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DWYL final birthday giveaway: Holly Becker’s ‘Decorate Workshop’


As the final giveaway of the week celebrating DWYL’s 2nd birthday, I am excited to offer a copy of Holly Becker’s fab new book ‘Decorate Workshop’. I am using this book myself to plan the redecoration of our house, and am already in love with it.

It is full of inspiring images (think the best of Pinterest interior pictures in a book!) and walks you step by step through the decorating process. Holly helps you analyse what kind of style works for you and helps you plan exactly what kind of rooms you want to live in.

When we first moved into our house the previous owners had done a fantastic job of painting so it felt like a waste to redo anything. We lived with their colour choices (blue! red!) for a year and half before spending six months away in Japan. When we got back I realised that the reason we had never quite got the house how we wanted it was because those initial colours were wrong for us. Holly’s book is helping me plan our and create the kind of home we want to live in, and I am loving the process. I think the large amounts of white, taupe and dull silver may have been influenced by the simplicity of the Japanese aesthetic…

[Images courtesy of Sam Shone]

Anyway, if you feel like your home needs some care and attention but you are not quite sure how to go about it, this is the book for you. To enter the giveaway, this is what you need to do:

*In the comments below leave a note saying which room in your home needs redecorating, and what you would love to do differently in there next time

*Include your full name

*State what country you are in

That’s it. It’s simple!  The deadline is midnight GMT on Sunday 2 December. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED. The winner will be announced here on Monday 3 December. Good luck!


Good luck (and please tell your friends about it)! (And check out our other giveaways here)


Notes about entering:

*The prize is as listed above and can be shipped anywhere in the world

*There is no fee to enter

*The prize is non-transferable and there is no cash alternative

*Do What You Love’s decision on the winner is final and no correspondence will be entered into

*By entering you give permission to have your name and email address added to the Do What You Love mailing list. We will never pass your data on to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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  • Elisa Choi

    Cool book beth!

    Now looking at this home.. I cannot think of one room that needs redecorating because each room needs a bit of that! The wallpaper we have now all over the place is a very dull white with sprinkles of pink and blue spray paint kind. I think each room should have each bright colors of its own. The curtains needs something excitement apart from the dull pink colors. I think a little bit of accent for the living room like pebbles on the table with some floral will be good. And so much more!

    Elisa Choi

    Beth, thank you for your generosity. I have been inspired by your blog for quite a long time now. God bless!

  • Kerstin Rheinlander

    Bedroom, Living Room, Lounge room, even laundry room – I do not even know where to begin. I feel the rooms are impractical, cluttered and out-dated and would all need a decent revamp. The right colours could work wonders on this place. Curtains would be great to provide a softer feel. The house itself is quite dark which is great for the hot summer months as it stays cool but a little more natural light would brighten up the place and make it more welcoming.

    A decorating workshop would just be what I needed to tackle this massive revamp project.

    Again Happy Birthday to DWYL!Hoping for many more years of inspiration. Thanks.

    Brisbane, Australia

  • Antonela

    Hello Beth!
    I think the room that need decoration is the 2nd room that we have. We moved here one year ago and still cannot put things in order!
    I am form Argentina, but living in Germany.

    Thank you and have a nice day!!

  • Claire Leggett

    My kitchen needs decorating which is going to be hard because the units themselves don’t really warrant pulling out and trashing so I’m going to need to be super creative to get it looking lovelier without dismantling it all. I would love to glean ideas from the book about how to modify and use tricks to achieve a completely re:decorated look.

    Claire Leggett

  • Natalie Fletcher

    My bathroom…. every single time I go to the loo I am filled with the desire to take a hammer and paint to the walls…but its small and I want to paint it a bold dark colour (but which??) – & then I totally get the willies at the thought of messing it all up & having to bath my little boy in the equivalent of a very dingy cave!!!

    Maybe this book will give me the courage I need???

    Natalie Fletcher


  • Narelle Green

    Where do I start every room is OK but I have always said it doesn’t feel like a home, so each room needs a little bit of us in it to make it more like HOME.
    Narelle Green

  • Sonal

    In our house,we are very lucky to have a room which orignally was designated to be the “creative” space for me to paint in. It contained our precious library (a whole wall of books),my table, easel and art materials and a gorgeous, red, original chinese cupboard and a stove. Over the past 10 years while my kids have been growing up, the room has developed into a storage area for the keyboard, the guitar, the cricket equipment, the footballs…and, and, and …..I would now love to reclaim the space and make it my art studio – a place where I can just be and paint and which reflects my love of colour and pattern while still keeping it simple so I can actually think and be inspired in there. I wish I had incorporated a division of some sort so that my space had remained separate (and safe) from the rest of the room.

