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  1. Do What You Love Interview – Shane Weisfeld


    This week we’re excited to bring you an interview with screenwriter Shane Weisfeld from Toronto, Canada. Shane is the co-writer of the feature film Freezer, a one-location crime-thriller which was released on DVD earlier this year. He became a produced writer for the first time at the age of 38 after years of rejection. He says: “It’s taken over 16 years for me to get to this point but I’m glad things happened for me this late because I cherish any success all the more knowing what I’ve put into it.”

    Shane talks screenplays, stamina and shares the lessons he’s learnt along the way…


  2. Add more play to your day today!


    The Do What You Love team is off to cookery school! We can’t wait to learn new skills and enjoy the process of creating (and of course, eating!) our delicious three-course meals.

    How are you going to play today? This week? And at the weekend?

    Whatever you do, have fun and enjoy!

  3. Why next year has to be different

    Rain walk
    My little family – well again after a month of sickness telling us we need to slow down

    In many ways this has been the most precious year of my life. In others it has been one of the hardest. With the birth of our baby girl on Christmas Day 2013 came a world of new priorities, warped time, new responsibility and so many distractions. At the same time our business grew exponentially, and a lot of exciting opportunities came our way, which we kept saying yes to.

    The result? Burnout. For the entire month of October our whole family was sick (hence the unusual lack of newsletters from me!). We experienced every parent’s nightmare of hospital visits and paramedics, were exhausted but couldn’t sleep, needed nutrition but were too tired to cook proper food. It was really hard. And I think it was a massive lesson to us. Looking back now everyone is well again and all our big deadlines have passed, it seems like the universe was literally shouting at us to slow down.

    I’ll admit – and not at all proudly – that this is something of a pattern for me. I work and work until I can work no more, take a break, refill the well and get re-inspired, then go 100 miles an hour putting all my new ideas into action. But this last month has told us that even if it sort of worked before, it is not sustainable with a new baby.

    And so we have decided to take December off – no classes, no deadlines, no stress. A delicious month to slow down, enjoy the Christmas festivities and recharge for 2015 (which is already shaping up to be an exciting year). Our team will be running a few short programmes, including a free winter writing workshop (details coming next week!). But generally we will mostly be having a merry time with family and friends, hopefully laughing and sleeping a lot.

    I have given myself the gift of saying no this December, because it’s OK not to do everything, all the time. And I really hope you will do the same, if that’s what you need.

    This time of year is a good time to step away from the day-to-day and reflect on the year gone by, and make plans about you want from the year ahead. I am going to be using our New Year’s Revolution 2015 toolkit to help me do this and I’d like to offer it to you as a gift to do the same.

    This completely free toolkit will help you work out what you really want from the year ahead, and then plan how you are going to get it.

    We have updated and expanded this resource based on feedback from some of the thousands of people who downloaded it last year. (If you were one of those who gave us feedback, thank you. The feedback givewaway winner was DEBBIE BERNA)

    Download your free New Year’s Revolution Toolkit here and start planning to make things different next year.

    I know I need to take this really seriously and put things in place to be less frantic and less overworked, to create space for more adventure, more opportunities, and more fun. I hope you will too!


  4. Do What You Love Interview – Jo Klima (+ free giveaway!)


    This week’s interview is with Jo Klima, an Australian designer and artist who’s passionate about exploring creative projects which support our desire to live a beautiful and authentic life. Jo runs The Darling Tree, an art and design studio in Brisbane, where she spends her days creating stunning websites, custom art and pattern designs for amazing women, businesses and products.

    ProfilePhoto by Carter & Rose Photography

    I was introduced to Jo a while ago and I loved her work so much that I commissioned her to overhaul our branding and website. She’s one of those incredible people who has an uncanny knack of just ‘getting’ what you are trying to communicate and coming up with ideas that truly represent the heart and soul of your brand.

    It’s been a while since our last interview so I thought it would be nice to catch up with Jo and find out about her blossoming business and exciting new product range – leggings for darling legs! Don’t miss her generous giveaway at the end of this interview!

  5. Actions speak louder than words…




  6. Do What You Love interview: Vivienne McMaster


    Today I am delighted to share this interview with Vancouver-based photographer and workshop leader Vivienne McMaster. Vivienne has an incredible talent for capturing authentic beauty, and empowering new photographers to find their voice.  She has a wonderful way with self-portraits, as I learnt in one of her e-courses. I talked to Vivienne about becoming a photographer, the importance of playfulness, and the challenges of running e-courses She also shares her tips for taking beautiful photos.

  7. How will you play today?


  8. Use your hands – Our review of the TEDxBrighton 2014 event

    Last Friday saw the annual TEDxBrighton event take over Brighton Dome to offer a series of inspiring talks from speakers of all backgrounds. From knife-maker to journalist, from Frog Agent to poet and from truffle hunter to novelist, there really was something for everyone!

    This year’s theme was “Many Hands” and it was fascinating to get the speakers’ views on topics like collaboration, consumerism, sharing messages and knowledge, and using our hands. Most importantly, they spoke about their passion for doing what they love, with real genuine passion and we’d like to share some of it with you.


  9. Do What You Love Interview – Amelia Critchlow


    Amelia Critchlow is a Visual Artist living and working in London. After completing an MA in Fine Art in 2012 Amelia went on to open and co-direct ArtLacuna Space in South London. Her work encompasses collage, mixed media, photography and moving image. In this interview she shares an insight into how doing what you love is a requirement of the soul, but how the journey there is not always easy…

    Amelia Portrait 2013

  10. Make time to play today


    “If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~ Bob Basso

    At the weekend I took my little boy to the park. He’s just started walking and he was in his element kicking his way through piles of crisp, colourful autumn leaves. As he giggled with joy I noticed a sweet old lady watching us. “Kids have all the fun don’t they?!” she said. Her words rang so true. As grown ups we’re so busy dashing from one thing to the next, juggling the responsibilities that come with work, family life and social commitments, that it’s easy to lose our sense of fun. 


    We know that play is vitally important for children, but it’s just as important for adults too. According to contemporary American psychiatrist Stuart Brown: “Play energizes us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.”

    When you really think about it, play is just an attitude. An option. A decision you make every time you do anything. Life really can be lighter and more fun if you choose to make it that way. If life has become one big routine for you, or if you find that your days lack joy and laughter, it could be time to change your attitude.

    Need some inspiration? Here are our top 10 tips for living life in the fun lane…