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Bloom True gallery (part 4)

“I was stuck in my comfort zone, every new thing was not welcome, scary and I just didn’t embrace it at all… but I did it with the help of this amazing course, I stepped out and learned how to be bold and brave… and my small steps out of my comfort zone have made me feel so FREE. I am not so attached to stuff I like now. I am brave enough to step out to find stuff that I LOVE!” Alenka Povše

And here we have the last in our four-post gallery series showcasing the stunning work of participants from the June class of Bloom True: the e-course. Simply gorgeous. If you want to dive in yourself, find out more and sign up here (class starts September 10).

“This course has been profoundly inspiring and liberating. I looked forward eagerly to each day’s lesson. Flora is a wonderful teacher and mentor – a joy!” Jill Thomas

“It was as if a muse spirit from deep within had taken over my mind and body and released any doubts, fear or need to seek perfection from my silly left brain.  Thank you Flora and hugs to the incredible art sisters I have met along the way, sharing in this beautiful journey alongside me each and every day and night.” Gail Butters Cohen

“I learned so much about myself and the painting process during the course of the five weeks.  Being brave and showing my passions is hard for me, so this course was fantastic for helping me dig deeper into my soul”. Julie Spencer

 “You have opened the floodgates of my heart and truly set me free!” Rebecca Brooks

“I now have a renewed interest in painting by using vibrant colors, spraying and dripping, and painting with my hands. Thanks for the fantastic class!” Sandra Neill Smith

“The “more is more” approach to painting was both fun and uncomfortable for me, and then finally very freeing. (Yay!)” Shelley Lane Kommers 

“What a joy to have permission to play, explore and allow a painting to be what it wants to be. I love painting again!” Shelly Penko

“The course was an awakening for me as I have been painting abstractly for two years and struggled with the thought that my paintings were not supposed to have recognizable images or really any covert meaning”. Tina L. Berrier


“I am truly amazed at the process of creating and allowing bravery!” Tom Ford

“I have had the best time with this painting class and absolutely love our group.  Thank you for the opportunity to soar!” Dana Brock


The next Bloom True class begins TOMORROW (September 10)!

Let go. Be bold. Unfold.

Find out more and join us for a very special creative experience.

  • Kay Holdsworth

    The art work that you guys have created is really beautiful, and so colourful. I dabble with art, but find it difficult to be motivated to create when I’m on my own, I find it so much easier if I am part of a group. What do others think?