspired to join us, Module 2 ‘Create your professional identity’ begins on January 30. Find out more and register here!

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