Layered organic shapes in ‘Summerville’ by Suzie Tremel

The last of our Module 1 showcase…

As we celebrate the launch of the next round of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’ we have been sharing some of our Module 1 students’ work. It is hard to believe that most of these students had never designed a pattern before they joined the course! We have some brilliant talent among the participants we are very excited to see where the course takes them.

Here are some of their lovely testimonials – if you want to join us for the next round (starts August 27) then click here to find out more and register.

It’s the final day of this Module 1 blog series showcasing the wonderful work of ‘The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design (the e-course)’, & what amazing talent we’ve seen! We have so many exciting things happening for the e-course students, you can see whats been happening on the Student Buzz album on the e-course Facebook page!

Look out for the next blog series showcasing the Module 2 students, which started on June the 18th!

Pretty ‘Floral’ by Nicole Jones

Quirky fish motifs in ‘Deep Sea’ by Lotte Thori Løvstad

Bright & sketchy ‘Celebration Lights’ by Maria Jose BV

Graphic illustration in ‘Boho Carnival’ by Mary Tanana

Faded ‘Japanese Tree and Tile’ by Melinda Sebastian

Cute ‘Splash’ by Robin Zietz

Bright ‘Dandelions’ by Sally Trude

Bold florals in ‘Auricula Garden’ by Sarah Paris

Patterned circles in ‘Sunny Day and Lime Juices’ by Sylvia Tay

Detailed & bright pattern in ‘Celebrates’ by Tanya Hammond

Cute characters in ‘Birdie Bithday’ by Tracy Mattocks

Hand-drawn stylised shapes in ‘Retro Checks’ by Zoe Atwell

If you want to dive into the wonderful world of surface pattern design yourself, find out more and register here!