    Great giveaway, Beth. Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous book.I ‘ve heard a lot about it. I think there is just enough space left for it on my bookshelf! :-)
    Sonal Nathwani

  • Shelley

    I need to redecorate my bedroom. Right now it feels very cold and aloof and I would like to create. A cozy space that say come on in,relax sit for a spell,read or just curl up and relax
    Thank you for this offering
    Shona Hutchings

  • Carole Seawert

    My home office is in dire need of redecoration. The thought of clearing everything out and the disruption it will cause is putting me off. I would like to paint it a bright sunflower yellow and decorate the walls with jolly designs and patterns. Some will be my own designs. The end result I am aiming for is an environment that will spur my creativity and be a feast for my eyes.
    Carole Seawert

  • Cathrine

    My living room need help. Its so blah. I want ti to look nice, inviting and creative but still be kid friendly.

    Cathrine StClair
    PA, USA

  • Jess Williams

    I would love to redecorate my office/studio as it’s where I spend most of my time! It’s a tiny room jam packed with furniture but the walls are beige, there are no curtains or blind and the decor is generally a bit bland – on the other hand the walls are covered in magazine cuttings, inspiring printouts, artwork and so on so I need something that won’t clash with all that – a giant floor to ceiling pinboard maybe!


  • Valerie, USA

    Well, my kitchen is in desperate help. My house was built in 1962, need I say more!! Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.
    Valerie, USA

  • Eva Marion

    For me, it would be our living room. I like it, but somehow it doesn’t get used a lot. People love to gather in the kitchen instead … Maybe the fab book will give me a clue how to improve it!

    Eva, Germany

  • Sam Pelgrom England

    My kitchen needs redecorating and I would love to incorporate pattern in it (similar to Salina lakes homespun style) but I desperately need some how to/more ideas as my kitchen is quite small
    Sam Pelgrom, England

  • Pam Varacek

    My kitchen is the room that needs help. Actually all of our house needs help but especially the kitchen. We bough our home 8 years ago when it was brand new and had the painter’s colors throughout-that boring bland tan color-I am embarrassed to say that the kitchen and foyer still have that paint! I just have no idea what color to paint them so I have left them. My tastes have definitely changed through the years and I want to be more bold with my color choices but am afraid to make the leap. I’m hoping this book will help!

    Pam Varacek
    United States


    I currently live in a rented 490 Sq. Ft. condo, so it’s kinda one big room (though i do have separate bathroom and kitchen really). i’d love new inspiration to help bring it along…..

    Susie Beifuss
    USA (Capistrano Beach, CA)

  • Lorelei Broxson

    How fun! This apartment could use a little TLC. If I had to choose one room, I would choose the living room. The whole apartment has white walls that can’t be painted, white tile floors and high white ceilings. It’s very small, so the furniture is limited to how it can be arranged. I love color, so I’ve been pretty creative with artwork on the walls, and a few pieces of DIY painted furniture for pops of color. It’s been challenging and I haven’t quite pulled it all together exactly how I would like. It’s been an ongoing project.

    This sounds like an awesome book! I would love to have fresh new out of the box ideas to explore for creating happy and unique living spaces.

    Thank you so much for your generosity Beth. You have been an inspiration for all of us.

    Lorelei Broxson
    Abu Dhabi

  • Jacqueline van Roosmalen

    My house is up for sale, but with this market it is very hard to sell since it is in such a bad state. So I am living here on borrowed time, never knowing when I can look for another new home. But before dreaming of decorating a new home, I would love to make my living room more personal, more about me, without spending loads of money. Especially since I would like to take the new interior ideas with me to a new home later on!

    Jacqueline van Roosmalen
    The Netherlands.

  • Jamie Myer

    In the midst of an already crazy life we have to move to Houston. So, what room do i need help with. LOL, what room do I not need help with…HELP!
    Jamie Myer

  • Prerna

    Wow, My living room has a open kitchen with a breakfast table separating them and the living room also doubles as a studio. I would love to make it more functional and funk and a energized place to create more art.

    Prerna Poojara

  • Jenn M

    Happy Birthday DWYL!! Thank you for the chance to win so many amazing giveaways. Love Holly!

    The room in my home needing the most attention is our master bedroom. We have lived in this house for 8 years, and I am embarrassed to say that we have never decorated it. It is supposed to be a sanctuary, instead I find myself spending the least amount of time there as possible. Money is tight, so I’d love to have ideas on how to decorate with the furniture we currently have in the room, but just add special touches that will make the room ours, and feel like a little home within a home … if that makes sense.

