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  1. Introducing The (free) DWYL Guide to Blogging


    Blogging is a fantastic way to publish yourself – to share what you want to say or show, and to establish yourself as an expert on a particular topic. Just the very act of blogging can be a vital part of doing what you love, as it takes research, contemplation and creativity all focused on something you are interested in. Many bloggers have gone on to make a career from what they have blogged about. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded people and share your gifts with the world.

    If you want to have any kind of online business, your blog and social media following will be crucial to your success. Even if you aren’t quite ready to launch that business, it is worth getting going with blogging to establish yourself in your chosen area, and get into the swing of regularly thinking about what you are planning to do.

    Our free guide to blogging can help you do this. It answers the following burning questions that we are frequently asked:

    • How do you actually start
    • How do you make it look lovely?
    • What do you write about?
    • What about images?
    • How do you choose your colours?
    • How do you get more people to read my blog?
    • What other resources are available to help grow my blog?

    It also includes a sample monthly editorial calendar and a special ‘Blog development strategy’ worksheet to help you plan.

    CLICK HERE to download your free copy.

    If you like this resource please feel free to share it with your friends, social media network and your

  2. Why teaching (and art) are actually about sharing what YOU need to hear

    Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jessica Swift for one of our upcoming design courses, and among the many fascinating things she talked about, one thing really stuck with me. I asked her where her paintings and designs – particularly those that feature words – come from, and she said “Actually, they tend to reflect things that I need to hear at that time. And because they come from a very true place, they seem to connect strongly with other people who also need to hear those things.”

    This made me think a lot about the things we share, do, guide and teach here at Do What You Love. Our upcoming flagship course ‘Do What You Love’ is based on many years of pushing boundaries, taking risks, challenging norms and creating a mindset of possibility, combined with making conscious choices and taking action. That really comes from a place of experience, having made lots of mistakes and unexpected turns along the way. But even with something which is at the very heart of who I am, what I believe and how I live my life, every single time we run the course, something in it reminds me of something I need to hear at that very moment.

  3. What’s going to make 2015 amazing for you?


  4. An interview with guest blogger Lara Tabatznik

    Today we’re excited to bring you a Q&A with one of Do What You Love’s new guest bloggers, Lara Tabatznik. Lara is the Founder of 42 Acres, a modern rustic retreat centre, set deep in the hills of Somerset, England. 42 Acres opens in April this year and Lara will curate retreats which focus on healing and transformation. Her unique approach to self-development combines inner and outer work and she hopes it will become a model for social change. 


  5. Do What You Love Interview – Oliver Burkeman


    Author and journalist Oliver Burkeman wants us all to be happier. Or at least less unhappy. Or perhaps just happy-ish if that’s more realistic. Each week in the column he writes for The GuardianThis Column Will Change Your Life, Oliver explores ideas around social psychology, self-help culture, productivity and the science of happiness. 

    For his latest book, The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking, he spoke with psychologists, Buddhists, New Age Dreamers, hard-headed business consultants and other experts to figure out what does work when it comes to being happy. He discovered that what they all have in common is a hunch about human psychology: that in our personal lives and the world at large, it’s our constant efforts to eliminate the negative – that cause us to feel anxious, insecure and unhappy. And that there is an alternative “negative path” to happiness and success that involves embracing the things we spend our lives trying to avoid.

    So, with a fresh new year ahead of us, and our minds open to new ways of thinking, we caught up with Oliver to see what advice he could offer to help us be happier in 2015.


  6. Meet our experts…


    A few months ago we mentioned that we’d be bringing some new guest bloggers on board to share new and interesting perspectives on the subject of Doing What You Love… and here they are!

  7. The power and danger of labels


    Happy New Year! 2015 has dawned crisp and clear, with possibility of adventure and an outlook of hope. We wish you much happiness this year and challenge you to make it your best year yet!

    This week we wrapped up our Winter Writing Workshop with the question ‘How does it feel to call yourself a writer?’ Sometimes giving yourself a label – even if it doesn’t quite fit yet – can be a really powerful way of helping you believe in yourself, whether that means calling yourself a writer, an artist, an athlete or whatever.

    Passion labels can be motivating and confidence-inspiring. But career labels can be dangerous. Here’s why.

  8. New Year Happier You. Begin today.


    A new year brings a sense of new beginnings, of possibility, of the chance to start afresh. So what kind of a year will you make it this year?

    What if 2015 was the year that you became a happier version of yourself? What would that look like, and what would be different? What would have to change to become that version of yourself?

    In our community of tens of thousands of people spread across the world, this is a question that has been asked many, many times. Often the answer lies in a few small but important decisions.

  9. New Year, More Confident You. Begin today.


    If there is one thing nearly all of us could do with more of, it is confidence. Science tells us that few are born confident, so that means confident people have learnt to be confident. Which means you can too. It just takes effort, practice, and more practice.

    Here are some tips:

  10. New Year, Braver You. Begin today.


    I’m going to let you into a secret. I’m afraid every single day. I’m afraid something is going to happen to someone I love. I’m afraid I’ll make some big mistake with the technology we use in our business. I’m afraid I’ll say something stupid, or forget something important (can I still claim baby brain after a year?)

    Sometimes I’m afraid I’m not making the most of every single second of my precious life.

    But – and this is a big ‘but’ – that doesn’t mean I’m not brave. I see those things I am afraid of as indicators of what is important to me. They are like flags, pointing out what I care about – people, professionalism in my business, good communication, making the most of life.

    Instead of being paralysed by that fear, I use it as fuel to drive me forward – to learn more, make better choices, grow my team with specialists who know more than me, use my time more wisely, both day-to-day and across the years.

    Sometimes I use it to dare myself, to just start that conversion, make that call, try that thing out.

    And you can do the same, starting today.