This post is written by Louise Gale, a member of the Do What You Love Team and British mixed media artist who spends her days creating, running creative workshops and assisting other creative souls with their businesses. 

You have probably heard the term dream board (or vision board or vision map) many times before as it’s a wonderful tool for manifesting your desires.

A dream board is basically a board — of any size — onto which you collage pictures, words and other items that inspire you. The idea is to help you clarify and maintain focus on a specific life goal by creating a picture — a vision — of what you want to attract into your life. It could be a place you’d like to visit or live, changes you’d like to make to your relationship, work environment, home life or career, or on a mental, physical or emotional level, how you’d like to think, act and feel.

Why are dream boards important?

A dream board serves as your image of the future — a tangible example, idea or representation of where you are going, your dreams, goals, and vision for your ideal life. In today’s modern world we spend so much time rushing around, being distracted by technology and generally looking to the outside world rather than into ourselves, that it’s easy to forget who we are and where we are going. Creating a dream board is a great way to reconnect with your true, authentic self and get clear on what you really want from life.

dream board Louise Gale

This was the dream board I created for 2016. Images have a greater impact on the subconscious mind than words but words trigger a more emotional response so I use a combination of both.

Do dream boards really work?

Absolutely! I have harnessed the power of these beauties many times over. In fact, they have helped me:

– to leave my job and reconnect with a creative life I desperately craved (201o)

– to manifest a move to a home with studio space (2011)

– to start living a simpler life (2012)

– to overhaul my life completely and move to Spain (2013)

– to focus more on how I want to feel in my life, to slow the pace and to find the money to make a trip to Morocco (2014)

– to reconnect with nature, spend more time creating and enjoy my life by the sea (2015)

– to nurture my mind, body and soul (2016)

Now my boards are all about how I want to feel and the life I want to lead rather than specific goals I want to achieve.

The great thing about dream boards is that each one is unique and special to you. Our lives are constantly evolving, and so are our goals and dreams so creating new boards on a regular basis is a fantastic way to keep focused on what you really want. I keep all my boards close by as there are still things manifesting on some of them.

A Full Moon dream board to help you harness the power of NOW!

Many people create a dream board at the start of a new year, or when they are focusing on a specific event or life goal (such as getting married, moving home, or changing careers) and this is a great way to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to manifest. In addition to a yearly board, I also like to create ‘Full Moon Mandala Dream boards’, which are circular collages that draw on the power of the Full Moon each month to help me dream bigger, be more creative, and attract new people, experiences and opportunities into my life. They are a lot of fun to make too!

Every phase of the Moon creates a certain energy which affects us, and everything on Earth. Like the Moon, we too move through phases and by creating a Full Moon Mandala between the New and Full Moon, we are using its power to gather, grow, learn and get focussed for the weeks ahead.

The New Moon (28 January ’17) is a time to begin new things and be spontaneous, optimistic, and hopeful. It’s the perfect time to start gathering inspirational images and words to create your board.

Waxing Moon – (right now!) is the time during which the moon goes from new to full and it’s about building, accomplishments, creativity, strength, growth and learning, and positive transformation. It’s the ideal time to create your own Full Moon dream board.

The Full Moon (10 February ’17) is a time for fruition and fulfilment so it’s a great time to unveil your board and put it up where you can see it often.

Here’s how to do it…

Louise Gale Dreamboard_Aug13My full moon mandala dream board

Materials you will need…

  • Thick card or a poster board of any size
  • A variety of magazines (you never know where inspiration will strike!)
  • A photograph of yourself (smiling/looking happy)
  • Glue – I use acrylic medium or modge podge (I use these in my mixed media creations and I find they don’t ripple the pages like elmers does and it lasts longer than a regular glue stick)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Music – something restful to help your mind be quiet and open. I like soft classical or spa music without singing so I don’t get distracted by the words
  • White sage, candle or incense (optional)
Your Awesome Year Workshop

Before you begin, follow a simple ritual to centre yourself:

