Reach, Teach, Profit: The E-course Creation Masterclass

Teach anything from anywhere. Make money. Change the world.

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Want to share your knowledge, expertise and passion with a global audience?

Want to earn money 24/7, and work from wherever you like?

Turn your genius into a powerful and lucrative online course with Reach. Teach. Profit. The E-Course Creation Masterclass.

The global pandemic changed the face of online learning, bringing hundreds of millions more users online to access knowledge, expertise, inspiration and community. This course has been fully updated to address both huge opportunity of this rapidly growing market, and the challenges of standing out amongst ever-increasing competition of our pandemic-affected world.

In a year that many people had their lives turned upside down, saw their incomes drop off a cliff, lost their jobs or were forced to switch careers, we have never been more grateful to have a flourishing online business. We have had our best year ever in 2020, with over 30,000 course registrations, and we put this down to a combination of factors including:

  • A seismic shift in the number of people desperate to do something more meaningful and creative with their lives
  • A move away from relying on ‘stable’ jobs (especially after so many people have been furloughed and made redundant as a result of the pandemic)
  • A longing for genuine community
  • The quality of our established courses – they really work and our student testimonials and their demonstrable results prove it
  • Our ability to be nimble and agile in the face of change, based on our established business model

All this has been a huge relief, and I want this for you, which is why we have fully updated this course to reflect the new opportunities – and the new challenges – of creating effective, lucrative, life-changing courses in the wake of a global pandemic.

Teaching online allows you to work flexibly, be location independent, generate significant income, and most importantly make a real difference in the world. It allows you to be more self-reliant in the face of uncertainty, and be confident in the knowledge that you are master of your own time and livelihood.

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We will help you to discover what online course YOU could be sharing with the world, and show you how to make it wildly successful, and make yourself proud. And if it’s technology you’re worried about, we’ve got you covered. The main focus of the course is helping you conceptualise, develop and deliver a fantastic, lucrative online course, and this includes three sections related to technology explaining:

(1) options for media and format (video/audio/text/imagery etc and live vs pre-recorded etc)

(2) options for classroom creation (from a bespoke classroom on a WordPress website through to third-party hosted websites, and virtually zero cost delivery via Zoom and Facebook etc) including guidance on how to brief a website designer/developer to get the classroom that you want

(3) the use of social media and newsletters etc within your promo plan. We also have an extensive list of resources pointing you in the direction of our recommended software etc. and many real life samples of how we use technology within our own courses

I have produced more than thirty life-changing courses worth millions of dollars, as well as e-book resources, podcasts and members’ clubs. I have poured all that experience into this class, which will make you see your course in the context of a wider sustainable business and establish you as an authority in your field. Graduates of this course have created valuable new income streams for themselves with e-courses on subjects ranging from creative living and life coaching to physical rehabilitation, from building outdoor classrooms for children, to financing college and launching social enterprises. Reach Teach Profit works for any kind of online course, and any kind of content.

I will be with you every step of the way. Consider me your virtual producer! I will guide you through the creation, release and delivery of your very own online course.

Teaching online can be a gateway to freedom. Share what you know, make money and change the world with Reach Teach Profit: The E-course Creation Masterclass.

Register now and begin creating your course today.

I can’t wait for you to dive in.

Beth Xx

Beth Kempton, Founder, Do What You Love

Module 1: Concept + Curriculum

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Module 2: Content + Delivery

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Module 3: Technical + Practical

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Module 4: Promotion + Engagement

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