My (Perfectly Imperfect) 2022 Planner (FREE)

Free 2022 digital planner to help you reflect and look ahead

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My (Perfectly Imperfect) 2022 Planner (FREE) PIP HORIZ ME2

My (Perfectly Imperfect) 2022 Planner is a free digital reflection and dreaming tool, complete with audio guide read by me, Beth Kempton. It is a simple yet inspiring workbook filled with questions to help you reflect on 2021, and plan ahead for 2022. This year I have made this FREE as a gift from me to you.

*Please note this ‘planner’ is a workbook of prompts for reflection and dreaming, not a date book or calendar. It is the perfect companion to my book Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You get:

  • One digital planner (PDF)
  • One short audio guide
  • A bonus wintery visualisation
  • A bonus guide to creating your own mini retreat this winter

Help yourself now and ease yourself into the season.

Beth Xx


Do I have to give my credit card details to get this?

No, it is completely free. However you will need to register and go through the check out process, but no credit card details will be requested.

Can I get this at the same time as buying a course or bundle from your site?

Yes, absolutely. Just ‘click ‘Register and Begin Today’ to add it to your cart, and then carry on shopping (via the menu at the top of the site), adding any courses or bundles you want and checking out in one go at the end.

Do I need any special software to use the planner?

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free here, if it’s not already installed on your device. Please be sure to save the PDF before typing into it or you might lose your notes.

My Perfectly Imperfect 2022 Planner

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