You know, I often think about you. As I sit at my computer deciding what to talk about each week, steaming cup of tea at my side, I wonder how you are. I wonder what the weather’s like where you are. I wonder if you’ve had a good day, or a hard day. I wonder if you have found time to chat to your friends lately. I wonder if you have worked on your dreams lately. I think about all this before I start penning my letters to you each week, without really knowing the answers, but also hoping that I say something that will connect with you, and support you, for the week ahead.

Cafe shot

This past year I have had the privilege of talking directly to hundreds of you in the process of researching my book ‘Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.’ which will be published next year. In doing so I discovered some fascinating commonalities and patterns. I’ll be sharing more about these in the coming weeks, but one of the best things about the research was that I learnt more about the people who read my letters – people who I think are probably a lot like you (and if you were one of them, an extra big thank you!)

The people I talked to were lovely. They were kind and thoughtful. They were at various stages along their journeys towards doing what they love, but each of them had faced some kind of challenge, heartache and pain, whilst also experiencing proud moments, small triumphs, major leaps forward. And therein lies the human experience. It’s in the doing, in the feeling, in the noticing, in the becoming. And I want to take a moment to recognise that – all that you have done and felt and noticed and become this past year. Thank you for that. The world needs people who do that.

And I want to thank you for being my inspiration. I am hugely grateful that I get to teach and produce online courses that really make a difference in people’s lives, that I get to share my ideas with people who get it, and sometimes make them think differently along the way. It is a wonderful job, and I am grateful for it.

As a token of this gratitude, my team and I decided we wanted to offer two of our most popular courses at a massive discount in our special Thanksgiving sale – over 80% OFF! This ends on Monday, so be sure to book your place now! (Click here for the ‘Do What You Love e-course‘ and here for ‘Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-course Creation Masterclass.’

Hope to see you in class (whether for the first time, or back again for more!)

Thank you for keeping on going, holding onto those dreams