Do What You Love: the life-changing e-course

Design your life the way you want to live it

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This life-changing course is the permission you have been waiting for. It’s time to follow your dreams.

In this deep and powerful course you will discover what it is you really want, and figure out how to go about getting it. Whether you want the courage to start a new career, more time to pursue passions and hobbies, the freedom to travel and have big adventures, or perhaps to reconnect with the real you that has somehow got lost along the way, this course will help you do that. It will also help you feel differently about your life, just as it is. This online course might just change your life. It has changed the lives of thousands of others.

Life is what you make it. Here’s how to make it amazing.

Inside this instant access online course, designed to take around five weeks, Do What You Love founder Beth Kempton will show you how to:

  • Discover what doing what you love really means to you, and what is getting in your way of doing it
  • Deal with fears, obstacles and negativity
  • Open your mind and heart to a world of possibility
  • Get paid to do what you love, if that’s what you want
  • Make your life simpler and sweeter — not busier and more complicated

Do What You Love is about re-opening doors that you thought were locked shut, re-opening possibilities that you thought were long gone and illuminating possibilities you never knew existed.

A large part of doing what you love is about finding great work that you are passionate about, but that isn’t everything. In this course we explore every area of your life, to understand what is possible for you right now (in the context of your current responsibilities and situation), what could be possible for you in the future, and how to get from here to there.

We will make you look differently about how you spend your time and money, what company you keep, and where to find support if those closest to you don’t think the same way. You will see that you have a choice, in everything you do.

The course will open your mind to new options, help you grow in confidence, and believe that it really is OK (and actually better for everyone) if you do what you love. If you find yourself thinking things like: “I can’t afford to _______” . “I’m too old to _______” “I’m going to need years of training before I can _______” “It’s just not realistic for me to _______” “But what if ______” … Do What You Love will show you that all of your options are still open, no matter what your current circumstances and responsibilities may be. Inside this course possibility is your new reality.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and begin today!

PS Want to know more? Scroll down to see what’s covered in the class. You can see a list of the lessons, and get free access to Lesson 1.1 for a sneak peek of what’s in the course.

And don’t take our word for it… Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we have received for this powerful course:

“This course is like a complete MOT for the soul. It gives you permission to question everything. To follow your intuition. And it reminds you of the power of your instincts.”- Claire Holgate

“My plans have changed. I imagined I would always work at a desk until I retire. Now I know I’m free not to, and to record an album, and gig instead. I feel a lot more excited about the future, and like I’m on an adventure, which makes me feel happier. Do What You Love has changed my outlook and my life for the better.” – Simon Harriyot

“I’m just blown away by how good it has been for me. I got more clarity than when I’ve been to a therapist.” – Ingrid C

“I’m pushing myself to take more risks, even if they are small ones. I have always been good about the big picture, but I struggle with how to break it down into smaller pieces. This has helped. It has also helped me work harder toward being my own best champion.”- Erin B

“Thorough, compassionate, genuine, content-rich, inspiring.” – Sandra H

“For so long now I have been thinking that to do what I love I have to be doing it directly as a full time job. You have made me see that there are many alternatives to this” – Cheryl C

“Thanks to this course I stepped off the ledge and did something I have been wanting to do for years – and I feel lighter than air” – Christine B

“Thanks to this course I did it. I made that call to my employer to say “phase me out”.” – Anna W

“This course has inspired me to go ahead with the dreams I have been pushing away because of what other people have told me.” – Abigail M

“I’ve lived more, said yes to more and opened my world more in the last few weeks (since beginning this course) than I have in the last year.” – Birgitta Z