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  1. Pattern course Module 2 showcase: Part 5

    Bright illustration in ‘Vectra and Aqua’ by Marta Spendowska

    Today we have the penultimate showcase of work from Module 2 graduates of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design! You can find out what exciting things have been happening for the students in our Student Buzz’ image album! We couldn’t be more proud of all their hard work!

    Many of our graduates are now moving onto Module 3 ‘Monetising your designs’ which begins on Monday – click here to register if you want to join them…

  2. Born in Paris, read everywhere – MOYO one week on

    Going to Paris with Rachael Taylor in February was always going to be a good idea. Getting industry insight from the Indigo and Premier Vision trade shows, striking a deal with Stylesight to give our students access to some of the best trend advice in the world, taking hundreds of photos for the blog, ‘comp shopping’ in Paris’s chic stationery shops, brainstorming over café au lait in the day, and vin rouge in the evening… But in hindsight one of the best things that actually came out of that trip was a brainwave we had sat on the plane as it took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

  3. Why we did this

    As we come to the end of our time here in Japan (only three weeks left!) I have been thinking about our reasons for coming here.

    Spending six months in Japan is expensive. It’s an upheaval. And if you are studying Japanese like my man, you even get grammar tests. So why did we do this?

  4. Pattern course Module 2 showcase: Part 4

    Naturalistic ‘Morning Walk’ Collection by Petra Kern

    Yet more exciting work to share with you today from our wonderful Module 2 e-course students! They are moving into Module 3 next Monday September 3 – and we still have a few places left if you want to join them for ‘Monetising your designs’!

  5. Don’t take it all so seriously…

    Every now and then we all need to be a bit silly and I just couldn’t resist this…

  6. Miyajima

    These past few weeks we have been on a series of adventures around Japan so I thought I’d share some pictures with you, starting with the lovely island of Miyajima. It is home to one of the most famous red torii shrine gates in Japan (Itsukushijima Shrine), which stands proudly in the sea.

  7. Pattern course Module 2 showcase: Part 3

    Decorative ‘Poppyful’ by Julie Hamilton

    Today I want to share some more work from the talented Module 2 students from The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design, who have just finished working on collections and branding in ‘Creating Your Professional Identity’. The students are doing us proud with their fabulous designs!

    If you want to dive into this exciting world, join us for Module 1 starting tomorrow! Find out more and register here - you can still squeeze in if you are quick.

  8. The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap round up – and giveaway winners announced!

    ‘Discover’ stitched postcard by Hope McCarra

    Our biggest ever Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap - with the theme ‘DISCOVER’ produced a feast of gorgeous postcard-sized art which has been whizzing its way across the world over the past couple of weeks.

    You can find out who won the stationery giveaway, get a peek at my postcard and see a showcase of many of the others below.

  9. Kyoto cafes 6 – efish

    E-fish is a funky riverside design café in the south of the city. Laid out over two floors with huge windows opening out onto the water, E-fish is a cool place to escape the hot summer days.

  10. Pattern course Module 2 showcase: Part 2

    Illustrative ‘Sakura’ by Chloe Windle

    More fantastic work to showcase today from the Module 2 students of the surface pattern design e-course, who have just finished up ‘Creating Your Professional Identity’. There have been some wonderful and diverse submissions – take a look!