I’ve changed. I’ve refined how I want to spend my time, how I want to approach life and with this new found passion/clarity, I am able to be more conscious of decisions I make, words I use, time I spend…This class has been revolutionary…it has helped me figure out & take action towards my goals Mollie, Do What You Love participant

Whether it’s about having more balance in your life, making more time for your passions or creating a sustainable life living from doing something your truly love, Do What You Love gives you the inspiration, advice and tools to achieve it.

We also provide a unique space where you will be able to privately discuss your dreams, your progress and your fears with likeminded people along the way, because we understand the importance of being part of a supportive community who know what you are going through.

As a result of our courses, alumni have gone on to launch their own businesses, win design awards, set up their own creative labels, and find the courage to change their jobs and follow their dreams with the assurance they can make it. If you are in a position where you feel stuck and uninspired in your life, or perhaps you are ‘successful’ but coasting, knowing there is more to it, then we hope you will stay awhile on the site and find resources and inspiration to help you make a change.

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