On set recording our new course, ‘Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-Course Creation Masterclass’ last week


Just a few days ago I got an email from someone who has taken five of our online courses, which made me proud and happy… and angry. It went like this:

“This is a slightly random email, I just wanted to contact you after recently signing up to take part in an online course for start up businesses. I have previously completed (five of your courses) so I felt like I knew what I was doing with ecourse studying.  Anyway, after starting and not completing this ‘start-up’ course with another provider I felt like I just had to tell you how amazing your courses really are.  You have set the bar extremely high. I can only say I was disappointed at the way I have found this other ecourse was set up and run. In retrospect it is because of how well you have developed your courses, the content, management and interaction with your online community is second to none. Keep up the good work, you are helping people reflect on their lives and grow in their personal and professional lives. I will always be incredibly grateful I found your website and took part in your courses.”

On one hand, these kind words make me proud of our team, and the effort we put in to make our online courses powerful and effective. But these words also make me mad. I get cross and frustrated when I see that there are so many people out there teaching online courses that don’t work, are poorly or hastily put together, or are created with the sole intention of making some fast money.

Apart from being unfair on their students, those teachers are being unfair on themselves. Because teaching online is a brilliant opportunity to build your authority and reputation, to reach a global audience, and to make a real impact in people’s lives, while creating a flexible worklife and potentially hugely lucrative income stream for yourself, IF you do it right. Teaching the right course in the right way makes all the difference.

Pretty much every week, someone approaches us to produce an e-course for them. Much as we love collaborating, we have some really exciting things on the horizon, so the answer these days is very often “Sorry, but no.” Pretty much every day we get questions about how to create online courses that sell, with people wanting to pick our brains about their latest idea. In an ideal world I’d love to sit down with each and every one of them and chat through their ideas. But the reality is, these days I work about 20-25 hours a week, so it’s just not possible.


Interviewing the hugely talented Craig McDougall of Broken Physics for tips on video content

However, I do have a burning desire to help more people get their ideas, knowledge and expertise out into the world by teaching online. WHY?

  • Because it is a brilliant way to do what you love
  • Because it allows you to inspire others to do what they love
  • Because it can generate significant income, allowing you to live a more flexible lifestyle and be master of your own time, so you can do more of what is important to you
  • Because every single one of us has something to offer and share, and the world needs more alternative learning opportunities outside of the formal systems

So what is a girl to do? My solution is to put everything I know about creating online courses (which, after over five years in the game, is a fair bit), and put it into a masterclass so you can do it too.

Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-Course Creation Masterclass will be released on February 29.

If you want to start teaching online, hop on the waiting list to get an early bird discount when it is released.   



While you are waiting for the course to be released, I’d love to know what has so far stopped you from teaching online. Or if you are already teaching online, what do you think is missing from your current offerings? Please take our very short survey HERE to help us make sure we cover EVERYTHING you need in this upcoming masterclass.

THE GIVEAWAY PRIZE: One person who responds to the survey by Friday 5 February will win a free place on the course when it is released at the end of the month*.


If you want to know why I’m in the kitchen whipping up a sponge cake, you’ll just have to join us to find out!

Teaching is an honour, and guiding people through personal growth, creative exploration and career development is an incredibly rewarding thing to do. I hope you will take the leap to share your gifts with the world this year, and allow us to hold your hand as you make the jump. Get yourself on that list now, and take the first step.


*Prize non-transferable, no cash alternative available.