  • Find a space where you won’t be interrupted. Or plan an dream board event with family and friends and be creative together!
  • Burn some white sage to purify the air and cleanse the environment around you. If you don’t have sage, burn a white candle or incense instead.
  • Put on some uplifting or relaxing music and breathe deeply. Centre yourself.
  • Set your intentions by asking, ‘what do I want from this?’
  • Close your eyes, focus on what you would like to invite into your life and ask the universe to support you for your highest good.

visionboard collectingCollecting for my dream board

Create your dream board in 5 easy steps…

  1. Sift through your magazines and start collecting images and words that resonate with you (don’t glue anything yet!). Don’t rush, this is a powerful exercise to attract your visions. Then grab the images and words you have collected.
  2. Start laying your images out on your board. This is highly intuitive part of the exercise so feel free to move them about, and take out ones that no longer feel right. You may see a theme starting to emerge.
  3. Next position the photo of yourself right in the centre showing how happy you’ll be when all these things you’re dreaming about start happening.
  4. When you are ready, glue your images and words onto the board and draw pictures/write additional words on too.
  5. When you feel you have completed your board, hang it somewhere where you can see it every day, like the bedroom so you see it as soon as you wake up.

Other types of dream board

I have created many different types of dream boards over the years. The three I use most often are:

1. The inviting, allowing and opening up to the Universe board

Create this dream board if…

  • You are not sure what you want
  • You need to lift your spirits after feeling lost, down or uncertain about life
  • You want to make a change but you’re just not sure what, or how to go about it

How to create your board:
Start to go through your magazines and simply tear out images that speak to you, don’t ask why, just enjoy collecting images and words that you’re drawn to. Once you’ve finished, look through and ask yourself what this image or word might mean for you. If you are not 10o per cent sure, but really like the image or word that’s okay, put it onto your board. Look at your board and ask yourself what messages it’s giving you. The answers to your questions will present themselves soon enough if you let your heart and intuition guide you.

2. The “I know what I want from my life” board

Create this vision board if….

  • You know what you want to invite into your life
  • You are ready and willing to change your current situation, environment or circumstances

How to create your board:
Go through your magazines and look specifically for images and words you know you want to manifest or bring into your life. For example, if you long to live in the country, own a dog and grow your own vegetables look for images of your dream country house, a dog you’d love, and fresh vegetables, etc.

3. The themed vision

Create this vision board if:

  • There is a particular area of your life that you are looking to work on – like your career, health, relationship, etc.
  • You are starting a new creative project, redecorating your home, or buying new clothes and want inspiration, clarity and focus
  • You are planning a big event like a wedding, party or holiday

How to create your board:
Go through your magazines and choose images and words that align with the vision you are trying to create. For example, let’s say, I want to makeover my balcony so it looks beautiful all year round, creating a themed board – also called a mood board – is a great way to gather inspiration and spark ideas. Pinterest is great for this.  You can also inject an extra tactile element by adding physical objects (like photos, objects from the garden, textured materials, and colour swatches) to your physical board so it becomes a piece of mixed media art, and starts to tell a richer more detailed story.

It’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong way to create a dream board. Just go with your instincts and be open. You may be surprised by what comes as a result! I hope you enjoy creating your boards as much as I do and that you begin to see the power of them as your dreams start coming to life.

You can find more information on full moon phases, mandalas and dream boards here.


Louise Gale profileLouise Gale is a British mixed media artist, with a passion for colour, nature and mandala making.  She spends her days creating, running creative workshops and assisting other creative souls with their businesses. Louise is also a member of the Do What You Love Team.

Louise spent 8 years living the USA, just outside of New York City where she found the courage to leave her windowless office corporate job and pursue a life filled with more creativity and freedom.

Her artwork has been featured in The New York Times, Amulet Magazine, and Inc. Magazine amongst many other books and publications. Louise is also one of the co-authors of “Mandala for the Inspired Artist: Working with paint, paper, and texture to create expressive mandala art” (Walter Foster) published in 2016.

Connect with Louise via her websiteInstagram or Facebook.