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We get asked a ton of questions about what it’s really like to put an online course together. So as we put the finishing touches on our brand new course ‘Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-course Creation Masterclass’ (launching February 29), I wanted to give you a peek behind-the-scenes of. What does it actually look like when we are in full production mode?

Well, to some extent it depends on whether I am creating and teaching the course myself, or whether I am producing it for someone else (I have done both, many times!) For the purposes of the E-course Creation Masterclass, I have styled myself as your virtual producer, offering the tools, questions, tech advice, moral support and everything else I give my collaborators. The stages of production go something like this:

  • Clarity on who the course is for and what they need
  • Understanding of what change we are promising with the course
  • Building of a skeleton curriculum to facilitate that change
  • Fleshing out the content and organising it in a logical, powerful and effective way
  • Creating the content (video, audio, text, images, worksheets etc)

DWYL filming 3

Of course that is just the creation of the class. We also have to create a marketing strategy, price the course, ensure we stand out from the competition, set ourselves up to sell it online, launch it, deliver it, support the students as they go through it, get feedback and then do it all over again…

The truth is, a whole lot goes into an e-course that sells. So much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming, which is probably why so many people never actually get their course out into the world. But with this new Masterclass you’ll have me by your side as your virtual producer every step of the way, and you’ll be able to ask me anything directly in a series of special Mastermind Weeks I will host in our private online community space throughout the year. So now there are no excuses! Get ready to reach, teach and profit.