How To Be Happy (May 2017)

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It’s almost impossible to go after what you want, get it, and enjoy the journey to getting it, unless you are calm, organized and focused. This brand new course will show you the way. If you are caught up in the busy-ness, exhausted, feeling the stress and wanting some respite from the noise, this eight week course will be a tonic for you. ‘How to be Happy (Calm, Organized + Focused)’ will give you the clarity and quiet confidence you need to give wings to your dreams. It will help you ‘sort your life out’ before you actually sort your life out.

By the end of this online class you will feel more calm, more organized, and more able to focus on what you really want. As a result, you will be able to access that uplifting feeling of happiness anytime you want, regardless of what is going on in your life.

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