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  1. Love to explore


    Go travelling, book an adventure holiday, head away for the weekend, have an impromptu day out, explore the countryside, walk up a mountain, find a hidden beach, gaze at the stars, discover something new… what will this inspire you to do?

    Download a high res version to print here.


  2. Building a tiny space to dream (literally, and you’re invited!)


    I bought a beach hut on a whim. Well actually it has been one of those things I have always thought about in a “Wouldn’t that be cool?” thing-that-other-people-do kind of way. But then one day a couple of weeks back I was walking by the sea (in Hove, England) admiring the cute little huts, and I spotted a ‘for sale’ sign. And that was it.

    photo-5 copyIn need of some TLC

    At first glance it might look like I bought myself a shed. But actually I found somewhere I can turn into a space for dreaming, not just for me but for others too. We got the keys a couple of days ago, and today we tore down the old rotting structure, and have started building our own little place from scratch (with the help of an amazing carpenter friend, Iain Moncrieff).

    But this isn’t just any old beach hut. This is going to be The Little Beach Hut of Dreams (she even has her own Twitter account – you can follow her at @beachhutxx).


    My idea is to invite anyone (that includes you) to apply to be a Dreamer-in-Residence. That means you get to borrow her for the day (for free), to come and just sit, look out to sea, and think, dream, draw, write, plan or do whatever is going to help you get a step closer to doing what you love. In return we’ll just ask you to write a blog post about your experience to inspire others.

    photo-5 copy 3

    Mr K and Iain hard at work

    We are going to make it beautiful inside, and then open it up for applications in the next few weeks, so hopefully we can squeeze in our first Dreamers-in-Residence before the end of this glorious summer. Why not have a think about what you might day with a whole day by the sea to dream, and jump on the waiting list to hear more when applications open!

    photo-5 copy

    This is the view

    We all need the chance to escape our chaotic lives every now and then. We all need the time and space to dream. We are creating the space. You just need to make the time (and apply!)

    Speaking of making time, we hope you will join us for Making Time, a new free 31-day prompt series to help you carve out more time for the things you love, starting August 1. Find out more and sign up here.

    Here’s to more space and time for the things we love!


  3. Dream, believe, achieve…


    There comes a day when each of us decides to put fears and excuses aside. A day when we decide to listen to our heart – and follow it. And a day when we decide to take those first small steps towards making our wildest dreams come true.

    Let today be that day for you.

  4. What’s your story?

    VA Museum of childhood

    The Great Diary Project – V&A Museum of Childhood

    Dolls, daydreams and diaries… we all remember what it was like to be little. And this summer the Museum of Childhood in London is celebrating all those things and more with an inspiring showcase of story-themed exhibitions and displays designed to take us on a trip down memory lane.

    One of the many highlights is ‘The Great Diary Project’ which features diaries from 1813 to 1996 and focuses on the lives of children at particular moments in history. From tales of bedbugs during the Napoleonic Wars to coded accounts of wild teenage behaviour during the Blitz, it’s a fascinating insight into how attitudes have changed over time and how peoples’ unique voices can be captured so beautifully in this very private kind of writing.

  5. Why I gave a busker ten times more than I normally would

    A couple of days ago I was pushing my baby’s pram round a nearby park in the sunshine when we came across a couple of buskers. They were pretty good, and they smiled a lot. And I gave them a five pound note. That is TEN times what I normally give buskers, but they weren’t ten times as good as any others.

    So why did they get the note not a coin? Because of this:


    They sold me on their romantic dream to “get to America”. I could see them in a convertible racing along Route 66. I could imagine them strumming a tune in Central Park. I took the journey with them in my head, and I wanted to help them.

    If they hadn’t told me what their dream was I wouldn’t have known how to help. It took guts to stand up in the park, sing and declare their dreams, but they did it, rallied me and others to help them and, with every pound that dropped into their guitar case, they got a step closer to their plan.

    Sharing your dreams can be scary. It can make you feel vulnerable and afraid. But if you share them with the right people, you might just get more help and support than you could have hoped for. And then maybe those dreams will actually come true…

    Do it. Share your dreams with someone you trust today.

    Beth and Paul

  6. Behind-the-scenes of making Do What You Love

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-1

    When we planned the facelift for our flagship online course Do What You Love (which is back after a two year break!) we knew we wanted to really bring it to life with the video aspect of the class. In week one of class I share a story about an experience on a boat aged 17 which changed everything for me, and we joked about chartering a yacht to film it on there. And then we thought, well actually, why not? And booked the boat!

    We had a fun day filming with the lovely team at Ben Simon Media, and the crew from Lagoon Watersports in Brighton Marina. It was so good to get out on the water and put myself back in the situation I had been in when I had the greatest a-ha moment of my life. Here are a few pics from behind-the-scenes of filming (we even managed to give Mr K a cameo role!)

