Breathe Write Repeat – virtual writing retreat

Everything you need for a short writing retreat (you just book the venue and bring your food!)

£329.00 Price excluding VAT

*New for 2023! A virtual writing retreat tailored to your needs by bestselling author Beth Kempton.

Breathe. Write. Repeat. It sounds simple, and it is, but it can be challenging when our days are flooded with noise from the everyday world. Carving out time and space to dive deep in our writing, can have a profound effect on what we write, and how we write and that’s what this virtual writing retreat is for.

Designed to be flexible around your schedule – this virtual writing retreat works for a two-day experience, for a long weekend or even a full week. You just book the time away anywhere you choose – or the time at home with an empty house – and I bring everything else.

Breathe Write Repeat includes everything you need to prepare before you go, and a flexible and varied programme of inspiring guidance from me, author Beth Kempton, to carry you through it while you are there. No more procrastination. Just hours of blissful writing.

This virtual writing retreat will support your practice whether you want to go deep on a particular project, or just show up and see what comes.

All you need to do is commit the time, sign up, pack your bags and breathe, write, repeat.

You’ll be astonished at what spills out onto the page.


You can register at any time up until the virtual retreat is released on November 06, 2023. You will then be able to ‘go on retreat’ anytime until July 31, 2025, at your own convenience. You will need to book your own accommodation (or politely request that everyone in your house leaves you in peace) and then Breathe Write Repeat will offer all the content you need for an inspiring writing retreat. I recommend that you book at least two days for the experience, but you could easily do a week long retreat with the content in this offering. (Note; This virtual retreat does not happen on a fixed date – rather it is completely flexible for you to use whenever you can make the time to go on retreat yourself).

Once the retreat is released (November 06, 2023) you will have access to:

(1) A preparation kit which includes advice on what to pack, how to prepare yourself for the experience and how to make the most of it when you are there.

(2) A guide for structuring your retreat depending on how long you will be spending (recommendation – between 2-7 days) and whether you want to work on a particular writing project or just be inspired by the retreat and see what comes.

(3) A veritable buffet of writing inspiration including original writing exercises, meditations, audio sparks, pep talks, and unusual challenges to get the words flowing. You will have access to everything, and then using the guide in (2) above, will be able to pick and choose to tailor your retreat to exactly what you need.


You do NOT need to be going on retreat on November 06 2023. That is the date that the retreat content will be available to you. You can access it anytime between November 06 2023 and July 31 2025 (and most of the content will be downloadable in case you want a digital detox).

This is a VIRTUAL retreat so we offer everything you need for a short writing retreat, except for accommodation and food! You can do this from anywhere – rent an airbnb for the weekend or do it from home. It’s completely flexible and up to you.


Just email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to advise whether this is a good fit for you.