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Bloom true: the e-course’ presents a groundbreaking and transformational approach to painting (and living) that celebrates intuition, connects body, mind and spirit and allows unique and expressive paintings to emerge naturally and authentically.

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Flora’s unique and heart-centered style of teaching has inspired thousands of people to step boldly into a world where art is born with spontaneity and joy. Now the chance to bloom true is available to you wherever in the world you are through this unique online course!

 [Image: Zipporah Lomax]

Brimming with high definition video demonstrations, unique lessons, inspiring prompts, and new techniques, this course will empower even first time painters to unlock their creative flow while gleaning life transforming lessons along the way.  This will be unlike any other online painting e-course out there, and it may just change the way you paint… forever.


“Held and Healed” acrylic on canvas by Flora Bowley

This is a wildly popular course – the last course SOLD OUT – so be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!  

*Please note this is not primarily a course about painting techniques. Although basic instruction regarding tools, color theory, mixing paint, composition, value and layering will be covered, but the intention of this course is to present a holistic approach to life and painting, one that empowers, inspires and encourages you to paint like you (vs. learning to paint just like me).

[Image: Zipporah Lomax]

 About the course

‘Bloom True: the e-course’ will run for five weeks from May 12, 2014, during which time you will see the evolution of two large original paintings from start to finish. Professionally filmed in HD and shot on location in my Portland studio, the course will provide encouraging step-by-step guidance for painting as only YOU can, as you bravely let go of fear, embrace intuition, find your own style and open up to a new world of creative possibilities.

This is an online course with lessons posted daily, Monday-Saturday, for five weeks. The password-protected classroom will be accessible to you 24/7 from anywhere in the world (and for six months after class finishes), so you can dive in whenever it suits you. You don’t need to be online at a specific time so it doesn’t matter what time zone you’re in.


 [Image: Tara Morris]

 Rich content

 More than 20 videos professionally shot in HD, some in real time and some sped up so you can see the paintings coming together

 Daily posts Monday-Saturday for five weeks, including five theory lessons and ten painting sessions

 A series of creative prompts and challenges

 Basic yoga instruction

 Great painting music from Kyrstyn Pixton (accompanying several of the demo videos)

Downloadable audio painting prompts which you can put on your MP3 player and use over and over as you work

 Five in-depth audio interviews with me about my life and career as a painter

 Access to a community of like minded people from across the world

PLUS Six months’ extended classroom access so you can watch the videos and access the lessons as many times as you like

All of the above is available for  £159/approx USD$257.

It could be the most valuable investment you will ever make in your creative life. (Please note materials are not included in the course fee. See this page for details of what you will need for class).

Please note that all the videos are shot in HD and are high quality so you will need a fairly high speed internet connection to view them. We are not able to provide alternative viewing options for people on dial-up or slow connections so please bear this in mind when registering. (If you’re not sure, click on the video at the top of this page – if you can view this you should be fine with the e-course class videos).

Also, please note this is not primarily a course about painting techniques, or replicating an image of what is in front of you. It’s about a holistic approach to life and painting, and is about learning to paint like YOU rather than to paint like me.

This course is for you if:

You want to discover a unique and liberating approach to painting which can translate into all areas of your life.

You want to let go, be bold and unfold in ways you’ve never imagined.

You are prepared to take risks, be brave and trust in this unique and unknown process (awkward “teenage” stages and all).

You are ready to feel the fear of the unknown, but take the leap anyway!

This course is NOT for you if:

You’re looking for a course with specific step-by-step painting techniques/instructions that will lead you to a predictable outcome. Although many techniques will be shared in this course, this is much more about discovering a new intuitive approach to painting rather than following specific guidelines. OK. Just want to be clear on that!

This five-week painting adventure will begin on Monday February 10, 2014, and will run for 5 weeks.

Any questions?  Please take a look at the e-course FAQ page here.

[Image: Tara Morris]

PS. Gift vouchers available! Please email hello [at] braveintuitiveyou [dot] com for details.

Any questions? Please take a look at the e-course FAQ page here.

Want to hear from people who have taken a class with me before? Please read some of their testimonials here.

Want to see what people in the class have painted? View the Bloom True Gallery from a past class online here: part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5