    In truth I was pretty self-conscious with my extra 40lbs of baby weight, but in the end I decided that making the videos was more important than my embarrassment at what I looked like, and I did it anyway. Yay mama!

    The Do What You Love course has just begun but you can still join us if you are quick. Registration is open here until tomorrow for latecomers. Participants have already started to have some significant breakthroughs and realisations, and the atmosphere in the class community is already more open, honest and supportive than any online community I have experienced. It is quite amazing. Join us here.

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-2

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-3

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-4

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-5

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-6

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-7

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-9

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-10

    Behind the scenes (MediaBrighton)-11





  7. Zen for Ten


    Sometimes life gets so hectic we hardly have time to think, let alone dream and plan the road towards doing what you love. We have had a crazy few months at DWYL HQ, so we are dedicating April to quiet, reflective time.

    As we search for meaning in our busy lives it can be hard to tune out the noise and listen to what we really want to offer the world. You are invited to join us for Zen for Ten – a simple ten day programme to help you slow down, tune in and light up. This is based on our free resource ‘Zen and the art of doing what you love’ and it is free to participate. It will help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.

    Just enter your details here and you will receive daily emails for ten days starting on Monday 7 April 2014, with beautiful imagery, short exercises and inspiring prompts.

    We cannot wait to breathe more deeply, live more slowly and appreciate life more during this special ten days. See you there.

  8. Inside PaperLove

    Do you obsess about stationery, love the idea of creating your own books and boxes, enjoy sending real snail mail, and lust over the delight of words? Then our brand new creative course PaperLove is for you!

    PaperLove is a five-week papery adventure, where we unwrap the possibilities of paper – getting stuck into a host of creative projects, sharing inspiration, hearing from people who have made paper love into their careers, learning about the fascinating history of paper, and connecting with other paper lovers from around the world.

    Join us to discover the delights of PAPER (week 1), COLLAGE (week 2), WORD (week 3), BOOK (week 4), MAIL (week 5).

    During this online course you will be encouraged to tap into your own stories, discover the book inside you, get creative and have fun. The clear step-by-step instructions will help you confidently create stitched books, gift boxes and all manner of other papery goodies, while the stories, images and resources shared will provide a feast of papery inspiration.

    You can join us from anywhere in the world, and connect with other paperlovers from across the globe.

    This has been a long time in the making, but finally we are ready to share the world’s first online course about paper with you – class begins on Monday and we are beside our paper stacks with excitement. Have you booked your place for papery delight yet? Sign up here!

  9. Make 2014 amazing (and meet our baby girl!)


    Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely festive season and have eased into 2014 with high hopes for the year ahead. Here at DWYL the past couple of weeks have been something of a blur after welcoming our baby girl into the world on Christmas Day! Sienna May Kempton was born at 3am as the perfect Christmas present, and has filled our days with wonder, smiles and not much sleep ever since! We feel like we have started 2014 with the ultimate new beginning, and are stepping into the greatest adventure of our lives.

    We have no doubt that our sweet girl will change everything, and have a major impact on the kind of year 2014 will become. But we also want to consider our wider dreams and plans, and have been using our free kit ‘New Year’s Revolution’ to help us do this.

    If you haven’t downloaded your copy you can get it here for free. You can also join the hundreds of people already in the New Year’s Revolution Facebook group where we will be sharing prompts, discussions and encouragement throughout the year to help you make 2014 amazing.

    Wherever you find yourself at the beginning of this shiny new year, we wish you health and happiness, and hope you can make 2014 exactly the kind of year you want it to be.

    Beth and the team

  10. Big city lights


    In the final few weeks before a baby arrives you often find yourself “Will this be our last holiday/dinner out/cinema trip for a while?” Although I know there are many joys to come with the arrival of our little bundle, I am sure there are many things that will be harder to do, like going up to London for dinner and the theatre… which is why Mr K treated me to a lovely day doing just that. We went to see Sam Mendes’ brilliant production of Roald Dahl’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory in Drury Lane, before heading to Regent Street and wandering around Covent Garden to soak up the Christmas atmosphere among the beautiful shop windows and strings of fairy lights. I am not a city girl at heart, but I do love the way towns and cities come alive at Christmas, with twinkles and sparkles and a touch of magic in the air. I came away inspired by the creativity behind the window displays, the imaginative theatre production, and the energy of the capital.










    What festive loveliness have you spotted where you are?


    NYR 200

    Are you ready to make major changes in your life? Do you want to look ahead to 2014 with excitement and anticipation? Do you want to make it the year you finally do what you love? To help you do this we have created New Year’s Revolution: a practical kit to help you make 2014 amazing. This is completely free – and it comes with a community you can join to get support throughout the coming year. Doing what you love doesn’t happen overnight. It is an attitude, and a way of life, and it takes courage and boldness to make the tough decisions which let you get there. It also takes thought and planning, so we have created this special gift to help you on your way.