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  1. Do What You Love interview: Craig Anczelowitz

    Craig Anczelowitz is a New Yorker who has been living in Thailand for the past 8 years. I met Craig when I was taking a fantastic course in papermaking at the Awagami papermill, which is owned by his wife’s lovely family. Craig is an artisan with an insatiable curiosity about the world. He works as a home décor designer and a fine artist creating mixed media assemblages. As a former buyer for a leading stationery retailer in the US, Craig is also incredibly knowledgeable about paper, and he helps develop and market Awagami’s amazing Japanese papers.

  2. Why taking a sabbatical can be good for business

    ‘Working’ in the grounds of Honpoji Temple, Kyoto [image: Takeshi Kohari] 

    I have recently got back from a six month ‘sabbatical’ in Japan. When I headed out there I was determined to get a change of pace in my work and home life. There were many business-related reasons to go, but in order to make it happen I had to put the brakes on some projects, let go of others, take on freelance support and really take a step back from the craziness that had gone before. But the results have been surprising.

  3. Re-entering

    We are back in our house at last. After six months away, nearly a month on other people’s sofas, and a lot of packing and unpacking, we are in.

    While we were away we had horrible tenants in our beautiful home who treated it like a student house, so we are repairing, redecorating, reorganising.

  4. My own bed

    Since leaving Japan three weeks ago I have been a nomad, living out of my suitcase and sleeping in about 12 different beds.

    I am hugely grateful to friends and family for putting me up while tenants remained in our house, but tonight I am excited to be able to sleep in my own bed again.


  5. We need your help! How can we serve you better?

    Image: Kohari

    As we approach our second birthday here at Do What You Love HQ, we need your help! We are undergoing a BIG overhaul of our website and online presence, and we want to hear from you. What do YOU want from us? How can we serve you better?

  6. Noren making 1: Sketching out

    My workspace in Miura-san’s beautiful studio

    As promised in yesterday’s ‘Behind the curtain’, this is the first in a series of posts sharing how to make a traditional noren curtain – something I learnt under the watchful eye of talented kimono designer Miura-san.

  7. Behind the curtain

    People say it is hard to get under the skin of Japan as a foreigner, and this is even more the case in Kyoto, a proud city which highly values tradition and ancestry. Even though we were there for six months, and I can speak the language, it was not until the fifth month that something happened which made me feel like I had managed to peep behind the curtains.

  8. Kyoto Cafes 11 – Sukeroku


    Behind the door of a quaint traditional Kyoto wooden house lies Sukeroku, a guest house and noodle café where you can slurp fat tasty udon whilst sat on tatami mats looking out over a tiny central garden.

  9. Storm mountain


    Arashiyama was one of my favourite places in Kyoto. It’s name means ‘Storm Mountain’ and almost every time I went there it poured with rain, but this only added to the atmosphere as a thick mist settled over the hills.

  10. A little reminder…

    Just a little reminder…