Zen For Ten


Zen For Ten. The art of doing what you love


Product Description

Sometimes life gets so hectic we hardly have time to think, let alone dream and plan the road towards doing what you love.

As we search for meaning in our busy lives it can be hard to tune out the noise and listen to what we really want to offer the world.

You are invited to join us for ‘Zen for Ten’ – a simple ten day programme to help you slow down, tune in and light up.

This is based on our free resource ‘Zen and the art of doing what you love’ and it is free to participate.

It will help you be more present, get quiet and focus. It will help you see more beauty. It will let you travel lighter. And it will get you on the road to doing what you love, for life.

We cannot wait to breathe more deeply, live more slowly and appreciate life more during this special ten days. See you there.


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