    Jennifer McCabe
    United States

  • rachael grainger

    Every Room! We’ve haven’t finished a single room in our house. An extension was built 18 months ago and there is still no floor coverings, paint or curtains. The Diy was all done under pressure when heavily pregnant, so we got as far as making things functional but no further. I was putting in built in wardrobes and planing doors a few days before my Son arrived 4 years ago and the extension was only finished a week before my daughter arrived 18 months ago.We’re now sick of everything been a Mish Mash and want to make it beautiful home, that reflects us. I’m addicted to Kirstys Vintage home on Channel 4.This book would really help fuel the imagination to get cracking to make our rural irish cottage a cottage of delights

    Rachael Grainger

  • Mary Kirwin

    I’m about to add new flooring in my living/dining area that opens into my kitchen. It’s a long overdue project, undertaken now that my children have left home. Looking to make my home “mine” and need lots of decorating help. It’s not my strong suit and the book looks very good. I’ll probably buy a copy of it if I’m not lucky enough to win the drawing. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Mary Kirwin

  • May Bleeker-Phelan

    My living room! (thanks for asking!)

    I’d love to chop out half the back wall that is shared with the kitchen to open it up and create a counter space to have breakfast at. This would also make the kitchen light and airy. Then I’d tuck a tall built-in bookshelf into the corner that borders the counter.

    Then I’d turn around 180 degrees and chop down the middle of the opposite wall that faces onto the balcony. I’d make this wall a wide, gentle ‘arch’ and place two tall, narrow built-in shelves on either end (I live in a flat and packing space is at a premium).

    Then I’d enclose the balcony using windows and turn this into a ‘home office’ (maximize space!) and add a long, narrow cupboard along the outside balcony wall to store files and papers and other ‘office-y’ things.

    Then…I’d like to get a nice rug to make it cosy in the middle of the living room. Hang my pictures (finally), paint the white furniture another colour. Leave the wood furniture dark brown, add some cool scatter cushions and other items I haven’t dreamed up yet. Hang an ideas board in the ‘balcony office’… and walla! (talk about dreaming big! – if you were here I could draw you a picture!)

    May Bleeker-Phelan
    South Africa

  • susan black

    Actually we’re in the process of renovating our 130 year old 2 story brick cottage hear in seaside Nova Scotia, Canada. The room I’d like do a little decorating in is our second floor bedroom (with a view of the sea) our are already a deep chocolate brown which we love but I’d love to add lush curtains, a better duvet and cover one wall (the one we look at when we’re having our coffee in bed every morning) completely with an assortment of art. I have the art, I’ve collected the vintage frames – I just need to DO IT!

    Susan Black

  • Heather

    This whole place needs redecorating. I live in a three room apartment in Tokyo with very little storage space. I need to create storage space that is functional, but looks clean and neat. Help Beth!


  • Ainslie Beattie

    We have a combined kitchen/dining/ kid space short on style! We are just moving in and need to place our own design stamp on it to make it feel like home.. Some wonderful ideas from this book would really help!

  • Susan

    Wow – great give-a-way. B/c moms perpetually put others before them, mom’s room seems to be the last room to get a makeover.In our case it’s been languishing with pale pink walls & rose colored carpet for 17 years. Yet I don’t know where to begin…. Perhaps with Holly’s help I can create a calm & inviting space for us (husband included!)

  • Maria Formosa

    I am buying my first home after years of renting or sharing (in the wrong relationships !) my home next year will be ALL mine! So, pretty much every room will need inspiration. I have collected along the way and it will be good to have all my treasures out finally. Any help greatly appreciated! X

    Maria from Manchester uk

  • Monica Lee

    My sunporch-I bought a couch online that I had never SAT on. I don’t know what overcame me! Anyhoo, I live in the USA, Ma. I am so happy for you Beth! You are a rockstar!

  • Cynthia Hanna

    If I had to choose one area to redecorate, it would be the living room/dining room. The furniture that I have fit well in a large house, but not in the apartment that I live in now. I’d love to add more color, more whimsy, more me – and would especially love to create my own fabric to cover dining room chairs, pillows, etc. I would also like to tie in and balance my bookcases and the dresser that acts as a media center via paint or other affects.
    It sounds like Holly’s book would be the perfect place to find inspiration!!
    I am Cynthia Hanna, and I live in the USA :)

  • Peggy Krantz

    I would love to redecorate our living area. I am a painter but I have a hard time translating my artistry on canvas into decorating and it really discourages me about myself. My room now is very traditional, (okay, it looks like my mother’s living room) and I would like to do something more modern and edgy but I don’t know how! I would love to have this book!
    Peggy Krantz, USA

  • Peggy Krantz

    Oh, dear, and I live in the USA!

