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Hello friend,

I am so glad you have discovered us. I founded Do What You Love almost a decade ago to offer tools, inspiration and support for doing what you love. Over the years we have supported many thousands of people through times of transition, helped them change career, pursue their passions, let go of things that no longer serve them, and find more happiness in the small details of every day.

While our team and offerings have expanded over the years – to encompass online courses, retreats, books, a podcast, live workshops and more, our mission remains the same – to help you and others like you to make the most of your precious life.

My own life is, of course, a work-in-progress, but together with my husband Mr K, I have made many significant shifts in the past few years to live more slowly, more consciously and be more gentle on myself in the face of all that life throws my way. I hope you find that what we share resonates with you, and inspires you to make the kind of choices which will suit your wellbeing and passions in the long term.


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We’re in this together now

Beth Xx

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