The Business Soul Sessions is a thought-provoking, perspective-shifting, mind-opening approach to business growth for entrepreneurs who want greater impact, explosive growth and serious profits they can be proud of.

You might have already learnt this the hard way – building your own business is a true commitment that comes with many challenges. Why not turn the process into something meaningful and fun too? Doing business the “soulful” way means you do not have to compromise on your life and sanity to make your business successful and you will never lose sight of why you’re doing it.

The Business Soul Sessions is a practical course that will help you build a profitable, sustainable business that matters to you and others, whether you are just starting out or already have you own business.

It has been created to help future or existing small business owners build solid and profitable businesses that will make them more happy than frustrated. Read this blog post about how the course will solve every single one of your business frustrations.

So what’s it about?


The Business Soul Sessions is an intense online experience, designed to teach you an entirely new approach to business design, product creation, online visibility, marketing + promotion, and over-the-top profits. It doesn’t matter what your business does or sells. This is a universal philosophy that works. This is not textbook theory, it’s real strategy. It was born in the trenches, and tested in the real world. We’ve created a seven-part programme that guides you from your WHY (your one-of-a-kind purpose on the planet) to your WHO (the people you want to play with + serve) to your WHAT (the products + services you feel called to create) to your HOW (the master plan to pull it off — gracefully.)


It’s a revolutionary approach.

Unlike most business-building systems — which begin with what you’re selling, and who you’re selling it to — we start by excavating + polishing your soul mission. It’s a highly-important step that most entrepreneurs skip — and it leads to highly-original ideas and serious $$$.

There are a lots of people and programmes that teach you how to package your expertise, generate new revenue streams, connect with your audience, establish trust + credibility, and carve out an untouchable niche in your industry. We’ve seen them. We’ve taken them. We’re guessing you have, too.

There are VERY FEW programmes that teach you how to do all of those things in a way that feels satisfying, energising, nourishing + whole.

There are VERY FEW programmes that teach you how to make profits you can be proud of.

There are VERY FEW programmes that will also change your life.

We are proud to be one of the few — A RARE + RADICAL ONLINE EXPERIENCE, in a world of formulas + templates. We are here to challenge business owners to use their passion to build profitable + sustainable businesses that have a positive impact in the world.


Your guide for the Business Soul Sessions is Beth Kempton, founder of Do What You Love.

*The Business Soul Sessions is produced and run by Do What You Love. The original content was co-authored by Beth Kempton and Kelly Rae Roberts.

Course Structure

The Business Soul Sessions is a seven part online course in text and video format. It is instant access and self-paced, but if you want to work through it at an intense pace we recommend giving yourself eight weeks ( one session per week, plus a week for consolidation and building). Registration includes full access until December 31 2017, so you can return to the material time and again as your business grows.

Each session starts with a video to ease you into that week’s theme, with daily lessons and a host of in-depth worksheets which you can immediately action in your business.

And for a hint of what’s in store, see inside the course in our Curriculum Guide:




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Q: Where is it held?

The Business Soul Sessions is an online course so you can access it from anywhere in the world. As soon as you register the classroom will be available to you via a personal account on our website.

Q: Do I need to be on my computer at a certain time to take this course?

No - You can access the class 24/7 from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Q: I don't have a business yet. Is this course for me?

The course is designed for people who already have a business, even if you are in the early stages of it. Of course you are welcome to take the course at the earliest stage to help you prepare to launch.

Q: It’s hard to admit it but I am bored with my business. I just don’t feel motivated anymore. Will this course help me with that?

It sounds like the course has come at the perfect time for you. One of the main reasons business owners stop feeling motivated is that something is ‘off’ with their business, out of sync with their personal motivations, or due to a lack of clarity around the purpose of their business. One of the fundamental principles of The Business Soul Sessions is the importance of getting clear on WHY you are doing what you are doing, before identifying WHO you want to serve with it, WHAT you can and should provide to them, and HOW to go about doing that. If you implement this model consciously and consistently, you cannot help but get energised and excited about your business, and will start to see greater impact, explosive growth and serious profits.

Q: Do you cover marketing?

