Do you have any questions?

Please check our FAQ below, and if you do not find what you are looking for please email us at [email protected].

How do I sign up?
Just go to the sign up page and fill in the form.

Do I need to have taken the Do What You Love e-course to participate as an affiliate?
This affiliate programme is aimed at people who have the same values as Do What You Love For Life. We make sure our affiliates share our value and our passion for helping people lead happier lives. You do not need to be a DWYL alumni to be an affiliate but you will have to share our vision and be an inspiration through what you do.

What exactly do I need to share on my blog/newsletter/social media?
The absolute minimum is to share your unique tracking link, preferably linked to text or an image. However, you are much more likely to encourage other people to join the course if you share your personal experience of the course or experience of working with Do What You Love For Life. Take a look at our Promo Toolbox page for promotion ideas.

What kind of things should I write about to promote the course?
Please see our Promo Toolbox page.

How do I find the tracking link I need to use?
Once you have signed up to the affiliate programme it will be emailed to you. Find out more on the Get Started page here.

Do I need to have a Paypal account to participate?
Yes, you do need a Paypal account in order for us to pay your referral fees when they are due. It is free to create an account with Paypal, and it is a secure way of sending and receiving money worldwide.

How much will I be paid for each referral?
You will receive 20% of the advertised purchase price of each sale referred. You can see our full list of prices and fees payable on the Getting Paid page here. If we put our prices up at any point, your fee will also increase as you will still receive a percentage of the higher sale price.

Please note courses are sold in GBP (pounds sterling) and affiliate payments are made in GBP (pounds sterling) via Paypal. The actual equivalent which reaches your Paypal account in your currency will depend on the Paypal exchange rate on the day of payment.

You will be responsible for any Paypal fees arising from the sending of the affiliate fees to you. Please also note that we do not offer affiliate payments on alumni sales or special discounts we may offer from time to time.

How do I find out how many people have clicked on my link?
All the information about your affiliate activities, including how many people have clicked on your link can be found in your account. Log in by using your username and password provided by email when you signed up.

How do I find out how much I am owed?
Information about how much income your link has generated, how much you have been paid and how much you are owed can be found in your account. Log in by using your username and password.

When will I get paid?
All payments due will be made on a quarterly basis. You can find out the next course dates and payment dates on the course pages.

What if a friend signs up but forgot to use my link? Do I still get paid?
Unfortunately, no. You will only be credited with sales generated via your unique tracking link. See our terms and conditions for details.

Can I sign up and retake the course with my affiliate link?
If you are an alumni, you are welcome to retake the course but you will not be paid an affiliate fee for your own course purchase. We do offer an alumni rate for the course if you are retaking it. Please drop us an email at [email protected] if you want to retake the course as an alumni. No affiliate fees are paid on alumni registrations.