• Do you ever find yourself going round and round in circles trying to figure things out?
  • Do those around you think you are crazy/selfish/going through a midlife crisis when you tell them you want to quit your corporate job to do what you love?
  • Wouldn’t it be good to talk to some people who get it?
  • Are you terrified of the unknown and in need of reassuring voices and smiles of encouragement?


For many reasons it might be difficult for the people who are closest to you to support you the way you need. Sometimes they just don’t get it and you need to find encouragement elsewhere. Support is extremely important when you are thinking of changing fundamental things in your life or business and you need to surround yourself with people who can not only understand you but give you useful advice and connections.The Do What You Love community is an incredible group of men and women in 70+ countries around the world who are doing brave things, making big changes and supporting each other along the way. This is your tribe.


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