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  1. November’s happy list is here…

    Each month we share a free downloadable ‘Happy List’ as a place for you to capture the things – big and small – that have made you smile and feel inspired each day. Get yours here.

    2014-08-31 16.39.33On my happy list this month… my new calligraphy set and discovering the art of beautiful writing.

    Wishing you a November filled with creativity and the courage to try something new,


  2. Why you should never give up…

    “If you really believe in what you’re doing, work hard, take nothing personally and if something blocks one route, find another. Never give up.” Laurie Notaro

    We’re constantly inspired by stories of successful people who struggle for years to make it. People who endure failure after failure and knock-back after knock-back, but who keep moving forward because they believe in themselves and they know what they want to do with their life. People like Sylvester Stallone.

    Image source This is a Book by Demetri MartinImage from This is a book by Demitri Martin

    In this inspiring video Anthony Robbins explains how, after years as a dead broke unsuccessful actor facing put downs and rejection, Stallone finally scored the lead role in his own blockbusting movie franchise, Rocky, and went on to become a Hollywood legend. If ever you needed a reminder about why you should follow your dreams, this is it!

    In Michael Pollock’s article, The Science of Perseverance: How Your Mindset Can Strengthen Your Motivation he explains that ‘according to decades of research, there are two fundamental mindsets that determine how people respond to struggle, setbacks and failure. In one mindset, you’re likely to get discouraged and give up on your goal. In the other, you tend to embrace the struggle, learn from the setbacks and keep moving forward – you persevere.’

    Which mindset are you in?


  3. Need some business inspiration?


    Entrepreneur. Noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs. 1. a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks. 2. in the hope of profit. “Many entrepreneurs see potential in this market”. Synonyms: businessman, businesswoman, business person, business executive, enterpriser, speculator, tycoon, magnate.

    Today we thought we’d share some of the things that have inspired us in business…

    dwyl 4way

    Doodle notes from the Do What You Love e-course. Next course starts 26th January 2015.

  4. Dream big…


  5. Do What You Love Interview – Professor Karen Pine


    We’re very excited to bring you this interview with Professor Karen Pine, co-founder of Do Something Different. Karen is a renowned researcher in Developmental Psychology, a popular women’s writer, and a sought-after speaker and media contributor. And just like us at Do What You Love, she believes in a life without limits. Karen steps out of her comfort zone and tries something new on a daily basis. She says: “Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting to get a different result. Many people are keen to improve their lives and the message is simple: if you want to get something different you have to do something different…”

    RadioKaren doing a radio interview

  6. DWYL HQ Update


    September and October have been months of preparation and industrious living. We have all had our noses to the grindstone making sure that all our work behind the scenes translates to hugely enjoyable and thought provoking experiences for our participants and readers.

    The Do-What You Love e-course is entering its second week and the energy in the classroom has been phenomenal but even this has had to play second fiddle to the honesty that has been demonstrated. It is very evident that so many of us have complex lives and we constantly find we contradict ourselves when in deliberating what we truly want. What we are starting to discover is that if we allow ourselves the time and opportunity to reflect and consider, then some quite obvious solutions begin to present themselves.

    We have a long way to go yet but I look forward to sharing some very powerful stories with you in the near future (if they will let me of course).

    Our Making Time series has been running throughout September, with almost 2000 people joining our 31-day experiment in making time for the things we love. We hope it provided that little prompt everyday to ensure you find that time and space for yourself. If you missed it you can sign up here (start anytime) to get an inspiring email into your inbox every day for 31 days. It’s completely free and a great way to start the day – why not join us?


    And there’s lots more exciting news to report…

    1. The Little Beach Hut of Dreams has its first two ‘dreamers in residence’ booked in for later this month. We will be sharing Postcards from the Beach Hut on the blog when their residencies are complete. (Sign up here for our newsletter if you aren’t already on the list to hear when applications open again for the Spring 2015 residency opportunities)

    2. In order to make DWYL more accessible and to inspire even more people we’re making some cool changes to our website over the coming months. We can’t wait to get your thoughts – stay tuned for that!

    3. I informed you last month that Beth has been locked away hard at work creating the content of an amazing new business e-course. She is testing out on a small focus group of amazing people right now, and will be releasing the full version in early 2015. It will blow your socks off!

    It has been a very personal and contemplative process, and in it we give away much of our business model and DNA. Why? Well the simple answer is because it can help you change your life and that is what we are all about. It has certainly changed how we view the world. We cannot wait to share it with you soon.

