Do What You Love is a young, dynamic company which delivers innovative online courses to thousands of people all across the world, providing them tools, advice and inspiration to do what they love, for life.

As a result of our courses, alumni have gone on to launch their own businesses, win design awards, set up their own creative labels, and find the courage to quit their jobs and follow their dreams. If you are in a position where you feel stuck and uninspired in your life, or perhaps you are ‘successful’ but coasting, knowing there is more to it, then we hope you will stay awhile on the site and find resources and inspiration to help you make a change.

You can start with our flagship online course Do What You Love, check out our inspiring interviews, or just click on one of the circular icons here to find more of what you need.

And if you want to know more about the people behind Do What You Love, here you go…


Beth1Beth Kempton is a wanderer, an adventurer and a seeker of beauty. She’s also a mother, published writer, award-winning entrepreneur and producer of online courses that have helped thousands of people to find personal, professional and financial freedom.

Her life story is a catalogue of wild and crazy experiences which she wouldn’t believe if she hadn’t been there herself — like hosting her own TV show, flying on a private jet with one of the world’s top football teams, and surviving falling off a cliff on a quad bike.

But these things didn’t come about because of any kind of special privilege or personal wealth. They happened because Beth followed her intuition, made bold choices, and sought out freedom every step of the way. And sometimes she just got lucky!

As a result, Beth has been fortunate enough to have lived, worked, and travelled in 50+ countries on every continent. In amongst all of that, she has worked with global brands, NGOs and UN agencies (including several years at UNICEF) in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East, advising on corporate social responsibility, raised over $10 million for charity and earned a Master’s degree in Japanese. And that was all before she founded Do What You Love, to offer a very different kind of careers and life advice, based around what really matters to you. Beth believes that ‘waiting for the weekend’ is no way to live your life — or design your career. And she’s living proof that there’s another way.

Not long ago, she was named by Marie Claire magazine as one of the UK’s 16 most exciting young female entrepreneurs. She has also been nominated for 2017 Mind Body Spirit Blogger of the Year in the Kindred Spirit Magazine Awards, and for the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in the Education Entrepreneur category in recognition of the company’s outstanding online courses.

Beth has a slight obsession with washi tape and beautiful paper, and harbours a secret dream to launch her own stationery line. She’s usually holding a cup of milky tea in one hand and a nibble of chocolate in the other.

Here at Do What You Love, Beth is responsible for designing transformational online courses and workshops, some of which she teaches herself, and some of which she produces for other thought leaders and industry experts.

Beth is also co-founder of Make Art That Sells (a collaboration with top US art agent Lilla Rogers), and online design school Make It In Design (a collaboration with internationally renowned designer Rachael Taylor). Together Rachael and Beth also co-founded MOYO, the world’s first online magazine dedicated to surface pattern design, which has had over two million views.

The most important thing you need to know about Beth?

She’s very, very good at doing what she loves.

And more than anything else in the world, she wants to help you figure out what you love, commit to that love, and make it your life.

Find out more at or get a peek into her life on Instagram @bethkempton

PS Beth Kempton used to be Beth Nicholls, before she got married.



Paul Kempton is a father, a sport-lover, a storyteller, and a film enthusiast.

After spending 12 years working in civil engineering and construction, Paul realised that the path he was on was no longer a path that he loved. Leaving behind his “stable job” to join his wife’s company wasn’t an easy decision, but he knows it was absolutely the right one.

These days, Paul runs the back-end operations here at Do What You Love — keeping the inboxes clear, keeping the website up and running, and keeping all our e-courses and projects ticking along smoothly.

When he’s not scanning a computer screen, Paul gets to enjoy his offline passions: making up stories for his daughters, Sienna May and Maia, ducking out for a midday run, or sketching out new architectural designs – he’s currently working on a “fantasy home” for his family and a Do What You Love retreat centre.

Paul’s idea of a “perfect day” is dreaming up new plans and figuring out how to make them come true.

He hopes that Do What You Love gives YOU the tools, inspiration and courage to create thousands of your own perfect days, too.

He documents his journey and decision making process in our regular Tuesday blog column ‘Life from the perspective of Mr K – a guy’s view on doing what you love’.

“I really believe the world would be a better place if more of us were doing what we love. I hope the work we do here at Do What You Love will help inspire you to make changes to fulfil your dreams. I am sure a little bit of courage will be required along the way but we are here to help and with a growing movement forming worldwide you will find the support you need, even if it is in the most unlikely of places.”



Rachel is Senior Editor at Do What You Love and she is passionate about helping people find the clarity, courage and confidence to do what they love, too.

Creative, spiritual, and a hippie at heart, Rachel is motivated by her desire to live life to the fullest. She says: “I believe in the power of intuition and that true happiness comes when you show gratitude, live in the present and follow your heart.”

Rachel appreciates the beauty that is all around us, from acts of kindness, breathtaking views, inspirational art and soul touching quotes to gorgeous fabrics, flowers and furniture. She can lose hours shopping for antiques, making gifts and decorating her home.

When she’s not swimming, reading or relaxing in the spa, she can be found learning mixed media, doing Kundalini yoga or meditating in her home studio.

“Having my son, Zack, made me realise that if I’m going to encourage him to chase his wildest dreams I better fully go after mine. Working for Do What You Love is the next exciting step towards creating the life I imagine. Not only am I free to work around my wonderful little family, I get to interview the most inspirational people, write to my heart’s content, and best of all, help people realise their dreams. It’s amazing how magic happens when you trust in yourself and the amazing power of the Universe.”


Spain based Louise provides friendly support to our course participants, as well as offering colour insight for The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design and writing the regular Colour Stories column for our beautiful Moyo magazine.

Louise can be found following her passion the Universe, pattern, colour and energy coaching on her blog and helping to raise the positive energy of lives in her collaborative project “Your heART makes a difference”. She is also co-author of Mandala for the Inspired Artist: Working with paint, paper, and texture to create expressive mandala art (Walter Foster). In her own words…

“Opening my heart, trusting in the universe and doing something I truly love everyday has unfolded a whole new world for me. I used to be someone who was constantly searching, and not really knowing what for, looking for things outside of myself, instead of looking within.  

In 2009, I picked up a paintbrush again, embarking on a new journey, leaving behind a corporate job with a windowless office. Soon after, I met Beth, at our first art retreat together, creating and both doing what we love. The moment we met I knew it was just the beginning. I have always believed that everything is connected and all the people I meet, the roads I travel and experiences I have, are there for a reason.  I am thrilled to be part of the Do What You Love team – something I truly believe in and the ‘sweet spot’ of where I want to be.” (Image by NavyBlur)


Kelly Crossley bioAn eternal optimist and all round positive person, Kelly is constantly curious about the world around her. She gets to work daily in an industry that she loves as a designer for various creative companies including Do What You Love.

Kelly has always been creative and has pursued her passion through her education and in her spare time through her interests and hobbies. When she’s not at her computer designing, Kelly can be found reading good books, enjoying long walks, lighting candles, taking photographs or drawing in her sketchbook.

Kelly is currently working on a variety of exciting projects and she can’t wait to see the companies she works with become go-to places for creatives across the globe.

“I was so lucky to have found a job doing what I love straight out of university and I will always been grateful to Do What You Love, and other companies I work with, for investing in me, and my knowledge, skills and passions. I honestly believe that the map of your life is shaped by the people you meet, the chances you take and the choices you make to better yourself. Choosing to Do What You Love can be challenging at times but as the saying goes ‘Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy’ – choosing to do what makes you happy is so worth it in the end.”


Fiona Duffy profileFiona is on a mission to help more people experience moments of self discovery, and share them with the world. Her passion is helping people unfold who they really are by finding what they love doing and encouraging them to do more of it. In the past Fiona has organised transformative events doing just this, and brought together inspiring spaces that allow people to be the best version of themselves. She loves connecting people and believes that when it comes to doing what you love collaboration is the key to success.

Fiona is an organiser at heart. Give her a fancy new notebook and she’ll stack it with to-do lists and doodles. She also holds a deep-rooted love for writing and telling stories, and she’s crazy for styling and decoration.

Her passion project is her interior blog where she shares stories of how she’s transforming her 1930s granny house from grantastic to fantastic!


Many of our online courses are run in collaboration with industry experts and successful entrepreneurs including:

Find out more about how each collaboration came about in this post.

We also work with a talented team to put together the online design magazine MOYO. You can find out more about that team here.

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