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  1. Do What You Love Interview – Ed & Sofie Templeton


    What is your love? What were you put on planet earth to do? These are the questions that Ed and Sofie Templeton asked themselves when they decided to change their lives and embark on an around-the-world-on-a-shoestring adventure. They followed their hearts, took a chance and tried something new – and now they’re living their dream…

    MOORE_130210_0528-RightsRestrictedEd & Sofie outside their Soul & Surf retreat in India

  2. Do What you Love Interview – Michael Lee


    From Sports Editor to healer, writer and actor, Michael Lee travelled the world to find the answers he was looking for. He’s been on an amazing voyage of self-discovery and you can read his inspirational story here…

    Copy of IMG_2468-2

  3. Do What You Love Interview – Laurence McCahill


    He believes that the future belongs to companies and organisations with a sense of purpose, a strong culture, engaged and happy employees and loyal customers. And that if you can get all these things right you can change the world in your own little way. Meet Laurence McCahill, the man who’s inspiring a new breed of entrepreneur…


  4. Do What You Love Interview – Neil Bettles


    Skilled, knowledgeable and incredibly talented, Neil Bettles is co-founder and Artistic Director of award-winning theatre company ThickSkin. Renowned for producing heart-stopping visual performances, ThickSkin combines bold Frantic Assembly inspired movement work with sharp, edgy theatre. Since the company launched in 2010, it’s earned a reputation for unearthing and developing new talent and engaging established artists in creating innovative work that inspires and challenges audiences. Do What You Love caught up with Neil to talk scripts, stories and success…

  5. Do What You Love Interview – Jared Green


    As today’s interview shows, the journey towards doing what you love can start at an early age. Even as a child Jared Green was intrigued by clothes and fashion. He says: “I remember seeing the work of uber-stylists like Grace Coddington at American Vogue and being totally inspired by the fantastical imagery she created – I dreamt that one day I’d be doing that too.” Determined to follow his passion, Jared spent years gaining valuable experience in the fashion industry before launching his own successful business – and he hasn’t looked back since. Here’s his story…

  6. Do What You Interview; Flora Bowley – ‘Love to be Brave’


    This very special Do What You Love interview is with one of our very own partners – someone who has done what she loves for many years, staying true to herself regardless of whether she is going through times of financial hardship or abundance, sadness or joy.

    Flora Bowley is one of the most incredible painters I know, but more than that, she lives her life the way she paints – bravely, intuitively and with a huge smile on her face. Therefore we could not think of anyone more perfect to discuss the theme of bravery than her. Flora has encouraged thousands of people all over the world to embrace their creativity, and one of her most powerful tools is to instill in them the need to be brave.


    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    I’m happy to say my days are quite filled with doing what I love. I am passionate about helping people light or re-ignite their creative fire while discovering the transformational powers inherent in the creative process. I am able to reach people in this way through my in-person retreats, online classes and book, Brave Intuitive Painting.

    When I’m not teaching, painting or writing, I spend my time biking, practicing yoga, making soup, communing with mossy forests and enjoying my vast creative community here in Portland, OR… all things I LOVE!


  7. Do What You Love Interview – Asher Freeman


    I have the great pleasure of introducing you to a good friend of ours who we met whilst travelling in Japan last year. Asher is another example of someone who has reassessed what he wanted from life and has started out on his own to satisfy those deep yearnings that just don’t go away otherwise. 


    My name is Asher Freeman and I am a jewellery designer/maker from New Zealand.  I have been in the jewellery industry for about 10 years and have just made the big move in starting my own company, Freeman Jewellery Design. I believe strongly in being ethical on all levels – from the integrity of the design and make of the piece, to the materials used being ethically supplied.

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    By being honest to my inspirations, ideals and dreams.

    2. What did you do before this?

    Before starting Freeman Jewellery Design, I worked for a high market boutique jewellery store in Auckland, New Zealand, for about 7 years. It was the perfect introduction and training ground for getting deeper into jewellery design and make after completing a 3 year Diploma with High Distinction at The Peter Minturn Goldsmith School.

  8. Do What You Love Interview – Amelia Critchlow + GIVEAWAY


    Amelia Critchlow is a Visual Artist living and working in London. In this interview she shares an insight into how doing what you love is a requirement of the soul. The journey there however is not always easy.

    Completing an MA in Fine Art in 2012 I’ve since opened & co-direct ArtLacuna Space in South London. My work encompasses collage, mixed media, photography and moving image. I believe we are all artists and created the experimental art e-course to prove it! I blog; weaving words about my journey through life and art.

    Amelia Portrait 2013

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    By leading a life filled with art: making and exhibiting my own art, co-directing a gallery/project space and collective art studios in South London (artlacuna), and running the experimental art e-course + other teaching. When looking back at my childhood the one thing I loved doing was making and art-ing, whether it be model-making, drawing, painting, illustrating or simply creating something out of materials, I was most happy. It’s a whisper and a desire that has never really gone away and I feel both happy and grateful to be able to make this a part of my adult life-career.

  9. Do What You Love Interview – Donal Doherty


    We can train, we can strive to better ourselves and we can even achieve success but unless we listen to our inner self we will never truly be ‘doing what we love’. Today’s interview will inspire you to look out for those moments of epiphany and listen to your heart.


    Donal Doherty is a destination-wedding photographer who calls Northern Ireland home. He photographs stunning weddings in amazing locations with people who rock and also inspires other photographers to create a business and life they love!

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    I am blessed as I spend my time capturing life and love.

    Shooting the weddings of incredible people, not only in the most stunning locations in Ireland and the UK, but around the globe.

    At home in Londonderry I get an insight into families full of love and create something for them that will last forever. I also have the opportunity to share my story and strategies to help other photographers and creatives by speaking at conventions around the world and through my writing for Photo Professional Magazine. Each year the balance I have gets better and I am supported by an amazing family, friends, peers and my girlfriend, Margaret.

    Taken by Peter Thomas Photography 3Image by Peter Thomas Photography

  10. Do What You Love Interview – Catalina Guirado


    Catalina Guirado was discovered as a model by Vogue at the age of 15, became a television favourite in the late 1990s after appearing on Channel 4‘s cult hit show TFI Friday, hosted by Chris Evans, and has since appeared on many TV shows. Her exciting career has taken many turns, but most recently she launched design label ‘Guirado Designs’ with her first collection of luxury silk scarves, fabrics and bespoke wallpapers. These use  HD prints of chosen enlightening works by her father, internationally acclaimed Spanish surrealist-essentialist artist Juan Antonio Guirado. These beautiful products are available exclusively at luxury concept store The Clerkenwell Collection in London and online at We asked her to share her inspiration, motivation and advice on doing what you love. 

    Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 6.14.18 PM

    Catalina is a half Spanish/British designer and model. She describes herself as “an art, fashion, gypset, rock n roll, horse obsessed, animal loving, champagne darling!”

    1. How are you leading a life ‘doing what you love’?

    Before I became a model and TV host I actually studied art and textile design. I grew up surrounded by art and attended gallery openings since I was a baby, as my father was an artist. Since his sad death, my life has come full circle and I have returned to what I originally loved and have always wanted to do. I love fashion and design and the creativity of my life. I am extremely grateful that I am able to do this and mean to excel!