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  1. Do What You Interview; Flora Bowley – ‘Love to be Brave’


    This very special Do What You Love interview is with one of our very own partners – someone who has done what she loves for many years, staying true to herself regardless of whether she is going through times of financial hardship or abundance, sadness or joy.

    Flora Bowley is one of the most incredible painters I know, but more than that, she lives her life the way she paints – bravely, intuitively and with a huge smile on her face. Therefore we could not think of anyone more perfect to discuss the theme of bravery than her. Flora has encouraged thousands of people all over the world to embrace their creativity, and one of her most powerful tools is to instill in them the need to be brave.


    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    I’m happy to say my days are quite filled with doing what I love. I am passionate about helping people light or re-ignite their creative fire while discovering the transformational powers inherent in the creative process. I am able to reach people in this way through my in-person retreats, online classes and book, Brave Intuitive Painting.

    When I’m not teaching, painting or writing, I spend my time biking, practicing yoga, making soup, communing with mossy forests and enjoying my vast creative community here in Portland, OR… all things I LOVE!


  2. Do What You Love Interview – Asher Freeman


    I have the great pleasure of introducing you to a good friend of ours who we met whilst travelling in Japan last year. Asher is another example of someone who has reassessed what he wanted from life and has started out on his own to satisfy those deep yearnings that just don’t go away otherwise. 


    My name is Asher Freeman and I am a jewellery designer/maker from New Zealand.  I have been in the jewellery industry for about 10 years and have just made the big move in starting my own company, Freeman Jewellery Design. I believe strongly in being ethical on all levels – from the integrity of the design and make of the piece, to the materials used being ethically supplied.

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    By being honest to my inspirations, ideals and dreams.

    2. What did you do before this?

    Before starting Freeman Jewellery Design, I worked for a high market boutique jewellery store in Auckland, New Zealand, for about 7 years. It was the perfect introduction and training ground for getting deeper into jewellery design and make after completing a 3 year Diploma with High Distinction at The Peter Minturn Goldsmith School.

  3. Do What You Love Interview – Amelia Critchlow + GIVEAWAY


    Amelia Critchlow is a Visual Artist living and working in London. In this interview she shares an insight into how doing what you love is a requirement of the soul. The journey there however is not always easy.

    Completing an MA in Fine Art in 2012 I’ve since opened & co-direct ArtLacuna Space in South London. My work encompasses collage, mixed media, photography and moving image. I believe we are all artists and created the experimental art e-course to prove it! I blog; weaving words about my journey through life and art.

    Amelia Portrait 2013

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    By leading a life filled with art: making and exhibiting my own art, co-directing a gallery/project space and collective art studios in South London (artlacuna), and running the experimental art e-course + other teaching. When looking back at my childhood the one thing I loved doing was making and art-ing, whether it be model-making, drawing, painting, illustrating or simply creating something out of materials, I was most happy. It’s a whisper and a desire that has never really gone away and I feel both happy and grateful to be able to make this a part of my adult life-career.

  4. Do What You Love Interview – Donal Doherty


    We can train, we can strive to better ourselves and we can even achieve success but unless we listen to our inner self we will never truly be ‘doing what we love’. Today’s interview will inspire you to look out for those moments of epiphany and listen to your heart.


    Donal Doherty is a destination-wedding photographer who calls Northern Ireland home. He photographs stunning weddings in amazing locations with people who rock and also inspires other photographers to create a business and life they love!

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    I am blessed as I spend my time capturing life and love.

    Shooting the weddings of incredible people, not only in the most stunning locations in Ireland and the UK, but around the globe.

    At home in Londonderry I get an insight into families full of love and create something for them that will last forever. I also have the opportunity to share my story and strategies to help other photographers and creatives by speaking at conventions around the world and through my writing for Photo Professional Magazine. Each year the balance I have gets better and I am supported by an amazing family, friends, peers and my girlfriend, Margaret.