  • amber

    Our living room! Oh, gosh. I would do a lot differently. First, since we are both artists and live in a small house, we basically have our bed in the living room. So, i would change that first! I am moving my studio out of the house soon, so when i do, we will have a real room for entertaining and relaxing. I’d like it to be cozy, warm, relaxing and full of light. I’d also like to showcase an art piece from both of us. And a reading nook.
    Amber Coppings, U SA

  • pippin schupbach

    I got married last year, and we just bought our first house a couple months ago. Nearly every room could use a little help with decorating, as our previous home was 700 sq feet with one closet (this was in San Diego), and our new home is double the size (moved to STL and housing is a bit more affordable). I am a big fan of Holy and her book could help me make my first home a little more cozy and beautiful.
    Many thanks-
    United States

  • Ashlee Strickler

    I want to redo my room and create a more shabby chic oasis. Let’s say, Anthropologie decor at a more affordable price, with a french country twist!

    Ashlee Strickler from Ohio :)

  • Marnie Blum

    I just added this book to my wish list! I am currently revamping all the rooms in my home but for some reason I am really struggling with my master bedroom. I have the right color on the walls and the basic sanctuary feeling I was going for but it is lacking “ME.” I need help pinning down my style and turning it into a sacred space rather than a catalog page. I think Holly’s approach will give me ways to find my direction.


  • Tina

    My living/dining room needs redecorating. We started a year ago with repainting which helped tremendously but this room is stuffed to the brim and not really conducive to our lives. I want to feel a sense of joy and ease when I’m here. Time to radically change it up.
    I’m Tina in the US.

  • Jill Edmonds

    We bought a daggy house in a great spot but is is all very beige and I am a colour addict! My problem is overwhelm – too many ideas, too many choices! Our bedroom particularly needs help. It should be a room that makes you feel welcome and relaxed whilst still giving you your own private ‘wow’ factor every time you walk in. Instead I turn off the light and cant get to sleep coz I’m too busy trying to decide how to decorate it lol!

  • Julie Hill

    Every room except the kitchen! We bought our first house a couple of years ago and it’s lovely, but the decor is not to our taste and there is wallpaper in many rooms. Now that we’ve had time to acclimate to home ownership, we’re ready to inject some of ourselves into every room. Since I’ve never decorated my own home before, I could certainly make wonderful use of the guidance and ideas in this book! Thank you so much for discovering and sharing it with us.
    Julie Hill

    • Julie Hill

      Gah, forgot to give my country. It’s the USA.

  • Jacqueline Auvigne

    Beth & Holly

    I wish I had this book in September when I put the offer on this house! I think it may have steered me to clarity much quicker!

    I’m still pulling things together, but if I had to re-do anything it might be both bathrooms. They are in dire need of a “wow” factor! Something I find so challenging to do in that type of space.

    Congrats Beth! It’s been an amazing year. I’m glad to have jumped into the “Do What You Love” family (well it feels like family to me with all the amazing connections & opportunities that have occurred through your programs!)

    Jacqueline Auvigne

  • nadia

    we have lived in this home for just over a year and besides the bathrooms all the other rooms are in need of some sort of “lift”. ideas and projects that I could do myself to add some of us to the freshness and newness of this home would be awesome! have a great friday! ciao!

  • Mimi Valias-Clark

    My bedroom needs to be redecorated. Well hopefully be moving into our own house sometime next year, so I’d like some ideas on how to decorate the bedroom. I live in The United States right now.
    Mimi Valias-Clark

  • Kelly Z.

    Living in a dated home (was my parents!) and having a limited income has made decorating and refreshing very hard…so although I would like to pick our entire home for a redecorating project, I suppose I would start with our master bedroom for it is more of a clean slate to start with and because, well, it is where I lay my head every night and wake everyday!
    Thank you for this awesome giveaway chance!

  • Christy Brink

    I just moved into my first home this summer. I would love to re-decorate my dining room as it is sort of a multi-purpose room and my family spends a lot of time in the dining room. I would change the lighting (we have the ugliest chandelier) and storage. Thank you!

    Christy Brink

  • Jennifer

    About a year ago I moved into my boyfriends place. We have still not hung anything on the walls and the place does not represent us at all. I would love to begin with the bedroom and make it a retreat for us to go and connect with one another. Currently it is bare and very masculine. It needs some TLC, but I really want to ensure that it represents us and all of our passions, dreams, and the life we want to create together.

