When I started writing Freedom Seeker, I was writing it for myself. I was writing myself free. In the process I understood that I was writing this book for you. But the truth is I never thought beyond the English language, until my wonderful agent Caroline Hardman of Hardman & Swainson told me that an Italian publisher (Corbaccio) and a German publisher (Allegria/Ullstein) wanted to buy the rights for their respective languages. This opened up whole new possibilities, and I love the idea of my words going out into the world to be read in other languages. As someone who has a Master’s degree in Interpreting & Translating, I’ve always been fascinated by the way words are communicated against the background of cultural and linguistic settings, knowing that the most important thing is to communicate the concept in a way that it has the same impact on the reader, rather than making sure the words are the same (not to mention how different the covers are!) And so I am thrilled to share that Freedom Seeker is now available in Italian and German, and I would love to hear your thoughts about it if you read it in either of those languages. (PS More languages coming soon!)