    Taken by Peter Thomas Photography 3Image by Peter Thomas Photography

  5. Do What You Love Interview – Catalina Guirado


    Catalina Guirado was discovered as a model by Vogue at the age of 15, became a television favourite in the late 1990s after appearing on Channel 4‘s cult hit show TFI Friday, hosted by Chris Evans, and has since appeared on many TV shows. Her exciting career has taken many turns, but most recently she launched design label ‘Guirado Designs’ with her first collection of luxury silk scarves, fabrics and bespoke wallpapers. These use  HD prints of chosen enlightening works by her father, internationally acclaimed Spanish surrealist-essentialist artist Juan Antonio Guirado. These beautiful products are available exclusively at luxury concept store The Clerkenwell Collection in London and online at We asked her to share her inspiration, motivation and advice on doing what you love. 

    Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 6.14.18 PM

    Catalina is a half Spanish/British designer and model. She describes herself as ”an art, fashion, gypset, rock n roll, horse obsessed, animal loving, champagne darling!”

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    Before I became a model and TV host I actually studied art and textile design. I grew up surrounded by art and attended gallery openings since I was a baby, as my father was an artist. Since his sad death, my life has come full circle and I have returned to what I originally loved and have always wanted to do. I love fashion and design and the creativity of my life. I am extremely grateful that I am able to do this and mean to excel!

  6. Do What You Love interview – SANTA CLAUS!


    Mr K reporting from the North Pole…

    Some interviews are considered career defining. Some even stand the test of time and become legendary. Call it intuition or a struggling writer’s hunch but today’s interview may just be the most magical and awe inspiring interview of all time for me. The fact that I am sat here somewhere just outside the North Pole getting ready for this interview is surreal enough. Then considering the fact I am surrounded by ice and snow yet feel perfectly comfortable is crazy. But preparing to interview Santa, well that just blows my mind.

    3389058334_1ac9d4dc08_zNorth Pole by walkadog

    The room is beautifully simple. Every fixture and fitting is carved from ice or sculpted from snow, a perfect blend providing both structure and comfort. My ice chair is softened by a snow cushion and decorated by what look like Midget Iced Gems. My senses are overloaded and confused as a heat emanates throughout my body.

    I place my notepad and pencil on the table. A steaming cup of hot chocolate and a small plate of mince pies invite me to indulge. Opposite there is a small glass of brandy. I have to chuckle to myself. This is exactly what we used to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve when I was a child.

    After rearranging the notepad and pencil and adjusting my seating position for what seems like the hundredth time I become aware just how nervous I am. Then it happens. The lights flicker on and off, the ice walls become a translucent blue and it begins snowing… inside! Two huge red velvet curtains part from the other side of the room and in enters a truly unmistakable sound …


    Santa via Portable North Pole

    Santa – Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas Mr. K. Welcome! Welcome to my humble home, the North Pole.

    It really is him. Dressed in huge red dungarees, a long sleeved white thermal top and black boots. He bounds across the room, his eyes sparkling and his cheeks rosy red, framed perfectly by his beard that looks like it is made from the whitest of clouds. He is quite easily the most jolly and friendly person I have ever seen. I can’t quite believe it, it really is him!

    I am now shaking the hand of Father Christmas himself!

    Mr. KPlease, the honour is certainly all mine. Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity and for taking a few moments of your very precious time to speak with me.

    SantaOf course. Please be seated. Would you care for any more hot chocolate or would another tipple be more to your fancy?

    There is a glint in his eye that belies his iconic standing, as though he is sat across the table from me as just another man in the pub rather than the legendary Father Christmas.

    Mr. K – Another hot chocolate would be perfect.

    At that moment a rather unusual snowflake catches my attention. It is larger than the others and moving sideways. It floats gently and hovers just centimetres above the palm of his hand. He raises his hand to his mouth and then blows it towards me. The snowflake spins, twinkles and bounces until it is directly over my cup. It changes before my eyes into a small cloud and then begins raining chocolate. As the last drop falls the cloud splits into several smaller snowflakes and disappears.

    Santa – There we go. Just one last thing – a little memento for you before we begin.

    A small robin darts in through the window carrying… wait for it… a ‘Father Christmas’ hat. It drops the hat on my head and, of course, it fits perfectly.

    3195113510_dd44da21da_zRobin via davehamster

    Santa – Thank you Dillon.

    The robin seemed to curtsy before disappearing out of the same window.

    Now Mr. K whenever you are ready.

    I cleared my throat and dived in…

    Mr. K – How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    Santa – Great question. Well, my team and I strive for one purpose – to remind the children (and occasionally the adults) of this wonderful world that magic does indeed exist. To help awaken their imagination and see their eyes come alive is a delight which I will never tire of experiencing. To bring a smile to a single child’s face is reward enough. To do so to millions? Well that is just a treasure of a job. Wouldn’t you agree?

    Mr. K – What did you do before this?

    Santa – Before this… wow that was a long time ago. Let me cast my mind back. Ho ho ho… oh yes I remember. I was a doctor of sorts. I had studied children’s medicine with local doctor Jens Brandels in Tromso. I went with him everywhere we were required. It was a wonderful and at times heartbreaking experience but I knew I was on the right path helping children.

    Mr. K – Why do you do what you do?

    SantaReally now Mr. K. I’m sure that question answers itself.

    Mr. K – Yes sorry that was stupid of me. You are instantly recognised all over the world. You must have a powerful marketing machine behind you. What is your secret?

    Santa - Mrs. Klaus! And she is very much looking forward to meeting you later.

    Mr. K – Amazing, I can’t wait to meet her either.

    Mr. K – How do you handle the logistical challenges of having such a seasonal peak of international deliveries in December?

    Santa – It is all in the detail – planning, a little more planning and of course just a hint of magic. The way I look at it is I have to be at my best for one night only. Not a bad job, hey? Ho Ho Ho!

    Mr. K – What kind of team do you have around you? What are the key roles in your team and who plays them?

    Santa – My team? Where do I start? There is of course Mrs. Klaus without whom nothing would be possible.

    My head Toy Innovator is Atarashi Present, a wonderful man who was invited here from Kyoto, Japan back in 1784. He creates the most wonderful toys and never ceases to amaze me. He works very closely with children all over the world to develop the toys they dream of, but does it is in disguise so they never know. How else could we ensure our toys are just perfect?

    Our Senior Packer and Wrapper is Holly Primrose. Holly is an elf and has a team of elves who I believe are closely related to her. They scour this and other mystical worlds to make sure only the most fantastical of paper is used.

    Last but not least is Arthur Swift. Arthur is a lovely Irish man who moved to Lapland because of his love of reindeer. He is now working with his tenth generation of reindeer. However none of his work would be possible without some very generous ideas given to us by Mr. Charles Pillow of Cloud City. But he is a completely different story for another time.

    And last but not least the real team players are all the parents that let me and my team take a few plaudits for all their hard work. I take my Santa hat off to them all. Ho ho ho.

    Mr. K – How do you keep your employees motivated?

    Santa - Music, mince pies, milk, brandy, plenty games and of course giving them Dec 26 – March 1st off!

    Mr. K – What impact has the internet had on Christmas?

    Santa - The World Wide Web, what a marvellous creation. The idea was born over a few too many Eskimo ales at the Red Reindeer Pub during a discussion I had with Atarashi and Arthur. We decided that the idea had to be harnessed and developed properly so we dropped it into the stocking of a young boy called Tim Berners-Lee. Just look what he has done with it. Wonderful stuff.

    The internet has helped connect so many people and families worldwide with loved ones. That is a true gift. It even allows people to teach on-line, doesn’t it (wink wink)? And did you know you can arrange for me to send a special personalised message to your children using the internet? Have a look at this clever site here.

    Mr. K – Yes it is an extremely powerful tool. What do you do to relax?

    Santa - I love a few cheeky Eskimo ales with the boys, and travelling of course. But of late, cosying up with Mrs. Klaus with a special mug of hot chocolate to watch Downton Abbey is a definite must! I am looking forward to their Christmas Special…

    Mr. K - What aspect of your service are you most proud of?

    Santa - The longevity of it. We live in a very cynical world but my business and everyone concerned ensures it has never lost any of its magic. The hope that exists in everyone fuels us all here at the North Pole. It is obviously stronger in children whilst they are protected from the world but I can sense magic and the belief in possibility returning among adults too. If you can believe in a rotund jolly man delivering presents from his magic sleigh then you can believe in anything!!

