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  1. Are you a next generation entrepreneur?


    Are you in your twenties? Do you dream of starting your own business? Find out why 20-somethings make the most successful entrepreneurs here.


  2. Do What You Love Interview – Ben & Billie Mitchell


    Today we bring you an interview with Ben and Billie Mitchell, a talented couple who moved to France to live a more creative life and start their own business.

    Ben is a composer for film and TV, a producer and a musical artist in his own right. During his 20-year career he has recorded over 250 singles and 18 albums from his CanCan studio. He’s also composed ad soundtracks for some of the world’s biggest brands including Adidas, Nike, Nokia, Samsung, BMW, Bacardi and Swatch. His gorgeous wife Billie has sung with legends like McCartney, Sting, Prince, Lionel Richie, Beverley Knight and Annie Lennox and is the female lead vocalist with popular 80s band, Heaven 17. She’s a writer and a soloist and she still performs regularly in France and the UK.

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    We’re living in rural France in our dream house. We’ve been lovingly restoring it for the past three years and running it as a hip B&B and self-catering holiday venue as well as a centre for group events, retreats, courses, weddings and parties.

    Your Hosts Billie & BenBillie & Ben in the grounds of La Grande Maison

    2. When did you decide to live the French dream – how did it all come about?

    Originally, moving to France was part of our 10-year plan. We had made a short list of requirements for our dream property which included a river, a ballroom for concerts and events, room for a large recording studio, 10 bedrooms, at least three acres of land and outbuildings for gites. One day, out of the blue when we were online, we came across a house which had everything on our list. We took a winter break in Saumur and decided to have a look at the house while we were there as part of our research. It was love at first sight. From the moment we walked through the gates our lives changed. Our 10-year plan went out of the window and within six months we’d bought the house and moved to France.

    La Grande MaisonLa Grande Maison

  3. Don’t wait to see what others do…


  4. Do What You Love Interview – David Price, OBE


    David Price, OBE, is a learning futurist who writes, talks and advises on some of the biggest challenges facing business, education and society. He is passionate about finding innovative ways to engage people and he has has given keynote presentations all over the world. David has created many popular teaching resources, including a book called OPEN: How we’ll work, live and learn in the future, which was published in October last year. We’re delighted to chat to him and find out more about his inspirational work…

    Investiture Pinning the medal copy

    DP Conference shot Med-ResDavid Price, OBE

  5. How Do What You Love was born…


    “If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney (Co-Founder, Walt Disney Productions)

    This month’s theme is ‘Love Enterprise’. I thought it would be interesting to give you a little insight to the birth and subsequent growth of our company.

    Just over four years ago I was sat at home listening to Beth tell me that she had made a rather spontaneous decision to book a trip to San Jose in California. She was off to ‘An Artful Journey Retreat’ to take a class from two artists named Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough. She’d been reading Kelly Rae Roberts’ book ‘Taking Flight‘, and decided that she wanted to meet her. As always I told her to go for it. Sometimes we just have to spend some money and treat ourselves.

  6. Be an entrepreneur. Change the world.


    Remember when you were a kid and thought you could do anything? Well you still can!

    Here are our 5 top tips for building a business and creating more passion, more profit and a positive impact in the world…

    1. Do what you love. Choose a product or idea that you’re interested in and passionate about. Not sure what you love or if it’s worth pursuing? Enrol on our 5-week Do What You Love e-course, which begins on October 13. It promises to open up a whole new world for you.

    2. Dare to be different… Try something no one’s ever done; create a new product; or shake up an existing market by improving a service or delivery model. Think outside the box!

    3. Do your research. Make the most of free online resources to help, support, inspire and motivate you.

    4. Get a mentor. Team up with a successful entrepreneur or business leader. This person can help build your confidence and help you understand the risks and challenges of business while listening to your ideas, offering advice and even helping you find investors for your business.

    5. Organise yourself. Running a business while studying, working another job or taking care of a family can be a challenge. Know what is required of you in your separate roles and use an online time/project management system to plan your time. Keeping your affairs in order from the start will prevent you getting in a muddle later.

    Don’t be afraid to step back once in a while and take time out. Do something that you enjoy to relax and remind yourself that you’re not competing against anyone but yourself. Do whatever you can do today, and be proud of yourself and your achievements.

    What did you dream about doing when you were little? What’s your business idea? What steps can you take to make it a reality?

