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  1. DWYL final birthday giveaway: Holly Becker’s ‘Decorate Workshop’


    As the final giveaway of the week celebrating DWYL’s 2nd birthday, I am excited to offer a copy of Holly Becker’s fab new book ‘Decorate Workshop’. I am using this book myself to plan the redecoration of our house, and am already in love with it.

  2. Want to be a surface pattern designer? Win the Print & Pattern Design Scholarship (worth around $1000!)

    We are absolutely thrilled to launch the second Print & Pattern Scholarship for The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, in collaboration with Marie Perkins of leading pattern blog Print & Pattern.

    The winner of this scholarship will win a full place on all three modules of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, beginning on April 29 2013. The winner will also be featured in a future edition of MOYO. This prize is worth nearly $1000 and could be the catalyst for you to make headway in the exciting world of surface pattern design.  See Issue 2 of MOYO Magazine for more details.

  3. Issue 2 of MOYO is here! Featuring Marie Perkins, Khristian A Howell and more!

    Issue 2 of MOYO is here! This bumper second issue of the world’s only online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design includes exclusive industry insight with Marie Perkins of leading blog Print & Pattern discussing the changing face of surface pattern design, and designer Khristian A. Howell talking colour and collections.

  4. Do What You Love interview: Lisa Reinhardt, Wei of Chocolate (& DWYL birthday giveaway 3: Chocolate!)


    Now you all know how much I absolutely adore chocolate, so it was with much fascination that I interviewed Lisa Reinhardt, founder of Wei of Chocolate, who spends her days surrounded by tons of it. But this entrepreneur’s chocolate is not just any old chocolate. It is virtually guilt-free, very special chocolate indeed…  (PS – keep reading for details of our 3rd giveaway – some of Lisa’s chocolate!)

  5. DWYL birthday giveaway 2: Creative inspiration bundle from Japan!


    As the second giveaway this week in celebration of Do What You Love’s 2nd birthday, I have put together a bundle of creative inspiration from Japan where I recently spent six months having a fantastic adventure, learning traditional crafts and taking thousands of photos.

    The winner of this giveaway will get:

  6. DWYL birthday giveaway 1: Free place on Bloom True the e-course with Flora Bowley


    We are kicking off our week of giveaways (in celebration of Do What You Love’s second birthday) with a free place on Bloom True the e-course with Flora Bowley.

  7. A week of giveaways! Celebrating DWYL’s 2nd birthday

    Image: NavyBlur

    Two years ago, after a big a-ha moment in the mountains of California, I registered Do What You Love as a company  (in the middle of the global recession) and began the most fantastic adventure. Armed only with my laptop, blog and a clear idea of who I wanted to serve, I set out on a most wonderful adventure. Along the way I have met some incredible people, learned so much, built a flourishing business fast, and been proud of helping thousands of people in more than 100 countries worldwide to do what they love. And this is just the beginning…

    As a celebration of our second birthday, and a huge thank you to all of you for your support along the way, we are doing a special giveaway every day this week! You can enter as many of them as you like, anytime from when they are published until midnight GMT on Sunday 2 December.

    This is what we have up for grabs:

  8. Do What You Love interview: Lesley Stevens of Decorque

    Today I am delighted to share an interview with Lesley Stevens, founder and Head Designer at Decorque. Lesley art is digitally printed onto cork and other unusual materials to make unique homewares and gifts.  Digital printing brings out the subtleties of colour, pattern and detail of each design whilst retaining the natural texture and qualities of the cork. A creative touch combines the traditional English look with ethnic and tropical themes. Lesley aims to “present high-quality, decorative products for the home that combine textile, surface pattern and graphic design”.  We talked to Lesley about how she came up with her innovative product line, and what challenges she has faced along the way.

  9. November is a good time for…

    taken in the gorgeous flower shop ‘The Willow Garden’ in Hebden Bridge 

    I think November is a good time for…

    … slow cooker dinners

    … fairy lights

    … sparklers

  10. Do What You Love interview: kyo.designworks

    Kyo (artist name for Kyoko Takahashi) is a Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Tokyo. Kyo was one of the fellow participants in the fantastic Awagami Papermaking Workshop I attended in Japan in the summer, and shares a deep love of paper and design. She is incredibly talented, and runs a busy studio, kyo.designworks, designing flyers for performing artists, theatre companies, and theatres. Kyo also teaches a workshop on designing for flyers. Instead of formal design training, Kyo has picked up and developed her skills on the job over the last decade. I was fascinated to hear how recent events have shaped her perspective on design and life.