If you take a moment to reflect on your journey so far, have you lived out your life on the path you thought was right for you back when you left school? If so, you are not alone. So many of us have the experience of recognising what we are good at, and what brings in the money, and following some version of that path in the hope that it is a route to happiness. And that’s fine if it works out.

But what happens when you get all the things you thought you wanted – the business card, the flash car, the beautiful home and have cash left over for fun… but don’t feel happy? What if you’re left craving something more?

If this sounds like you, you need to meet my guest on this week’s podcast episode, Ruth Anslow, a woman who quit her Global Marketing Manager career to unveil a purpose-rich life as a social entrepreneur. It was a difficult road, but she discovered her true path and is here to share tips with you in discovering yours. LISTEN HERE (and if you know someone who needs to hear this, please forward it to them!)

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Key Moments:

[2m 25s] Ruth shares how she is transforming the food industry and the social mission she is working on

[3m 30s] Why Ruth is so motivated to solve societal problems, and why you should work for what you’re passionate about

[5m 30s] The challenges Ruth has been up against in taking on such a strong industry, and how she deals with people thinking her mission is nuts

[7m 0s] Why you should start a community before you open a brick and mortar shop

[9m 0s] The confidence that comes from seeing the community you have built rally around the cause you’re fighting for

[9m 30s] How the people you need to build your business will be attracted to the energy you put out, if you’re not afraid to ask for help

[11m 0s] Ruth tells us why she has been outside her comfort zone for the last 10 years and wouldn’t swap it for the world

[11m 35s] Ruth reflects on where her innate “dream big” attitude has come from and how the vision for her future has quickly become a reality

[14m 0s] The crucial moment Ruth realised she had built a life she didn’t want

[15m 0s] The strategy Ruth took to discover who it was she really wanted to be, and what purpose she wanted to work for

[16m 0s] How Ruth came to quit her highly paid, Global Marketing Manager career to become a social entrepreneur

[20m 10s] Why and how Ruth set up business with her sister Amy

[24m 0s] How Anita Roddick’s legacy came to be Ruth and Amy’s inspiration in starting a business together

[26m 0s] The challenges that can come with working alongside a family member and the support they have had with their communication

[28m 55s] How HiSbe the supermarket physically came to existence

[30m 0s] Why Brighton, UK was the most suitable option for Ruth and her sister Amy to open their first supermarket

[33m 30s] Ruth explains how they’ve gone from a team of 3 balancing responsibilities to a team of 11 operating the store

[35m 0s] Ruth’s dream for her future

[36m0s] How do you know if now is the right time to start?