Last March I got on a train to London, to get myself some inspiration at Hay House’s flagship event ‘Ignite’. It was a fairly straightforward journey – one train ride to Waterloo Station, then a quick hop on the Northern line of the Underground to Euston.

I took along my then eight month old baby in her pushchair, which suddenly seemed like a really bad idea when I realised London Waterloo has a very steep escalator down to the Underground, and no working lift. As I approached the top of the moving stairway wondering how on earth I was going to get us down safely, at the exact same moment three friendly-looking women approached. You know the kind – a small group of friends happily chattering away, all clutching takeaway coffees, with glossy hair and lovely bright clothes, the kind you see and want to be friends with. Yes, three women like that. All three of them turned to me at the same time and said, “You want a hand?” Ahh bless, they were nice as well! “We’re all mums. We know what it’s like.”

And so with a series of swift moves, one was holding all the coffees, one all the handbags and the other two of us holding onto my precious cargo as the steps carried us down into the belly of the Tube.

“You look like you’re having a day out,” I guessed. “Where are you off to?”

“We’re going to an event,” the one with the shiny brown bob said. “Near Euston station.”

“Not ‘Ignite’ by any chance?”

“Yes!” “No way, me too!”

Over 250,000 people pass through Waterloo every day. I met the three who were going to the same place as me, on the other side of the city.

And so we travelled across London together, nattering fast, learning about what each of us did, and why we had all been drawn to ‘Ignite’.


Those lovely ladies were Sam Reynolds, former PA to Daniel Craig, and three-time cancer survivor who runs SamSpaces, a network for people finding their way after cancer, Caroline Udall (founder of The Company of Mums – check out her fab vlog), Jo Ferrone, founder of Wrapped Up Admin (a team of working mums who provide admin, sales & marketing support to small businesses.)

We had much in common and have stayed in touch. In fact, I was so blown away by Sam’s story that I ended up interviewing Sam for my book, Freedom Seeker, and was wholly moved by her strength and light.

And then there was the event itself. I was so inspired by the speakers – all Hay House authors – not just by what they were saying, but the way that they spoke. They told their stories with such power, and touched everyone in the room.

And so it is with so much gratitude and excitement that I can say I’m going to be on that very stage in just a few weeks’ time! Ignite is back and I’m going to be joining six other speakers, many of whom have been a huge inspiration in my personal journey. They are leading lights in the fields of spirituality and personal development – Sonia Choquette, Rebecca Campbell, Carrie Green, Charlie Morley, Sandy Newbigging and Mel Wells. What a day it’s going to be!

I would LOVE to see you there! I’ll be talking all about Freedom Seeking: How to live more, worry less and do what you love. You can register for Ignite 2017 here.

It is in flying free that we fulfil our true potential, and in this talk I’ll reveal how to escape the pressures of modern life, and find the keys to living the life you want. I will share highly relatable and moving personal stories to illustrate the gifts of freedom seeking, and a number of simple but powerful techniques to help you unlock a deep sense of personal freedom. As you begin to use these in your daily life, you will immediately feel more uplifted, happy and free.

The event is on March 18th, and although it’s a couple of weeks before my book is officially published, rumour has it that there will be early copies for my first ever book signing! Which means, I get to meet YOU and hear about your own journey of freedom seeking too. So if you can be in London on March 18th, please come, and gift yourself a thought-provoking, perspective-shifting, inspiring day of talks. (PS May I politely suggest you take the Tube to get there, you never know who you might meet…)

You see, it’s all about people. Love and people. Real love and the right kind of people.

Much love,