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The I AM A WRITER bundle includes the following 4 courses

Breathe Write Repeat LWH SQ 3 1

Breathe Write Repeat

Do What You Love: the life-changing e-course DWYL 11 2

Do What You Love: the life-changing e-course

Excavate Your Life: A rich and juicy hybrid writing/personal development experience 1 7 WARRIOR 4 ZOLTAN TASI

Excavate Your Life: A rich and juicy hybrid writing/personal development experience

Personalised, signed copy of The Way of the Fearless Writer (including wrapping and shipping) BK Sept 22 Fearless 6SQ

Personalised, signed copy of The Way of the Fearless Writer (including wrapping and shipping)

Breathe Write Repeat

*New for 2023!* A virtual writing retreat tailored to your needs by bestselling author Beth Kempton.

Breathe. Write. Repeat. It sounds simple, and it is, but it can be challenging when our days are flooded with noise from the everyday world. Carving out time and space to dive deep in our writing, can have a profound effect on what we write, and how we write and that’s what this virtual writing retreat is for.

Designed to be flexible around your schedule – this virtual writing retreat works for a two-day experience, for a long weekend or even a full week. You just book the time away anywhere you choose – or the time at home with an empty house – and I bring everything else.

Breathe Write Repeat includes everything you need to prepare before you go, and a flexible and varied programme of inspiring guidance from me, author Beth Kempton, to carry you through it while you are there. No more procrastination. Just hours of blissful writing.

This virtual writing retreat will support your practice whether you want to go deep on a particular project, or just show up and see what comes.

All you need to do is commit the time, sign up, pack your bags and breathe, write, repeat.

You’ll be astonished at what spills out onto the page.


You can register at any time up until the virtual retreat is released on June 1, 2023. You will then be able to ‘go on retreat’ anytime until July 31, 2024, at your own convenience. You will need to book your own accommodation (or politely request that everyone in your house leaves you in peace) and then Breathe Write Repeat will offer all the content you need for an inspiring writing retreat. I recommend that you book at least two days for the experience, but you could easily do a week long retreat with the content in this offering. (Note; This virtual retreat does not happen on a fixed date – rather it is completely flexible for you to use whenever you can make the time to go on retreat yourself).

Once the retreat is released (June 1, 2023) you will have access to:

(1) A preparation kit which includes advice on what to pack, how to prepare yourself for the experience and how to make the most of it when you are there.

(2) A guide for structuring your retreat depending on how long you will be spending (recommendation – between 2-7 days) and whether you want to work on a particular writing project or just be inspired by the retreat and see what comes.

(3) A veritable buffet of writing inspiration including original writing exercises, meditations, audio sparks, pep talks, and unusual challenges to get the words flowing. You will have access to everything, and then using the guide in (2) above, will be able to pick and choose to tailor your retreat to exactly what you need.


You do NOT need to be going on retreat on June 1 2023. That is the date that the retreat content will be available to you. You can access it anytime between June 1 2023 and July 31 2024 (and most of the content will be downloadable in case you want a digital detox).

This is a VIRTUAL retreat so we offer everything you need for a short writing retreat, except for accommodation and food! You can do this from anywhere – rent an airbnb for the weekend or do it from home. It’s completely flexible and up to you.

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    Content release: June 1 2023

    Flexible - between 2-7 days

Do What You Love: the life-changing e-course

Our signature online course will guide you step-by-step from stuckness to clarity, helping you discover what really matters to you, and design your life around that. Let our founder Beth Kempton show you how to find personal, professional and financial freedom doing something you love. Both inside and outside of work, you will become more brave, more confident and more inspired. This powerful course is the permission you have been waiting for to finally follow your dreams.

Whether you want the courage to start a new career, more time to pursue passions and hobbies, the freedom to travel and have big adventures, or perhaps to reconnect with the real you that has somehow got lost along the way, this course will help you do that. This will be like no other class you have ever taken. It has changed the lives of thousands of people. It can change yours too. Don’t wait another minute to begin.

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    Until Jul 31 2024(average completion time 5 weeks)

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Excavate Your Life: A rich and juicy hybrid writing/personal development experience

We rush through our days, and before we know it months and years have flown by. Every now and then a moment comes when we stop, look around, and wonder how we got here.

When we step away from the busyness long enough to really think about this, to explore who we are and what we love, and what we want to do with the rest of our precious lives, things start to happen. We start noticing more, finding signs and doorways, meeting new people, recognising opportunities, and seeing a new way ahead.

Excavate Your Life has been designed as an extraordinarily rich five-week writing and life-exploration course, a unique opportunity to discover what you really want from life, while honing your writing skills. Join me, Beth Kempton, on a wild and beautiful journey towards clarity and direction. Each weekday for five weeks you will get a juicy lesson (audio, video, journaling worksheet and writing challenge) to help you go deep and stretch your writing. By the end of the course, the alchemical nature of it all will ensure you have a stronger sense of what really matters to you, and a clearer idea of where to focus your time, energy and attention. Not to mention having much more confidence in your writing after all that practice…

This is for you if any of the following are true:

  • You want to make a major change in life
  • You need help figuring out what you really want
  • You want to shake things up and get out of a rut
  • You want to mine your life for its most valuable lessons
  • You are looking for a sense of meaning and purpose
  • You want to write a memoir or a book that explores the human experience

Sign up now and get ready to begin excavating your life. You never know where it might lead you…

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    5 weeks approx (self-paced)

    £159 / $199 (approx)

Personalised, signed copy of The Way of the Fearless Writer (including wrapping and shipping)

A rare chance to secure a personalised, signed copy of Beth’s latest book, The Way of the Fearless Writer. Beth will personalise it for you and include a secret message – or make the book out to a friend and you can give it to them as a gift* and ship the wrapped book anywhere in the world.

Please note that books will be shipped in December and due to planned postal strikes in the UK, we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. Thank you for your understanding.

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    £22 (includes personalisation, wrapping and shipping) / $28

I have curated the I AM A WRITER bundle of courses to pave the way for the next stage of your writing journey. Whether you are just starting out or have been writing for some time but want to dive deeper, explore your life in words or just simply to cultivate a nurturing writing habit, this bundle will help you open up and spill what is in your head and heart onto the page.

This bundle will teach you how to find inspiration everywhere, mine your own life for stories, use words to heal, grow and inspire others, and figure out how to make the most of this precious life.

In it you get: 

  • Access to my brand new virtual writing retreat Breathe Write Repeat
  • Access to my writing and personal development course Excavate Your Life
  • Access to the original Do What You Love course, which will help you navigate the road from here, and find ways to make writing more of a priority
  • And a personalised, signed copy of my new book The Way of the Fearless Writer*!

Come and join me, and discover the power of spilling words onto paper. It might just change your life!

Beth Xx

PS If you want to write a non-fiction book, you might like to consider the GET PUBLISHED bundle here.

*Please allow up to 28 days for the shipping of your book. Thank you for your understanding.