    Mr. K – Absolutely. Thank you so much Santa. It has been an honour.

    Santa – It was an absolute pleasure. I only ask that you and your wife continue your work at Do What You Love. The world has never been more exciting and I just wish more people were doing what they love every day. I look forward to seeing how everyone prospers. I must go now as the reindeer need a run out.

    Just one last thing, I would like to wish you, your wife, your new baby and everyone in the Do What You Love family all over the world a very Merry Christmas! I’ll be popping down a chimney near you soon (wink wink)…

    3192039702_0a35e1c265_zReindeer via peupleloup

    NYR 200

    Are you ready to make major changes in your life? Do you want to look ahead to 2014 with excitement and anticipation? Do you want to make it the year you finally do what you love? To help you do this we have created New Year’s Revolution: a practical kit to help you make 2014 amazing. This is completely free – and it comes with a community you can join to get support throughout the coming year. Doing what you love doesn’t happen overnight. It is an attitude, and a way of life, and it takes courage and boldness to make the tough decisions which let you get there. It also takes thought and planning, so we have created this special gift to help you on your way.



  7. Typhoon Haiyan appeal


    Earlier last month we were very fortunate and thrilled to bring you an interview with Professional Surf Photographer Lucia Griggi. We are all very aware of the horrific and devastation that Typhoon Haiyan has caused in the Philippines. Lucia and her peers are combining their efforts to help raise money for the thousands of people that need our help. Please read on and help where you can….


    Typhoon Haiyan has had a devastating effect in the Philippines and thousands of people are now desperately in need of our help. From 18:00 on Friday 29th November 2013 you will have 48 hours to donate to Shelter for Humanity, disaster relief shelter specialists who are in the Philippines right now, and in return we will email you a digital file of your chosen surf photograph from one of the galleries on this site. 100% of you money will go to Shelter For Humanity – Charity Registration No. 1151549


    Stunning photos from the best British surf photographers available for a very limited time to help raise money for the Philippines disaster relief.



    1. Browse through the photo galleries and decide which photo/s you would like.

2. Take a note of the photographer and the title of the photo/s.

3. Make a donation via the JustGiving page here. We suggest a minimum £10 donation per image, but please give whatever you can.)

    4. When you make a donation, make sure you add a message including the photographer’s name, the title of the photo you want, and your email address.

5. Lucia’s team will then email you the image once your donation has gone through.

    If you do not want to put your email address in a message, you can email Lucia’s team directly AFTER you have made a donation.

  8. Do What You Love Interview – Sarah Watkins (Parentskool)


    As we prepare for imminent parenthood, like many parents-to-be we want to be as prepared as possible. Over the past few months we have spoken to many friends, read many books and taken a variety of classes to help us do this. One of the most valuable things we had done in this time was to sign up for Parentskool, which provided a crash course in looking after a baby from 0-6 months. We are still eagerly awaiting our new arrival so are yet to test what we learnt, but it has given us that little bit of extra reassurance which definitely helps as we prepare for our biggest adventure to date. So it is with great pleasure that we share this interview with Sarah Watkins, founder and CEO of Parentskool, who created the classes that have helped so many like us. Sarah is an entrepreneur and married mum with two little girls who created Parentskool to teach what she had wished she had known when her own children were born –  crying, sleeping, washing, feeding and all the baby realities that other antenatal classes don’t teach! – Beth

    me550Sarah Watkins – CEO Parentskool

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    I run Parentskool and have done so for nearly three years – time which has flown by. I teach mums and dads-to-be an antenatal course which I devised myself – “A crash course in having a baby” – which focuses on the practical skills you need to look after a baby. It also includes parenting tips and, shopping guides and flags up likely problems so that when you have your first baby you don’t fall to bits like I did! The most amazing thing about my job is meeting pregnant women or dads-to-be who are all excited and nervous, and then seeing them blossom just weeks later into these parents with tiny amazing babies! It makes me cry!

  9. Do What You Love Interview – Forest Foundry


    Today’s interview is actually with a collective of talented artists from around the world, who ‘met’ each other through our Make Art That Sells course (with Lilla Rogers) and have gone on to form a business relationship which allows them to pool resources, access a wider audience and support each other. We love this idea, and were intrigued to find out more about the artists behind ‘Forest Foundry’.