Yes we do, because even the best product or service in the world isn’t going to change the world if no-one knows about what you are offering. We see marketing as a way of serving your audience, because you are making them aware of something that will be of use and value to them. This is a very different mindset from the heavy sell, but it works beautifully, even for people who find it hard to rave about themselves or their business. Before we get to marketing though, we do a huge amount of rich exploration in and around your business, so that in the end you are marketing the right thing to the right people in the right way.

Q: I want to diversify into digital products. Will the course help me with that?

The course will open your mind to a host of new possibilities for what you sell and who you sell it to. Digital products are a fantastic way to expand your offerings and generate passive income with low overheads, and if you want to explore this possibility the course will help you identify exactly what to package into a digital product and how to sell it.

Q: The thought of having a business plan terrifies me, but I know I need one. Will you help with that?

Yes – our Soul Business Planner is the perfect way to combine left and right brain thinking, and create a business plan which makes sense and makes you excited, rather than terrifies you and puts you under pressure. Whether you need the plan for investment, or you want the plan as your own guide, we will take you step-by-step through the creation of a growth map to take your business to a whole new level.

Q: How do I know this is going to work?

Because if you truly focus on what matters, get clear on who to serve, and provide them with exactly what they need, it is an undoubted recipe for success. And we know this for sure because it has been tried and tested by over 300 entrepreneurs at development stage, who have seen major growth, stronger profits, bigger impact and a much better work-life balance as a result. Crucially they are happier in their businesses, and feel more valued and valuable now.

Next Class Begins:

Instant Access


Self-paced (start anytime)


£329* / $500 (approx)

*excluding sales tax which will be added at checkout depending on your country of residence.

Next Class Begins:

Instant Access


Self-paced (start anytime)


£329* / $500 (approx)

*excluding sales tax which will be added at checkout depending on your country of residence.

My business has grown at least 300% and my network and knowledge have expanded exponentially because of this course. - Sandra Dumais
The Business Soul Sessions opened my eyes to bigger possibilities. - Jodene Shaw
The course was life changing for me and affected me profoundly. I was at a crossroads and unsure of where to go and what to do and this gave me ideas and inspiration as well as direction. - Clare Docherty
What did I do differently as a result of the course? The main change was internal - a shift in my confidence and trusting myself! I received a huge boost in my self-esteem and a sense of belonging (n the community) that I'd never had before. - Amy Cavaness
It was an eye opener for me and so necessary, capturing the necessities of the left brain thinking and bringing the right brain thinking into order in a gentle way. - Amanda Trought
The course made me really understand that it did not matter what I was selling until I understood why I wanted to get into business and what I could truly offer to enhance the world. I began changing my products to include only items that I could charge properly for and get out of the 'hustle' mentality of gaining a quick buck in the short run, in order to experience larger lasting success. - Robin Norgren
It gave me a new perspective on what a business model could be; that it doesn't have to be dry, boring and "businesslike". It offered a model that really aligned with my core values which was perfect for what I wanted to offer as my life's work. - Liza Zeni Baker
The Business Soul Sessions changed the way I thought about business as a whole, refining the notion of a conscious business and how that could work in the world. - Moyra Scott
The Business Soul Sessions changed my entire approach to everything I did. It made me change how I thought about business and living the life of a business person. I taught myself to value my talents, my time and efforts. I would tell anyone who is in a business that relies on creativity, imagination and ingenue that they really NEED to do this course. It will pay for itself and you'll look back in time and be so grateful to yourself for investing in your soul work. - Kass Hall
When I took the course I was at a stage where I was ready to just bail and go get a job. It gave me the focus to stay with the business and it has been a great few years since, with steadily increasing profits year-on-year, even though I work less hours and now have a better work-life balance. - Claire Jordan
This course was a pivotal moment for me. It helped me gain a professional confidence and business identity that I didn't know I was even missing. - Noelle Rollins
Had I done this class when I was a lot younger I would have had so much more focus and intention for my business. - e'Layne
The experience and knowledge I gained from this course helped me streamline the direction and focus of my creative business I also feel like my marketing efforts have a new fearless gusto as a result of the course. - Catherine Pistone