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  1. Life According to Mr.K – On Recruiting


    We have just put the final building block for our team in place, having recruited a new Marketing Officer/Community Manager. Our team is now complete (for the time being anyway!) The successful candidate cannot yet be named but I look forward to introducing you to a very special person next month. For now, I wanted to share some thoughts on the recruitment process itself, as it has really fascinated me over over the past few months.

    In the last year we have recruited SEVEN staff for DWYL and for some of our various collaborations. I know this number might not seem very large for a major company, but for us it is a huge increase in staff and brings with it a huge responsibility.

  2. Nurture yourself: part 3

    4 ways to de-stress your life

    We all know what it’s like to feel stressed. It happens when everything gets too much and we feel overloaded and overburdened. And when we start feeling this way we start to doubt whether we can cope with the amount of pressure being placed upon us.

    Stress is the body’s natural reaction to pressure. Some of us experience physical effects, like a rise in body temperature, a churning stomach, sweaty palms and a dry mouth, others experience emotional effects, like worry, sadness or anxiety, and others are affected mentally, losing concentration and focus. All are normal and let you know us that our bodies are working exactly as they should be.

    Sometimes a little bit of stress (what experts call acute stress) that you feel “in the moment” can be good. It’s a kind of fight or flight response that you have when you give a presentation, give your best performance in sport, or meet a deadline. This type of ‘stress’ is defined by the fact that it’s immediate and short term. In most cases, once the cause of your stress has been removed, your body and mind return to a normal state.

    Chronic stress however, is entirely different, and it can be detrimental to your health. This type of stress is the kind that you experience every day with no reprieve because there’s no escape from the things that are making you feel stressed.

    Whatever the cause of your stress, The Mayo Clinic suggests using ‘The Four As’ to help you deal with it in a healthy way…

  3. A little work inspiration…



    Download a high res version here.

  4. Are you a slave to the wage?


    Are you ready to follow your passions, take a leap of faith and be captain of your own ship?

  5. Do What You Love interview – James Hallett


    In 2008, after 12 years of working for others, James Hallett decided he’d had enough of being “another number” and he turned to self-employment. This bold decision kick-started an evolutionary process, not only in his career, but in his personal life too. For the first time ever, James was able to look for opportunity where others only dared to and chase his BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals).

    Discovering a passion for trail running opened the door to a whole new world. Inspired by his hobby, James launched his own business and started making adventure films. Then, in 2013, he founded Trails In Motion, an annual film tour designed to showcase some of the finest trail running films to audiences worldwide. He loves spreading the word about trail running and other outdoor adventure sports and is dedicated to building a global community which shares the same philosophies and ideals.

    Profile_1Image credit: Andrew King

    1. How are you doing what you love?

    People call me a content marketer, but I call myself a story sharer. My passion lies in communicating things that in some small way or another might change peoples perceptions about what is normal or structured. I hated conforming. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a rebel. I’ve never had a Mohican or a nose ring (if those things constitute being a rebel) but I’ve always liked living more unconventionally. To be able to talk about, and work with, the global trail running community really affirms that. It’s an unconventional sport at heart and sharing other people’s experiences excites, and humbles, me.

    What do I love most about my work? The fact that I can arrive at my office in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and ply my “trade” amongst a community of people who love or simply yearn to indulge in adventure, particularly in the outdoors.

  6. How can we be more inventive with email?


    Fran profile NEW


    This is a guest post by one of the UK’s leading experts in digital distraction and digital detox and author of The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World, Frances Booth. Find out more about Frances here. 


    Email management is something that many of us tend to ignore, or not even think about.

    Despite email being such a big part of our daily working lives, and presenting such a big chance to make productivity savings, many of us just resort to a default always on mode to deal with our emails.

    It can sometimes seem like all we’re doing is clearing messages, desperately trying to empty our inbox faster than the flow of new messages coming in. Or, we spend hours just wading around in our inbox, feeling overwhelmed. We know we’re spending our time unproductively, and feel like we’re fighting a losing battle.

    Yet still we don’t tackle the core issue – the way we’re choosing to use email.

  7. Discover your passion and purpose today…


    Do you feel lost or as if something is missing in your life? Maybe you want to make a bigger difference in the world than you feel you are, but you aren’t sure how. So many of us walk through life, feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection, but aren’t sure how to get it. We can help you change that. Tell us what you need today and we’ll help you do what you love.

  8. Nurture yourself: part 2

    5 Energy-Boosting Snacks for Busy People

    Snacking is a normal part of 21st century life and, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it’s estimated that by 2015 the world snack foods market is expected to reach almost $335 billion. So why is the industry growing so fast and why are wsnacking more now than we ever have before? It seems that longer work weeks, busier schedules, irregular meal times, and stress are all key triggers, and that we also snack for comfort or to give ourselves a pick-me-up if we’re feeling low, tired, lonely or bored. 

    Snacking isn’t necessarily bad; it can even be healthy. But it depends on the food you choose. When a snack attack strikes, instead of heading for the vending machine, opt for foods that are high in fibre or protein and low in sugar which will stop your hunger pangs and keep you going until your next meal.

    Here are some simple healthy snack ideas for busy people on the go…

  9. First Commit. Then Begin. Everything else Follows.


    Alastair Humphries

    This is a guest post by adventurer, author and motivational speaker Alastair Humphreys. You can find out more about Alastair here.

    About this time of year, a couple of years’ back, I was training for an expedition to the South Pole. We’d been working towards it for five years – preparing, planning, training, dreaming. I was stronger than I had ever been in my life. It was going to be a hell of an adventure. Exciting times!

    And then our funding deadline came and went. We had failed to secure enough sponsorship. The expedition was off. We had failed.

    I spent the next week in the pub feeling sorry for myself. We had all put so much into this, put our lives and ambitions on hold in pursuit of this one dream. It felt so unfair. Why wouldn’t someone give me £1,000,000 of their hard-earned money to go on a chilly camping holiday to the South Pole? And what the hell was I going to do now, my diary stretching empty for months off into the distance?

  10. Love work


    What does ‘great work’ mean to you? How would you love to spend your days?