When I come back to our little Kyoto flat having been out and about all day, I always get a little bit excited when checking the metal letter box with our number on it, wondering if we have any post. The other day I arrived back to find a fat book-shaped parcel sticking out of the box, all the way from Portland, USA.

Surely not?” I thought… “Could it possibly be…?” Oh yes, it was! Flora Bowley had sent me a personal copy of her stunning new book ‘Brave Intuitive Painting’. Oh my oh my.

Now I am a bit of a book addict. My book collection goes into the hundreds, possibly even the thousands. But this one is very special indeed. Not only are the images beautiful – full of juicy colour and inspiring imagery – but the words feel like they are an important message to the world. In this book Flora shares an insight into her painting process and life as an artist in an incredibly open and generous way. It is a very different kind of painting book, and it feels like it is going to become a true classic. You have to love a book with a chapter called “Working with wild abandon and committing to your aliveness”.

Reading it gave me a happy shiver, and I felt prouder than ever to be a collaborative partner of this extraordinary woman. If you haven’t yet read it, then why not gift it to yourself as a present you will treasure for many years.

PS If you want to dive even deeper into Flora’s process and philosophy, why not join us for Bloom True: the e-course, which begins on Monday! There are just a handful of places left so you can squeeze in if you are quick (register here).

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