  • Renelde Napoli

    Congratulations on 2 years of Do What You Love !

    Well the room that needs redecorating is definitely the basement common room/music room/guest bedroom/bar. That rooms serves so many functions it’s hard to know what to do with it. When we moved in we just left it as is, with the horrid brownish yellow on the walls. We need to somehow define the spaces so that it doesn’t feel like a hallway, so it’s comfortable and cosy for our friends who stay with us several weeks every year. Maybe Holly’s book would help us with that.

    Renelde Napoli

  • Reenie

    Our kitchen needs some serious help. It is in mid-remodel and we are stuck. We have an old farm house in WA.
    LOVE this book.
    Awesome giveaway.

  • stephanie costello

    I would like to re-create my office space. It’s the first thing you see when you enter my home!! The back of a computer and monitor, wires, pens, papers etc… yaya, the book needs me. :)
    Stephanie Costello

  • maury hill

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I currently live in a homeowner’s sad DIY attempt at finishing his own basement. The bathroom fails dismally to offer any style, cohesion or modern functionality. Yes, it has a toilet (located in the CENTER of the room,flanked by two huge cast iron drain lines from floor to ceiling, a shower with LATEX painted concrete block walls,a slippery-sloped floor to a drain in its center that precludes adding any type of manufactured flooring, and a 15″ wide shower door! There’s a small sink and homemade vanity, a particle-board sliding door that “hides the water softener and boiler furnace”, a 4′ tall door that leads to the space under the stairs, TWO entry doors and I’ve saved the best–er, worst, for last: It has a small basement window blocked from the outside, a ceiling light operated by a wall switch, a ceiling light operated by a pull-string, and an over the mirror light operated by a switch at hip level in the luan wood vanity. The ceiling tiles are asbestos and some are falling out!
    I think this room needs some serious redesign help! If it didn’t make me want to cry with every visit, I’d laugh.
    Maury Hill

  • Laura Eilers

    After 5 years of living on my own in my sweet little studio also known as “the mini mansion” I’ve moved into my lovely boyfriend’s house/apartment. Deep breath here. He is such a wonderful human being in all aspects of life BUT before I moved in there was a futon for a couch and nothing on the walls. The TV still sits on patio furniture and the walls are still pretty bare. Our main room in the apartment still looks pretty junky. I have a pretty quirky style and the need to be very organized. This is the first time I have had to negotiate my living style with another person and I need help!

    Laura Eilers
    Vail, Colorado

  • maury hill

    Sorry, forgot to mention that all of this “lovelyness” can be found in SD, USA.

  • Melinda VanDril-Beer

    Our living room needs redecorating – some great pieces but it hasn’t come together yet. Biggest problem is the east wall is covered in the same oak used for the flooring. I would love to take that down and have a light colored wall as a gallery space. A girl can dream…

  • Tracy Verdugo

    I’d love to redecorate our living area Beth. Its a really odd shape and I’ve never quite figured out how to make the most of it. This book looks awesome! :))

  • Lucie Duclos

    We just moved into a new house and I haven’t had time to do anything yet, so the whole house needs help and it’s big! I love Holly, I just finished her online “Blogging your way bootcamp” class. I highly recommend it next time she offers it. Thank you Beth, Rachael and Holly for sharing your knowledge with us and making our life better. We really appreciate it.

    Lucie Duclos
    Port Townsend, Wa, USA

  • Lynda Briggs

    My bedroom- looks like a college dorm room and is ready to become a santuary. Also, my outside room- the large deck and arbor outside my back door needs to be painted and livened up. :-) Thanks!

    Lynda Briggs

  • Sarah Hatherill (Nixiepix)

    Hi – Sarah Hatherill in the UK.
    I have currently moved from France to the UK and am decorating on a v tight budget – more of a shoestring than a budget! I would do my bedroom next – at the moment it is a mix of cardboard boxes, victorian fireplace, handmade bed, utility cupboards and IKEA rugs! My style is a kind of global, ethnic, slightly sentimental lost its way kind of style! HELP! x

  • Heather

    I just need so much help decorating… it’s not my strong suit… what else can i say.

