Summer Writing Sanctuary

Quench your creative thirst with this two-week writing oasis hosted by author Beth Kempton

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This FREE Summer Writing Sanctuary will be like a long cool drink on a hot day, quenching your creative thirst and offering a gentle, refreshing escape this summer.

Led by author Beth Kempton, the Summer Writing Sanctuary will be a playful exploration of the season through words. This is a class for all levels – you are welcome to come exactly as you are, start where you are, and dive right in. It runs for two weeks online from Monday August 15 to Sunday August 28, 2022.

Here are a few thoughts from participants of last year’s summer course:



This course is LIVE and has several components:

  • Lessons will be released daily (and you do not have to be online when they are released – you can just log in at whatever time of day suits you to access them). These lessons consist of a short audio ‘spark’ of inspiration, a short video and an original writing exercise for you to try.
  • There will also be two LIVE sessions on Zoom, including a Live Writing Hour with Beth and a live Q&A where you can ask her anything.
  • You will be invited to join the class Facebook group, giving you a readymade community of lovely writers from around the world. Beth will be active during this group for the two weeks of class, but it will remain open beyond class so you can stay connected with your new writing buddies.

All this is FREE for you! I started running seasonal writing sanctuaries a few years ago and know how powerful and inspiring they can be. I am also aware that the current cost of living crisis is having a huge effect on many of us, so I have decided to make this class completely free for everyone. There is no catch. I am not going to sell you something expensive at the end.


More than 20,000 people have taken writing classes from me and I carefully prepare each one with love. I do these seasonal writing sanctuaries because they are a joy, and I have seen how they can be a catalyst for a whole new writing life for many people.

Note: To register you have to go through the checkout process but you will not be charged anything. The checkout form asks for your postal address, but you can just give your country name and it should still go through – we obviously don’t need a billing address because it is FREE.

Please just come and join us, and enjoy two weeks of daily inspiration and ideas for nurturing a beautiful writing life. And bring your friends! Please share the link to this course and encourage them to join in too.

See you in class!

Beth Xx

PS If you have any questions, please scroll down for the FAQ


What time are the lessons available each day?

The daily lessons are released at 5am UK time but you can access them anytime you like after that time via our private classroom. You do not need to be online at 5am! The live sessions will be at the following times, and a replay will be made available for anyone who cannot join live:

  • Live Writing Hour with Beth: 7pm-8pm UK time on Wednesday August 17, 2022
  • Live Q&A with Beth: 6pm-7pm on Saturday August 27, 2022

You can use the World Clock to check the time where you are.

I live outside of the UK. Can I still join?

Absolutely! You can join from anywhere. Please see above for details of live times etc. If the time does not suit you, you will be able to watch the replay.

I will be away for some or all of that time. Can I still join?

Yes of course! You will classroom access for several months after the course has ended (until January 31 2023) so you can finish the course whenever suits you.

I will have children at home for the summer holidays and we will be out and about on a lot of day trips. How long will I need to set aside each day?

Thirty minutes will be ample. Any longer will be even better – it’s totally up to you. And if you miss a day you can catch up later.

I live in the Southern Hemisphere. Will it be odd for me to be in a different season?

Learning to write out of season is a good skill! You can either join us here and use your imagination, or register now and plan to do the course when summer comes in your part of the world (as you will have access until January 31, 2023). Please register now though, because the course is only available for registration over the summer.

I haven’t written anything since school. Can I still join in?

Yes absolutely. The course is designed for all levels – it will meet you right where you are, teach you how to find inspiration that works for you, and boost your confidence.

I am a seasoned writer. Will there be something in this for me?

Yes absolutely – it will give you fresh ideas and a boost of positive support for your ideas and words. Come on in, the water is lovely!

Can I get feedback on my work?

No, Beth does not offer any critique in this class, and other participants are not permitted to critique each other’s work – this is a basic ground rule of this class. Rather you will be encouraged to share in our private Facebook group (only if you want to – this is purely optional) and others will shower you with encouragement. It might sound odd as most writing classes include (sometimes very painful) critique, but this method works brilliantly, and you will be amazed at how our writing develops in two short weeks when you share without fear of judgement or criticism.

I don’t do Facebook. Can I still access the course?

Yes of course. All the lessons are delivered in a private classroom and the two live sessions are offered via Zoom (with the replays posted in the classroom). The Facebook group is purely for anyone who wants to get access to a friendly, supportive community of writing buddies, to share their work and get encouragement. There is no critique in this course

It sounds amazing. I can’t believe it’s free. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Twice a year I run seasonal writing sanctuaries (winter and summer) which I sometimes offer for free – this is one of those times. With the cost of living being felt by so many, it felt right to offer this for free and give us all something joyful to enjoy over the summer. No need for airport delays expensive hire car fees for this escape! In return, if you feel like spreading the word and telling your friends that would be marvellous – thank you!