We’re really proud to have won some prestigious awards and been featured in publications across the UK, US and Japan. Our founder Beth Kempton has been invited to sit on panels and speak at events, and her writing and photography has been published internationally – you can download some of her articles below.


Beth is recognised as one of the UK’s top young female entrepreneurs, having been chosen as one of Marie Claire Magazine’s most inspiring young female entrepreneurs in 2011; a finalist in the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year awards in 2012, selected as one of Yorkshire’s top 42 entrepreneurs under 42 in 2013; and winning the Mumpreneur UK Bronze website award in 2014. She is a Founder Member of the Advisory Panel of the Beyond Sport Global Awards, created by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and has sat on several advisory committees for government and charitable bodies. She is also a previous winner of the Sir Peter Parker Awards for Spoken Business Japanese, and offers the ‘Enterprise and Initiative Award’ to inspire young entrepreneurs at her alma mater.


Recent Events

Beth was recently on the panel for the second in the series of Barclays Debates focused on youth employability, ‘Is ‘do what you love’ a dangerous modern myth?’. Here are the highlights from the lively debate.

[showframe src=”https://www.media.barclays.co.uk/player/?id=164182-7487257&enablesharing=y&width=604&height=340″ width=”604″ height=”340″]

Beth was also on the panel for a workshop, ‘Building your business from scratch: everything you need to know’, at the Mumsnet Workfest event in May 2015.

She also recently hosted our very own Alchemy webinar series, which you can access for free here.


Beth is no stranger to media, having first appeared on TV at the age of 7, and having hosted her own TV show in Japan.

She has featured in both UK and international publications including:


And our Do What You Love e-courses have featured in some much-loved magazines:


Beth has written for some inspiring creative magazines and online publications and has been featured on many leading blogs.

You can download PDF copies of some of her articles here:

Going on a creative retreat changed my life (Mingle, Autumn 2011)


The soulful way (Where Women Create Business, Winter 2013)


Your WHO: choosing your people before creating a product or service (Where Women Create Business, summer 2013)


Your WHAT: defining your products and services based on who you are serving (Where Women Create Business, Winter 2014)


Defining your HOW: defining the culture of your business by HOW you conduct your business (Where Women Create Business, Spring 2014)


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