  • Heidi Medhurst

    I would love to redecorate our bedroom. It has never been done and everywhere else was always a priority. I would like to enter our bedroom and feel like we are worth it! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book that you are enjoying. – Heidi Medhurst, Canada
    Heidi Medhurst

  • Tammy Gilley

    Oh, definitely the sunroom! It doubles as a home office, which works. But I’d love to add a comfy chair and ottoman right next to the window, with a little table…a little reading and stitching nook in the sunshine. Bliss.
    Tammy Gilley

  • Chantale Park

    A book I’ve wanted to buy.. what a great contest! I’d love to re-design and overhaul my living room and/or kid’s playroom into a more coherent and functional space. As much as I love looking at interior design images online, sometimes, it’s the printed page that I’d love to walk around the house with and get ideas from. Thanks for a chance to enter.
    Chantale Park

  • bethany smith

    We have just bought a new house, and well frankly EVERY room needs a make over…every single one!
    Bethany Smith
    New Zealand

  • Genevieve Pariseau

    My house is in constant renovation. I love decorating and inspire me with decorating websites or magazines. I made changes in my studio recently, but other changes need to be made, such as shelves for storage and make the best use of the space available. Holly Becker’s book looks gorgeous and very inspiring.

    Genevieve :D

  • Laura Escalante

    Hello my name is Laura Escalante from Bogotá, Colombia. The room I would love to redecorate is my Living Room. I dont have any color in it, it is very pale but I am afraid of putting any colors in it since I dont know which is the right way to do it. It is a very simple room, where color, patterns and details are really needed to make it a special, cozy place but I really need some advice. Hope I can have this wonderful book to learn about all the tiny details that make a wonderful space.

    Laura Escalante

  • Dori Melton

    My kitchen needs a new look, especially the counter tops. I’m thinking of sandstone. I also need some inspiration for my living room. Recently I returned from holiday and realized that I need something to draw the eye up towards the lovely coved ceilings. But am not sure what that would be.

    Dori Melton

  • Jessica Parnell

    I would love to redecorate our master bed and bathroom. We can’t change the big stuff like the shower and sinks right now but would like to change it up and make those spaces seem cozy, a relaxing place where it would be a pleasure just to linger just a bit longer.

    Jessica Parnell

  • MaJo_BV

    First, Happy Birthday DWYLFL!!!
    Second: I WOULD LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE TO WIN THIS BOOK!!! I really would love to redecorate the master room in my very tiny flat, but also help my dad decorate as beautiful as we can the B&B he’s building :)
    If I were to redecorate the master bedroom, I would defo find a better solution for spacious wardrobes without occupying most of the available room.

    Maria Jose Bautista V

  • Wendy

    My studio, my bedroom and my kids bedrooms. We just moved in April so we have a lot to do!

  • Gabrielle Treanor

    Thanks for this competition, I would so love to win a copy of Holly’s book. I’m quite happy with the rest of my house but my bathroom is not a happy place. It’s cold, the suite is blue (I like blue but not as a bathroom suite!) and it’s small. I really need some help with how to make in inviting, feel warm, tranquil, a space I want to spend time in rather than get in and out as fast as I can!
    Thanks v much, I’m in the UK, Gabrielle x

  • Addie

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway. Our home is in a very slow process of renovating and decorating. Only our kitchen, dining room, and bath are finished design wise. In the new year I would love to finish the living room and master bedroom. It would be such a relief for the spaces we use the most to be complete at last. Paint colors and color schemes have been chosen but the details are yet to come together. “Decorate Workshop” would surely provide the how-to and inspiration we need to truly make our house our home.

    Addie Kugler-Lunt

  • Barb Smith

    When you walk through our front door you are immediately greeted by an open dining room to the left and, beyond that, the living room. Our living room has an an oddly placed fireplace and large sliding doors on one wall so we are left with just two walls for furniture (no third wall due to the open dining room floor plan). Perhaps this new book will show me new decorating ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Barb Smith, USA

  • Suzanne Sicuranza

    Thanks for the contest, the book looks divine!!
    MA, USA

  • Michelle Mathey – POMI

    My name is Michelle Mathey and I live in the United States. I’d love to have some input in redecorating our office/guest room. It seems to be the room that has inherited all the mix-matched discarded furniture and fixtures and really needs some love!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Jocelyn Brown

    I would like to redecorate my master bedroom. We never really finished it in the first place and things just look shabby. I think more neutral with a lot of patterns…. I linked to my Pinterest board in the url ;-) Oh I am from Austin TX USA. Thanks!
    Jocelyn Borwn

  • Barbara Sartain

    Well I need my whole house makeover and the funny part is that my house is made up of two (2) yes I said two room the bath and the bedroom/kitchen/den. It’s 16X24 and I live in the woods. Love it but it needs more splashes of color besides my art!! I live in the USA!
    Barbara Sartain

  • MaryJane Mitchell

    Hi and Happy BDay to you. Love your mind, energy, blog, website, etc.

