I have never been as nervous about writing a post for you as I am today. Why? Because after seven years of helping creative people like you share their souls with the world, it’s now my turn.

I wrote a book, and it’s ready.

It’s called ‘Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

And it might just change your life.

How do I know? Because it has completely changed mine.

You see, it’s not just any book. It’s a book about one of the most important quests we can ever undertake – the quest to feel free.

The only way I could write this book was to live it – to recognize that somewhere along the line I had gone wrong, and I had built a life that was actually trapping me.

That’s kind of hard to admit when your company is called ‘Do What You Love’, but like so many of us I got lost in the everyday busy-ness, the overwhelming workload, the many competing demands for my time and attention, and I completely lost any sense of who I really was.

I had to find a way to escape the cage I had built, and learn how to fly again. In doing so I realised that feeling free is the Holy Grail.

Freedom Seeker is an invitation to seek freedom in every corner of your life.

It’s about living more, worrying less and finding a way to do what you love every day.

It sounds simple, and in some ways it is, but when you are trapped in a cage with broken wings, freedom can seem like a far away deeply buried treasure. I know, because I’ve been there.

My personal story isn’t a dramatic one of hitting rock bottom. That’s not how it happened. Mine is one of a slow ebbing of joy from my days, of stemming that flow and finding myself again, the present-day version of me, in love with the life I’ve got.

In Freedom Seeker I also share the stories of people whose cage doors have been slammed in their faces, the darkness pushing them right to the edge, before they had no choice but escape. Theirs are high- velocity, adrenalin-pumping truths about how freedom seeking saved their lives.

Deep down we all know that freedom is a choice and a human right. Yet millions of us don’t feel that truth. We feel trapped by our circumstances, relationships, social pressures, financial status and education. Caged by our expectations of ourselves, and others’ expectations of us, and by our beliefs, doubts and fears.

We allow ourselves to be held back from living our fullest lives. Individually it is heartbreaking. Collectively it is a colossal waste of potential. Together we are going to change this. In finding the courage and confidence to escape our cages and shine, we will help others do the same.

It is with equal measures of trepidation and pleasure that I can say those words you never really think you’ll hear yourself say:
“My book, Freedom Seeker, is available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and from all good bookstores!”

I have lived every page of this book. In the writing of it I have danced and tumbled, laughed and crumbled, cried, shrunk, grown, travelled thousands of miles, talked to strangers, looked deep inside myself and rediscovered my own stories. I have centred myself and fallen apart, many times over.

I have screamed at the noise and revelled in the silence. I have followed the sun, howled at the moon, and sent thanks to the stars. I have talked to hundreds of women and a good number of men who have shared stories I will never forget.

I hope I have gathered the best of it all, the most powerful lessons and inspiring tales to show that if I can do it, and they can do it, then you too can do it.

The writing of this book has made me feel more deeply connected, vital and alive than I have in years.

I hope in reading it, and in the living of it, you too find a way to inhale the magic and mystery and beauty of your own life, and finally feel truly free.
Please, buy Freedom Seeker and read it, because if it does for you what it has done for me, it will be the one of the best investments you ever make.

And if you have a friend who is feeling trapped, stuck, lost in the greyness, get a copy for them. It would be a precious gift indeed.

Let’s set out on this journey together…

With gratitude and much love


PS You can get some lovely bonuses if you pre-order Freedom Seeker before February 23. You can find out more here and claim yours right away. (And if you have already pre-ordered your copy, thank you! You can claim your bonuses by filling in the quick form here)

PPS Over the coming months I will be creating a host of opportunities for us to talk about freedom seeking, and share the journey – with Facebook Lives, events, features, podcasts and all sorts. But the first step is to read the book, then to apply the tools in your own life, and see how much more free you feel right away.