Join our Founder for a transformational one day workshop

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As we edge closer to the last quarter of 2017, how are you feeling about how the year has turned out? A lot has happened in the world, both difficult and good. I wonder if 2017 has turned out how you hoped, or not?
I get the sense from many of you in our community that 2017 has been a challenging year, and so I have decided to offer some in-person workshops to help make 2018 different.
This workshop is for you if…
• You feel like you are at a crossroads and unsure of what to do next
• You are feeling trapped, overwhelmed with too much to do, all the while watching your dreams drift further away
• You have forgotten what your dreams actually look like, and want some inspiration and guidance
• You want to reconnect with what really matters, and do it in a safe space with like-minded people
This workshop has been specifically designed to help you:
• Realign to what really matters
• Understand what’s holding you back, and how to escape that and fly free
• Navigate what lies ahead (because the path to your dreams is rarely the easy road)
I rarely offer small group workshops, but felt called to do this and I would love for you to be part of this transformational experience.
We are offering two dates for 2017:
SUNDAY OCTOBER 1 IN TOTNES, DEVON, UK (hosted by Living Now Events)
CLICK HERE to book (and use the code LivingNow at checkout for a 20% discount)
SATURDAY OCTOBER 7 IN LONDON, UK (hosted by Alternatives)
CLICK HERE to book
I really hope you will join me, or pass this on to someone who needs it.
Much love