    This is how they describe themselves: “Forest Foundry is an art collective of eight artists from around the world, who believe that beautiful art should be accessible to everyone. We create art that is colourful, and evokes the imagination. We try to make sustainable choices whenever we can, to help the future of our planet.”

    The Forest Foundry consists of Katy Tanis (KT), Karma Voce (KV), Ine Beerten (IB), Victoria Weiss (VW), Zoe Ingram (ZI), Miriam Bos (MB), Neiko Ng (NN) and Kat Kalindi Cameron (KKC).


    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    KKC - My life at the moment is a bit of a juggling act. I have two small children (aged 5 and 3) so I have to balance the school run and home stuff with my love of designing and illustrating. I am working on a few licensing projects at the moment which is my main goal as an artist.

    MB - It’s pretty easy doing what you love when the thing you love doing the most is creating. I get up, start a doodle in my sketchbook while having breakfast. Then I get behind my computer to check emails and social media, and when I have had my cup of tea I start working on whatever project I have at that particular moment. My days are like this almost every day. Even on the weekends. It’s hard to stop.

    ZI - When I realised I was about to hit 40 this year I decided to take the bull by the horns and do Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells e-Course which was absolutely amazing, and following on from that I entered the Global Talent Search, which I won! I am now doing something that I absolutely love with a passion and I believe that Lilla’s course came at the right time for me.

    VW - I think for most of us that are also mothers, it is a real test of how deep do you love what you do creatively. Every time my day is about to go downhill I ask myself why I am doing what I am doing, and this gets me back on track. It is simply so much fun. It’s magical and mysterious and I can’t imagine my life otherwise.

  10. Do What You Love Interview – Kate Thorman (Oysterbaby) + GIVEAWAY


    Being pregnant myself, I have come to understand that there are an inordinate amount of things to buy for a baby, and choosing what is right for you can be overwhelming. I knew early on that I wanted to keep my baby close to me as much as possible (rather than in a buggy), especially in the early days, and when I stumbled across a postcard for Oysterbaby slings and my local yoga studio I knew I had found the right thing for me. Oysterbaby slings are made from bamboo fibre, are lightweight but supportive for your back, and are so pretty. I ordered one online and was delighted when it turned up beautifully wrapped, with illustrated care notes and a lovely little carrying bag. I could immediately see that this was the product of a young company which really cared, and I was intrigued to find out who was behind it. And that led me to Kate Thorman, the very inspiring founder and owner of Oysterbaby… – Beth


    Kate Thorman is a part-time midwife, a full-time single mother and an entrepreneur. She describes her life as “ full to the brim with energy, variety and challenge. As well as my work at King’s College Hospital in London, I also run a variety of birth preparation courses and about a year ago I founded my company, Oysterbaby. I sell beautifully crafted organic bamboo slings for parents who wear their babies with love. I like to think I am a positive person, and that attracts good things in my life. I am a natural carer and I believe that kindness breeds kindness. This is the only way we can make our wonderful world an even more beautiful place to be.”

    Kate lives her life by the philosophy that ‘life is for living’ and the work you do should be fulfilling and afford a lifestyle in which you can appreciate your family and friends.’ Love that – sounds like something we would say here at DWYL.

    How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    My main love is my daughter Indira. Everything I do is with her in mind. As a single mum, I feel determined to show Indi that by having a good work ethic and following your passions, anything is possible! To make sure I never spread myself too thin and stay a happy and healthy mother for her, we practice yoga together every morning. I also take her swimming every week and we find adventure in everything we do – there are bush-shaped jungles in our streets and stair-shaped mountains to climb in our home! We live in Brighton, so I try to visit to sea as often as possible. Even on dull, gusty days I find that spending just a few minutes breathing in the sea air, listening to its roar and watching the ebb and flow really recharges my batteries. It gives me time to think and develop creative ideas. I come from a well-travelled family. My parents explored the world when they were young and have always encouraged me to find my own adventures. I left for my first solo trip aged 18 and didn’t really stop until I had Indi. And even now I find myself on a plane to Africa or Indonesia as often as possible.