    I would love to win this book. I have a small house that I have been wanting to change for a few years now. The front room has beamed ceilings and I want to do the walls in color instead of just white, perhaps this book might inspire me to jump in and color those walls a crazy color.

    MaryJane Mitchell
    Tujunga, California USA

  • Courtney Lemmons

    Hmmm…..every room could use some work, but I’ll select my “creative space,” because it’s a mess. I think I spend more time looking for things than painting/creating! I’d love to update the walls, flooring, and way that I store my art supplies. Once completed, I could use the book to work on other rooms in my house. ;P

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!
    Courtney Lemmons (United States)

  • Laura Wadsworth

    My bedroom is in dire need of being decorated! I’d love to create a room that is an inspiring place to begin my day but calming to end the day.

    P.S. Happy Birthday!
    Laura Wadsworth

  • Cherisse mclure

    The room that needs redecorating in our home is our family room… I can honestly say that I really has never been decorated at all! It is or of a mish mash of hand me downs from family members! I do love new to me items ! I love to repurpose ! But the floral/ old lady sofa really does need to go!! So I think I’d get a big comfy sofa put lots of big fluffy and brightly coloured pillows on it, some funky throw blankets… A cool cubby for my girls games and art supplies and I really think it would be cool to have a table for art and games in that room too!! Ohhhh the possibilities are endless!!!

    Cherisse Mclure

  • Caryn Payne

    My whole house really needs a bit of a make over but I would start in my bedroom first. It needs colour and some excitement added into it. I really have no idea where to begin.
    Caryn Payne, New Zealand

  • Kate Stuckey

    Thanks for your review of this book it looks amazing!

    My hallway actually needs a massive makeover. There is nothing going for it. It is dark and dingy, and I would love to get some tips on how to make it bright and beautiful! Bold Colours and amazing accents would be perfect. This book would make my Christmas a DIY feast!

    Kate Stuckey

    Sydney , NSW, Australia

  • Jacqui Stuart

    Gosh, I would love this book! We have just built & moved into our “forever” home after 30+ years of military moves. I am in need of decorating help.

    Jacqui Stuart
    Fairhope, AL USA

  • Laila Smith

    Oh the room I need to decorate is my dining room which is soon to be a sewing room. It is north facing and rather dark so I need ideas on brightening it up!
    Fingers crossed for some Decorate help.
    Laila Smith

  • Reese Carrozzini

    I really respect Holly Becker’s work! I really could use help with re-designing my office workspace!

    Reese Carrozzini

  • melanie R

    My whole house is fairly new, and so is all fairly stark still! I think the priorities would be the living room, and my bedroom (particularly as the kids are now mostly in their own room and it can become my own little sanctuary!)

    Melanie Roberts

  • Jen Pitta

    I could sooo use this book! I moved into my husband’s house when we got married and haven’t really done much redecorating … so needless to say, every room in my house needs redecorating! But if I had to pick just one, I’d love to spruce up my craft room a bit and make it more inspiring.

    Thanks for the opportunity to play!
    Jen Pitta

  • Carla Lemar

    I’m Carla Lemar USA
    I’d love to revamp my cramped kitchen.

  • kristin

    definitely the living room! i can’t decide if it needs paint, or what the heck needs to be done….

    kristin peterson

  • Jacqui Walsh

    I would love to do every room in my house, but at the moment the priority is my daughters room, her room is in need of a massive make over to take her from junior who liked Barbies and everything pink and sparkly to you teenage high school adult, we are looking at vintage shabby chic

    Jacqui Walsh
    Manchester, UK

  • Kim

    This book is already on my christmas list (along with the first book!) I would like to overhaul my lounge and inject it with my own personality following a marriage break-up. At the moment, it is full of mis-matched furniture (in a bad way!) The walls are grey and make the room feel cold and uninviting. The dated curtains are from many moves ago and hang two foot from the floor. It’s shamefully embarrassing! It has no soul. I want to transform this room into a haven of love, peace and tranquility, a place for quiet reflection. I have alot of work to do and this is a long term project… I need to take out the chimney breast, find some reclaimed hardwood parquet flooring, take up the carpet and lay the flooring (half is already parquet,the other concrete),install a woodburning fire at the other end of the room to the redundant chimney breast and install some contemporary vintage looking old school radiators. Next job is to paint the walls in slipper satin (Farrow & Ball)a lovely off white and the feature wall in pelt (F&B)- a deep sumptuous, rich aubergine. Then hang my prized mosaic mirror (I made it in the four weeks of maternity leave before the birth of my first child -thankfully he was a week late!)the colours in it are deep aubergine, muted shades of lilac, a pop of mustard and pale grey. I would paint my mis-matched furniture and a trunk I have in french gray (F&B again)and ditch the T.V. (It’s big and ugly)I would like to find a vintage french armoire with chicken wire to stash my favourite ceramic bowls and fabrics. Then make some curtains and roman blinds in linen and velvet, with appliqued lace and velvet ribbon, handpaint a beautiful affirmation or two on the walls and hang a painting that I painted for my 40th birthday that all my friends/family have signed and written beautiful messages. This is my DREAM room (I’ve even made a mood board!!)to to cosy up in front of the fire on a chilly Sunday afternoon with my children, toasting marshmallows and chestnuts, devouring my design books, maybe a little crochet – I have an afghan blanket in mind for this very room – I must add that I cannot yet crochet, or (heaven)- a nap…bliss!

