When was the last time you asked yourself this important question…

Do you just want to make a living or could you also make an impact?

As we prepare to release ‘Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-course Creation Masterclass’ next week, we have been reflecting on this question a lot, as it is one of the main reasons we took our business down the exciting road of online teaching.

As soon as you put your online course out in the world you become a teacher and a guide. You can approach teaching as simply a way to make a living, or you can approach it as a way to make an impact. Choosing to make an impact is more rewarding, more sustainable, and in the long run more important. It will also result in a better, deeper, richer experience for your students. But it takes leadership, purposeful effort, risk, sacrifice and commitment.

Take a moment to think about how you could turn how you make into a living into something that could also make an impact. What could you teach that would make a difference? And what you are prepared to bring to the table to make your course a success?

By the way, I should add there is nothing wrong with wanting to make a living from teaching online. We do it, and many of our friends and colleagues do it. In fact, just recently a chat with a friend turned into a ‘$100,000 conversation’, enabling her to make a difference in the lives of a lot of people with an idea she had. You can hear me talk a little more about that here:

Please take a few minutes today to ask yourself this question, because it changes everything. Do you just want to make a living or could you also make an impact?

If you want to learn more about teaching online, hop on the Masterclass waiting list here. I’ll be back next Monday to launch this new course and bring you a special early bird discount!

Until then,