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  1. A new beginning today


    Earlier this week I woke up to a magical winter wonderland – it was snowing! As I stood at the window admiring mother nature’s spectacular work, I started thinking about how beautiful the world looks in white.

    There’s something quite special about the colour white. In colour psychology, white symbolises purity, innocence, awakening, growth, completion and new beginnings. It’s thought that we wear white clothes (often subconsciously) when we are moving in a new direction in life, such as travelling abroad, moving house, embarking on a new relationship or changing careers because white makes us feel calm, organised and optimistic. Colour psychologists also say that surrounding yourself with white is good for your soul because it cleanses and purifies your thoughts, emotions and, ultimately, your spirit, refreshing and strengthening your entire energy system.

    Venturing out into the crisp white snow – a big blank canvas full of possibilities – was just the inspiration I needed to be bold and start the art course I’ve been dreaming about.

    What’s will you begin today? We’d love to hear what’s inspired you.


    Download a high res version here.

  2. February’s Happy List is here!

    Jane Austen -  classicsOne of the little things making me happy this month – reading some of the classics

    Can you believe it’s almost February? We hope your New Year got off to a flying start and that you found many things to be inspired by and grateful for in January.

    Here is your free Happy List for February. Use it to keep a daily record of the things that make you happy, whether large or small.

    We’d love to hear what is making you smile – leave a comment below or join our New Year’s Revolution Facebook group (for people who have big dreams for 2015!)


    Are you ready to make major changes in your life? Do you want to make 2015 the year you finally do what you love? 

    To help you do this we have created New Year’s Revolution: a practical kit to help you make 2015 amazing. This is completely free – and it comes with a community you can join to get support throughout the coming year. Doing what you love doesn’t happen overnight. It is an attitude, and a way of life, and it takes courage and boldness to make the tough decisions which let you get there. It also takes thought and planning, so we have created this special gift to help you on your way.


  3. Why mindfulness techniques can bring you success in a wired world


    Fran profile NEW


    This is a guest post by one of the UK’s leading experts in digital distraction and digital detox and author of The Distraction Trap: How to Focus in a Digital World, Frances Booth. Find out more about Frances here.

    We can apply mindfulness techniques to our digital lives in a number of ways to help us boost our productivity.

    By pressing pause, increasing our awareness of our digital behaviour, and taking small daily steps, we can move towards increased balance in a wired world. This can boost our productivity and reduce stress.

    I was speaking about this recently at an event in Tech City, London, and the discussion sparked much debate. How can we use digital mindfulness to increase our productivity and wellbeing?

  4. Help me write my TEDx talk!


    When I heard last week that I had been confirmed as a speaker for TEDxYouth@ Islington I was in equal parts thrilled and terrified. It’s a fantastic but somewhat daunting platform, and something I have had on my dream list for quite some time. Most people get around 5 months to prepare for a talk like this. I’ve got 7 weeks, and I need your help! In fact, I would be so grateful for your help that one person responding to my quick survey will win a free place on the Do What You Love course.

    My topic will be “How to teach your parents to give you better careers advice”. It is based on the premise that careers advice is nearly always well-intended but frequently flawed, because we often ask our children the wrong questions when trying to help them discover their path in life.

    In the talk I will offer the young people in the audience:

  5. Your year of microadventure


    Alastair Humphries



    This is a guest post by adventurer, author and motivational speaker Alastair Humphreys. Find out more about Alastair here.




    Would you like to live more adventurously this year?

    • To experience the wild and escape from the rushed, mundane real world.
    • To do something new, fun and different.
    • To spend memorable time with your friends, family or by yourself.
    • To challenge yourself, surprise yourself, and achieve something to be proud of.

    I bet you can think of other reasons why you’d like to do have a more adventurous year. You may even be intending to make this the year when you really do get out “there” as much as you dream of doing.

    But real life often gets in the way and good intentions fade.

    So why not commit, today, to a challenge? It’s easy enough to be achievable, but will be really rewarding to complete.

    12 months. 12 overnight microadventures. 1 adventurous year.

    Are you in? Good!

    Read on to find out more…

  6. In their words – why the Do What You Love e-course could be just what you need

    We are always humbled and thrilled to hear how our courses have helped people change their own lives, sidestep mountains, move forwards, and find fulfillment and happiness on their own path. As we prepare for the Do What You Love course to begin on Monday 26 January, we thought we’d share some of the latest words we have received about the impact of the last class, in the words of the participants themselves.

    If any of these resonate with you, and you’d like to be able to say the same within five short weeks, then join us for the online adventure of a lifetime.












    Our acclaimed course Do What You Love begins on Monday 26 January and runs for five weeks. In those five weeks, everything could change for you – not least how you see yourself, others, your future and your place in the world. It’s powerful and inspiring – don’t miss it. Book your place now.

  7. The art of getting started…



    Whether it’s perfectionism, procrastination, or plain old fear that’s holding you back, there’s help and inspiration at hand!

    Are you struggling to make your creative dreams happen? Do you have a great idea but don’t know where to start? Or do you have so many ideas that you end up doing nothing? Illustrator and self-professed procrastinator Lee Crutchley admits that he knows the ‘first blank page’ all too well. He says: “Turning ideas into real things is NOT the easy part. It takes work, and delaying the work does one thing – it delays the work.” In his book, The Art of Getting StartedLee shares some of the fun tasks, challenges and prompts he uses to kickstart his left-brain and get his creative juices flowing. Be prepared to write, draw, cook, explore, and be impulsive as you immerse yourself in creativity in its purest form and take the first step towards becoming unstuck.


  8. The Do What You Love e-course is back – and this is what it could mean for you

    We are gearing up for one of our favourite times of the year – the beginning of a new journey with the Do What You Love e-course starting on Monday January 26. This course is so much more than an online workshop – it is an investigation into who you are, what makes you tick, and what kind of a life will make you happy. It’s hard to explain the profound impact this course has had on participants all across the world, so we thought we’d share some of the latest words we have received from the participants themselves:

    If any of these resonate with you, and you’d like to be able to say the same within five short weeks, then join us for the online adventure of a lifetime.











    Our acclaimed course Do What You Love begins on Monday 26 January and runs for five weeks. In those five weeks, everything could change for you – not least how you see yourself, others, your future and your place in the world. It’s powerful and inspiring – don’t miss it. Book your place now.

  9. A changing future


    Louise Armstrong

    This is a guest post by Louise Armstrong. Read more about Louise here.

    With an eye to the future the only thing we can be sure of is change. We are living in a world of flux and often, without us even realising, this alters the way we lead our lives.

    I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, but at times it feels like everything I once knew and expected, and the assumptions I had about how my life would play out, are gradually being erased.

  10. Learning for life – how the world is changing and what it means for you

    Lately I have been reading a fascinating book called ‘Open’ by David Price OBE (interviewed recently on the DWYL blog here). It’s all about ‘how we will live, work and learn in the future’ and looks at how the world is changing faster than governments and big corporations are prepared for or want to believe. It shows how the middle man is being removed from so many traditional equations, and how people power has come alive since the advent of Twitter and other platforms which allow instant global communication, often for free so accessible to nearly everyone.

    Some of it is scary – just contemplating the rate of change of technology in the past few years and what that means for our children literally makes your mind boggle – but most of it is inspiring and full of hope. ‘Open’ tells the story of a future which is anybody’s and everybody’s; a future where we openly share our gifts, knowledge and expertise for the greater good, and receive so much more in return. It demonstrates how this is already happening with so many huge educational institutes like the Open University, many Ivy League colleges and huge online learning sites such as Coursera, but also how we have just scratched the surface of where things are going in the future.