Do What You Love is a young, dynamic company which delivers innovative online courses to thousands of people all across the world, providing them tools, advice and inspiration to do what they love, for life.

As a result of our courses, alumni have gone on to launch their own businesses, win design awards, set up their own creative labels, and find the courage to quit their jobs and follow their dreams. If you are in a position where you feel stuck and uninspired in your life, or perhaps you are ‘successful’ but coasting, knowing there is more to it, then we hope you will stay awhile on the site and find resources and inspiration to help you make a change.

You can start with our flagship online course Do What You Love, check out our inspiring interviews, or just click on one of the circular icons here to find more of what you need.

And if you want to know more about the people behind Do What You Love, here you go…



Beth Kempton is a wanderer, an adventurer and a seeker of beauty.

Her life story is a catalogue of wild and crazy experiences which she wouldn’t believe if she hadn’t been there herself — like hosting her own TV show, flying on a private jet with one of the world’s top football teams, learning how to shoot a machine gun (not at people or animals), falling off a cliff on a quad bike or having rocks thrown at her by bandits on the Great Wall of China. In amongst all that she has worked with UN agencies, global brands and NGOs in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East, advising on corporate social responsibility, raised over $10 million for charity and earned a Master’s degree in Japanese.

Beth believes that ‘waiting for the weekend’ is no way to live your life — or design your career. And she’s living proof that there’s another option — one where the way that you feel about your work is just as important as the salary you take home.

Not long ago, she was selected by Marie Claire magazine as one of the UK’s 16 most exciting young female entrepreneurs, and was recently selected as a finalist for the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the Education Entrepreneur category in recognition of the company’s outstanding online courses.

Beth has a slight obsession with washi tape and beautiful paper, and harbours a secret dream to launch her own stationery line. She’s usually holding a cup of milky tea in one hand and a nibble of chocolate in the other. She’s also a wife. And brand-new mother.

The most important thing you need to know about Beth?

She’s very, very good at doing what she loves.

And more than anything else in the world, she wants to help you figure out what you love, commit to that love, and make it your life.

PS Beth Kempton used to be Beth Nicholls, before she got married. Just in case you’re Googling her new name and coming up empty-handed!



Paul Kempton is a sport-lover, a storyteller, a new father and Do What You Love‘s most recent recruit.

After spending 12 years working in civil engineering + construction, Paul realised that the path he was on was no longer a path that he loved.

Leaving behind his “stable job” to join his wife’s company wasn’t an easy decision, but he knows it was absolutely the right one.

These days, Paul runs the back-end operations here at Do What You Love — keeping the inboxes clear, keeping the website up + running, and keeping all our e-courses + projects ticking along smoothly.

When he’s not scanning a computer screen, Paul gets to enjoy his offline passions: making up stories for his baby daughter, Sienna May, ducking out for a midday run, or sketching out new architectural designs — he’s currently working on a “fantasy home” for his family and a Do What You Love retreat centre.

Paul’s idea of a “perfect day” would be “dreaming up new plans + figuring out how to make them come true.”

He hopes that Do What You Love gives YOU the tools, inspiration + courage to create thousands of your own “perfect days,” too.

He documents his journey and decision making process in our regular Tuesday blog column ‘Life from the perspective of Mr K – a guy’s view on doing what you love’.

“I really believe the world would be a better place if more of us were doing what we love. I hope the work we do here at “Do What You Love ” will help inspire you to make changes to fulfil your dreams. I am sure a little bit of courage will be required along the way but we are here to help and with a growing movement forming worldwide you will find the support you need, even if it is in the most unlikely of places.”


Spain based Louise provides friendly support to our course participants, as well as offering colour insight for The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. Louise can be found following her passion on her blog and helping to raise the positive energy of lives in her collaborative project “Your heART makes a difference”. In her own words…

“Opening my heart, trusting in the universe and doing something I truly love everyday has unfolded a whole new world for me. I used to be someone who was constantly searching, and not really knowing what for, looking for things outside of myself, instead of looking within.  

In 2009, I picked up a paintbrush again, embarking on a new journey, leaving behind a corporate job with a windowless office. Soon after, I met Beth, at our first art retreat together, creating and both doing what we love. The moment we met I knew it was just the beginning. I have always believed that everything is connected and all the people I meet, the roads I travel and experiences I have, are there for a reason.  I am so thrilled to be part of the DWYL team – part of something I truly believe in. 

I am passionate about the universe, pattern, color and the energy that is all around us. I combine energy coaching techniques with color and creativity to see beautiful results in others. Doing what I love, in the ‘sweet spot’ of where I want to be.”      (Image by NavyBlur)


London-based Susie is helping develop some exciting new tools for Do What You Love (stay tuned!). Here’s a bit about her own journey towards doing what she loves…

“Some of my strongest childhood memories are listening to the tales and stories of my grandmother’s time spent living in Sudan in the 1950s and looking at old photographs of unfamiliar surroundings from, what she called, ‘sausage trees’ (due to the sausage shaped fruit) to the beautiful faces of the Sudanese friends they made.  Looking back, it seems that this was the beginning of a curious passion for African life that led me on a path of exploration from teaching in Malawi aged 18, to assisting with relief work in Sri Lanka following the tsunami, to various travel adventures and my consequential decision to work within the international development sector.

I first met Beth working at UNICEF which provided me with the confidence and experience to return to Africa, this time Ghana, to work for an inspirational organisation called Right to Dream whose vision is to nurture talented, underprivileged individuals into role models for society, leading change and assisting development.  There, I established and started a Paralympic Programme, resulting in four athletes qualifying for London 2012, and learnt to overcome many challenges and disappointments but also achieved a great sense of satisfaction and pride from what I had managed to achieve.

Growing up, this is something that I never dreamt of being able to do as I suffered from M.E. for 14 years of my life and struggled to remember, or even dream of, living without the constant battle of trying to get through one day due to complete physical and mental exhaustion.  It was only through reluctantly participating in The Lightning Process that I was able to live a ‘normal’ life again and realise that I did have control of my life and was no longer a victim of my illness.  The course taught me and enabled me to do a great deal and it is this appreciation of such medians that has reconnected me with Beth and DWYL.    

I truly loved my life in Ghana but have recently returned to London to follow a bigger love in my life which is to be with my financé, Ben, and to plan our wedding!  I am excited to be a part of Do What You Love, which has big things in the pipeline….”


Many of our online courses are run in collaboration with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs including:

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We also work with a talented team to put together the online design magazine MOYO. You can find out more about that team here.

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