    An update on collaborations

    Make Art That Sells (MATS): The Global Talent Search 2014 winners were announced and I look forward to observing how this unique opportunity changes their lives.  MATS Parts A + B commenced yesterday and the excitement was palatable. Over 500 people from over 70 countries will be sharing their work, supporting one another and soaking up all the amazing info Lilla has to offer.

    Make It In Design: New recruit Angela Kiely has been settling into her role as Make It In Design Manager, and is working on exciting plans for 2015. Our immediate attention is on preparing all the classrooms for the start of class on Monday (Module 1 and Module 2). I have recently been editing all the brand NEW videos in Module 2 and the insider info provided by Rachael is just amazing.

    The FREE Make It In Design Summer School – for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists has been a hub of amazing energy over the summer. The work produced by thousands of participating designers has been fantastic. I am constantly amazed at the quality of work that is created. A look back from the Summer School will be on its way soon.

    Bloom True: Things are hotting up creatively around here in October, Bloom True started on October 13. This radically inspiring course will helps you explore your own brave, intuitive self through painting, led by the brilliant Flora Bowley.

    PaperLove: Our collaborator Rachel Hazell has been soaking up island inspiration in Scotland, preparing some bonus Christmas features for the upcoming PaperLove e-course (starts November 3), which means there will be five season-specific projects to fire you up for any festivities. We love Christmas. We love paper. We love PaperLove! (PS we have teamed up with Rachel to bring you a free mini-course ‘Seven Days of PaperLove’ – sign up here for free creative inspiration into your inbox every day)


    Our thought for the month: Make time for what really matters

    As you are aware our free ‘making time’ resource has been running throughout the month. Even though we have produced it we have found the daily prompts hugely beneficial in what has been a very hectic month. We are currently moving house, gearing up for several of our courses to commence and preparing our daughter to start nursery. It would have been very easy to get enveloped by everything that is going on around us. In fact at times we do. But we have found time each and every day to do something for ourselves.

    There will always be hectic and busy times, but we are responsible for how we prioritise what we do. It is vitally important to make time for you, what is important to you and your loved ones. It doesn’t have to be hours on end. A well spent 10-15 minutes can go along way to satisfying the soul. Otherwise what is the point?

    If you would like to benefit from our daily prompts please sign up for Making Time. It is completely FREE so you have nothing to lose.

    Mr K

  7. Are you a next generation entrepreneur?


    Are you in your twenties? Do you dream of starting your own business? Find out why 20-somethings make the most successful entrepreneurs here.


  8. Do What You Love Interview – Ben & Billie Mitchell


    Today we bring you an interview with Ben and Billie Mitchell, a talented couple who moved to France to live a more creative life and start their own business.

    Ben is a composer for film and TV, a producer and a musical artist in his own right. During his 20-year career he has recorded over 250 singles and 18 albums from his CanCan studio. He’s also composed ad soundtracks for some of the world’s biggest brands including Adidas, Nike, Nokia, Samsung, BMW, Bacardi and Swatch. His gorgeous wife Billie has sung with legends like McCartney, Sting, Prince, Lionel Richie, Beverley Knight and Annie Lennox and is the female lead vocalist with popular 80s band, Heaven 17. She’s a writer and a soloist and she still performs regularly in France and the UK.

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    We’re living in rural France in our dream house. We’ve been lovingly restoring it for the past three years and running it as a hip B&B and self-catering holiday venue as well as a centre for group events, retreats, courses, weddings and parties.

    Your Hosts Billie & BenBillie & Ben in the grounds of La Grande Maison

    2. When did you decide to live the French dream – how did it all come about?

    Originally, moving to France was part of our 10-year plan. We had made a short list of requirements for our dream property which included a river, a ballroom for concerts and events, room for a large recording studio, 10 bedrooms, at least three acres of land and outbuildings for gites. One day, out of the blue when we were online, we came across a house which had everything on our list. We took a winter break in Saumur and decided to have a look at the house while we were there as part of our research. It was love at first sight. From the moment we walked through the gates our lives changed. Our 10-year plan went out of the window and within six months we’d bought the house and moved to France.

    La Grande MaisonLa Grande Maison

  9. Don’t wait to see what others do…


  10. Do What You Love Interview – David Price, OBE


    David Price, OBE, is a learning futurist who writes, talks and advises on some of the biggest challenges facing business, education and society. He is passionate about finding innovative ways to engage people and he has has given keynote presentations all over the world. David has created many popular teaching resources, including a book called OPEN: How we’ll work, live and learn in the future, which was published in October last year. We’re delighted to chat to him and find out more about his inspirational work…

    Investiture Pinning the medal copy

    DP Conference shot Med-ResDavid Price, OBE