(PS please ignore weird hair and wonky necklace in this video – it was captured at the end of a long day of filming after half the crew had gone home (but kind of captures the essence of embracing imperfection, which I have been doing lately!)

Anyway, hello! I’m thrilled you’re here and interested in The Secret 40 Project…

Get involved in 3 easy steps:

(1) CLICK HERE to answer a quick questionnaire sharing your thoughts about turning 40, and what YOU’D like from this project!

(2) CLICK HERE to join our private Facebook group, introduce yourself and start connecting with other fabulous (soon-to-be / only-just) 40s!

(3) If you want to start thinking about how you can make the most of the year ahead, feel free to CLICK HERE to download yourself a free copy of ‘New Year’s Revolution’ – it’s one of my company’s free resources for making magic happen – would love to hear about your ideas in the Facebook group!  (Note: this project is completely uncommercial and not connected to my work – it’s a personal project but this free resource is handy!)

I can’t wait to ‘meet you’ in the Facebook group and, who knows, perhaps in person in 2017!



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