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Q: Can I really ‘learn’ how to be happy?

Being happy is a mindset and an approach to life. Personally I believe it’s what happens when you forget about trying to be happy and instead focus on feeling free – which is all about finding a path which is true to you. And that is something you absolutely can learn.

Q: I really want to get organized but I don’t have the time to stop and do it…

We are all busy, but the problem is that many of us are busy with the wrong things. This course is designed to fit around your commitments, while helping you see them through fresh eyes so you have the clarity and confidence to ditch whatever doesn’t serve you. Ultimately, the time you spend on this course will come back to you in spades, when you apply the tools to the rest of your life and save countless hours in the future.

Q: Is this an online version of the book ‘Freedom Seeker’?

No, not at all. It is complementary in terms of philosophy, but the content is completely different. Whereas Freedom Seeker gives you the tools to understand what you want, emotionally commit to it, and map out the road ahead, this course is your guide for making it happen. ‘How to be Happy (Calm, Organized + Focused)’ will give you the clarity and quiet confidence you need to give wings to your dreams. It will help you clear out the clutter in your life – both physically and metaphorically – so you can put your energy into what really matters.

Q: How is this different from the Do What You Love e-course?

‘Do What You Love’ is about discovering your passion and finding a way to either make it pay (as a business or a new career choice), or to weave it into your everyday life. The focus is on passion and meaning, and the course dives deep into discovering who you are and what makes you tick. ‘How to be Happy’ is all about clearing the way to make space for what matters. It might be that you already know what to pursue and want to make that a priority, or it might be that you have no idea what you want to do, yet realise you need to make some space in order to get that clarity. The courses complement each other and can be taken in any order.

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