  7. Back by popular demand: The Do What You Love e-course is open for registration!


    The Do What You Love e-course is open for registration! This acclaimed transformational online course is for people like you who want to find financial and personal freedom, living a full and happy life.

    Do What You Love is about re-opening doors that you thought were locked shut… re-opening possibilities that you thought were long gone… and illuminating possibilities you never knew existed.

    It’s about discovering what you really want to do, and giving you practical exercises and tools to do more of it, get paid to do it (if that’s what you want) and generally have a more balanced and fulfilling life.

    Sounds like something you need?

    Learn more and register here.

    Class begins on Monday October 13 and runs for five weeks. Hurry and register now. Don’t miss this chance – it could change everything.

    I hope you will choose to be a part of this adventure with us!


  8. An inspiring thought for Monday…




  9. Making time for the things you love


    Now our #MakingTime series is over, we have done a little calculation: If everyone who took part took on board even a couple of the 31 time-saving tips we shared and saved just 5 minutes a day, over the next year, they would collectively save nearly SEVEN YEARS! That’s a lot of extra time for doing what they love.

    Time is precious. Minimise the time you spend on things that aren’t taking you towards your dreams, and spend the rest on things you love! For anyone who missed Making Time you can sign up and start anytime here:

  10. What is your real story? What is your Real Wild Bio?


    What is your story?

    At Do What You Love, we believe that the journey to a more fulfilled and happy life starts with knowing yourself better.

    Understanding what you know, how valuable your experiences (big and small) are, and where you have come from is invaluable when making choices about your life’s path, personally and professionally. It also gives you confidence in yourself, which is crucial when you need to make bold moves.

    Often, when trying to get a new job or change careers, you’re also asked to provide a CV or résumé — but does that really capture the essence of who you are and what you’re capable of?

    Can you imagine how different things would be if we had to apply for job vacancies with a document that not only showed that we are professionally competent, but that we are extraordinary in our own way.

    Volunteering, traveling, caring, informal training, adventures, our interests and passions, people who we meet along the way – these are all vital ingredients in the recipe that makes you YOU.

    All these things you have done, seen, felt and experienced have contributed to who you are today. We think they should also be added to the list of what you can offer to any employer, and so we created our very own version of the CV/resume.

    It is a quick run-down of all of the important moments in your life so far, giving a snapshot of your world. Not a list of job titles, but a catalogue of the experiences you’ve had, the things you have learned, and the difference you have made.

    We invite you to use our free Real Wild Bio e-book to develop your own ultimate resume, to show people who you really are. You can use this to help you develop a fantastic bio for your website or blog, or actually use it next time you apply for a job.

    This exercise highlights your most meaningful experiences so far and uncovers the direction you are headed. Sometimes life can feel a little random, but when we look back we can often connect the dots. By encouraging you to look back on your past experiences, the Real Wild Bio helps you connect those dots and make you realise how things are related, sometimes in the most unexpected ways, and that you do have a direction after all.

    Victoria’s Real Wild Bio

    We asked one of our course alumni Victoria to share her Real Wild Bio. It was clearly an eye-opening exercise for her. She says,

    I have always worked in a corporate environment, and the more I advanced professionally, the more I lost sight of the passions and interests I had developed when I was younger. Filling in my Real Wild Bio has confirmed my need to have a more balanced life and has also reminded me of the things that I love doing and that I want to do more of.

    It has also highlighted the fact that although I have a few constant passions, what I really love is to learn and try new things and have new experiences, whatever they are, which I now realise is where my love for travel and reading comes from.”

    Victoria’s timeline:


    After going through the exercises and mapping out your timeline, you will have a pretty clear idea of who you are, what you believe in, what you are motivated for, what you want from life and what you have to offer. This is your Real Wild Bio.

    Victoria’s Real Wild Bio is:

    “I am an inquisitive, challenge seeking individual with a need to put myself in new situations to live great experiences that will teach me more about myself and the world. In life, I am looking for encounters with likeminded people, surprises and wonderment. I can offer open-mindedness, curiosity, practicality and a will to take on a variety of tasks.”

    Ready to do yours? See what the Real Wild Bio will reveal to you here:



    Do What You Love e-course: Coming soon!

    The next Do What You Love e-course starts on October 13. Registration will be open for a limited time only.

    If you too have the ambition of a more fulfilled life, where you can truly be yourself and do what you love in a sustainable way, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. Find out more here. It could change everything.



    PS If you want some further reading on discovering your direction in life, try these fantastic resources: