‘Do What You Love: the e-course’ is the permission you have been waiting for, to finally follow your dreams. In this deep and powerful course you will discover what it is you really want, and figure out how to go about getting it.

Whether you want the courage to start a new career, more time to pursue passions and hobbies, the freedom to travel and have big adventures, or perhaps to reconnect with the real you that has somehow got lost along the way, this course will help you do that. It will also help you feel differently about your life, just as it is.

This online course might just change your life. It has changed the lives of thousands of others.

Do What You Love is an acclaimed course for people who want to spend more time doing what they love and less time doing what they don’t. Simple as that. It’s about finding freedom and building the life you really want.

Inside this instant access online course, designed to take around five weeks, Do What You Love founder Beth Kempton will show you how to:

  • Do what you love, more often. Very often. In fact: daily.
  • Get paid to do what you love, if that’s what you want
  • Make your life simpler and sweeter — not busier and more complicated

Do What You Love is about re-opening doors that you thought were locked shut… re-opening possibilities that you thought were long gone… and illuminating possibilities you never knew existed.

A large part of doing what you love is about finding great work that you are passionate about, but that isn’t everything. In this course we explore every area of your life, to understand what is possible for you right now (in the context of your current responsibilities and situation), what could be possible for you in the future, and how to get from here to there.

We will make you look differently about how you spend your time and money, what company you keep, and where to find support if those closest to you don’t think the same way. You will see that you have a choice, in everything you do. The course will open your mind to new options, help you grow in confidence, and believe that it really is OK (and actually better for everyone) if you do what you love.

If you find yourself thinking things like:

  • “I can’t afford to _______” .
  • “I’m too old to _______”
  • “I’m going to need years of training before I can _______”
  • “It’s just not realistic for me to _______”
  • “But what if ______”

… Do What You Love will show you that all of your options are still open, no matter what your current circumstances and responsibilities may be. Inside this course possibility is your new reality.

So what are you waiting for? Register below and begin today!

Want to know more? Scroll down to see what’s covered in the class. You can see a list of the lessons, and get free access to Lesson 1.1 for a sneak peek of what’s in the course. If you scroll all the way down you’ll find a course guide explaining more about what’s covered in each week of the course, along with more information about your guide, Beth Kempton.

Beth Kempton Beth Kempton Author

Course Structure

Do What You Love is designed to be energising and doable — not overwhelming. This instant access self-paced course has been structured as a 5 week course, but you can allocate whatever time you need to soak it all up. The lessons have been carefully designed and sequenced to help you build confidence, build a plan and build momentum. Click on each of the tabs below to see what is in store each week of class.


In Week One you will ‘Choose Your Destination’ – and this might not be where you expect! You will ask yourself the most important question of them all, and then will look at what is motivating you to change. By the end of the week you’ll embrace the idea that “doing what you love” isn’t selfish, but actually better for you, the people around you, and the entire world.


In Week Two: ‘Excavate Your Story’, you’ll see how you can rewrite your story and come to appreciate your unique experience and gifts, and find clues to “what’s possible” for your life and career. You will come to understand where ‘home’ is for you, nurture your playful spirit and create the ultimate real resume that shows who you really are. You’ll learn how to read your own story, because it matters.


In Week Three ‘Be Brave. Come Alive.’, you’ll build up your bravery muscles, understanding just what is possible when you expand your comfort zone. This week we share specific tricks and tools to help you use your fear as momentum to fuel your dreams. You’ll come to see just how powerful you are. You will become bolder and braver. You’ll come alive.


In Week Four ‘Pave the way’, you’ll connect all the dots and get new clarity. You’ll build a plan to do what you love — for life. A real plan, that you can actually follow. Your plan might involve an exciting, dramatic career overhaul. Or it might require nothing more than a shift in the way you think and feel about your present circumstances. And the details of your plan may not be what you expect…


In Week Five ‘Live your adventure’, you’ll commit to your plan — completely. Whether you’re committing “for the rest of your life” or just for the next phase of your life, you’ll be invited to go ALL in. This is your life. It’s your adventure. Live it. Do what you love.

The Do What You Love e-course was created by Founder of Do What You Love, award-winning entrepreneur and author Beth Kempton. Beth has many years’ experience helping thousands of people to follow their hearts, make tough choices, grow in confidence and ultimately lead a happier life doing what they love.

Beth is your guide every step of the way, through videos, personal stories and a host of worksheets she has designed for you, to help you find the answers to all those burning questions you have about what could lie ahead.

You can find out more about Beth on www.bethkempton.com

“We live in times when building a career on our core values and vision (rather than on ones being dictated to us), is becoming increasingly possible. Beth is one of the pioneers in this new heady world of escapees and freedom seekers. The misconception that seeking freedom or escaping is running away from reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Seeking freedom is finding one’s true north. It is a struggle, and one of the most important journeys you’ll ever take. Beth is the perfect guide for your most important quest yet.”
Ben Keene, Head of The Escape School, Founder of Tribewanted & Rebel Book Club


Click the question to reveal the answer.

Q: Isn’t it all a bit woo-woo? I need some practical guidance to get unstuck.

A: Great question! No it’s not woo-woo – I lead the course and am a very practical person. There are a lot of questions asked in the course which invite you to do some pretty deep self-discovery, but if you do everything you will come away with a very clear idea of what needs to change and how to go about doing that.

Q: Isn’t doing what I love selfish?

Absolutely not. The more you are fulfilled and happy, the more positive the ripple effect you have on other people. You end up using your skills and talents in a way which lights you up and allows you to give your best contribution to the world. How can that be selfish?

Q: I like the idea, but my partner/family would never support me.

One of the most powerful aspects of the course is the incredibly supportive community of like-minded people experiencing similar dilemmas and challenges to you. In some cases couples take the course together. In others, the exercises prompt discussions people have never had before. The course also gives you tools to help understand why those close to you aren’t necessarily supportive, and how to win them round or feel brave enough to do it anyway.

Q: I know what I want to do but I can’t afford it.

This course will show you that in the long run you can’t afford to NOT do what you love. It also provides practical tools and advice to make the most of the money you have access to, as well as investigate new potential income streams that make you happy.

Q: How is this different from the How to be Happy e-course?

‘Do What You Love’ is about discovering your passion and finding a way to either make it pay (as a business or a new career choice), or to weave it into your everyday life. The focus is on passion and meaning, and the course dives deep into discovering who you are and what makes you tick. ‘How to be Happy’ is all about clearing the way to make space for what matters. It might be that you already know what to pursue and want to make that a priority, or it might be that you have no idea what you want to do, yet realise you need to make some space in order to get that clarity. The courses complement each other and can be taken in any order.

Q: Is this course taught live?

No, this is an instant-access self-paced course so you can begin anytime and explore at a pace that suits you. It is packed with video and written content, inspiring images and a host of interactive worksheets to help you flesh out your dreams, and make a concrete plan to make them happen.

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Self-paced (Est completion time: 5 weeks)


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