  • Connie Daniel

    I have been looking for many years (I am 61 yrs. young!) for a decorating book written for. ‘Ordinary people’ who don’t have extra money for decorating their homes. (I have 6 grown children and 3 grandchildren.). Perhaps this is the book! I have a kitchen that we took a wall out of when we bought the house 21 yrs. ago. It opened up a small den area that has pine paneling the kind with knots in it. We do not want to paint it because you can’t find it very much now! We live in the state of Georgia, USA. We have hardwood floors and the kitchen is painted a kaki color. I need to figure out a new color for it. I have shades on the kitchen window with a shelf over it. The den windows in the den only have shades which are torn and need to be replaced with something else!?!? Their is a door with a window which opens unto a small porch. It is between the windows–the kitchen window is a double window. I look forward to seeing Holly’s new book–maybe I’ll win my own copy! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter this contest!
    Connie Daniel

  • Kim

    Kim Hooper,
    United kingdom (oops-sorry!)

  • Deborah

    My living room needs redecorating. An older child came home to live and I had to give up my art studio – so my living room must do double duty. I need lots of new storage and lighting so I can keep creating.

    I proudly live in the United States of America.

  • Prahlad Goode

    Hi, I really want to do something about our verandah. It’s so hot we spend half the year out there on broken furniture and squeezed in amongst a billion kiddie toys and a struggling artists corner overrun with more junk.

    Its the first thing anyone sees of our place when they visit us, and I hate what it says about us. It’s also very overlooked. It needs to be fixed! Unfortunately, its not the only room that needs to be fixed.

    I’d love to make some kind of screens to provide a bit more privacy, recover some of the old furniture to make it more inviting and set it up less like a junkyard, and more like a spacious and relaxing place to enjoy. I want it to be bright, cheerful, inspiring but also relaxing. I don’t know how to do all that in one space…

    We are in Brisbane, Australia and with the 6 week Chrissy holidays coming up, this is the ideal time to marshal my reluctant kids and put them to work! Bwahhahahhahaha! I’m sure with the powers of “Decorate Workshop” behind me, I can actually manage to do something that will work!


    Hi! the room i wish to redecorate next, is my studio…and i was thinking of some furniture … my name is Lucia Para an i live in the Isle of Wight!!! thank you!

  • Gina Baird

    The master bedroom in our home needs serious help.When we first moved in I painted it deep purple. It was dark and did not compliment the furniture we have. Then I painted it a light blue with an accent wall that is too close to the main color in the room. Now with a layer of dust from years of neglect it is gray. My kids constantly try to take over our space with their toys. I dream of a clean, modern, tranquil space that is just me and my husband’s. But I am not sure how to get there. I would love the help of this wonderful book!
    Gina Baird
    Fishers, IN, USA

  • Shirley Monge

    We just moving in to a new house. After two years in the smallest and ugliest house I have ever been, it feels good to be in a new place. Boxes are still everywhere. However, there is special place for me that truly needs redecoration. For the first time in my life, I am going to be able to have my own crafts-office space. I need it to be my own private oasis of positive energy to put my life back on track. Right now, It is completely painted in this pale-pastry like color. I guess in a certain way, it’s the perfect canvas of my new beginning! :)

    Shirley Monge,
    Costa Rica

  • Annette Plummer

    This looks like a great book.
    Like many other people on here, every room in my home could do with updating. But the room I would most like to redecorate is my dining room, because it is going to become my studio next year as I become a full-time creative. Sorting this room will also benefit other areas as my equipment will have a home, and the kitchen table will be free of drawing materials.

    Annette Plummer, UK

  • Terri Lynn Stephens

    Terri Lynn Stephens – Alexandria, LA, USA
    We moved into a new home three years ago and although we’ve recently updated my Art Studio. My dream is to get a sewing unit to house my sewing machine, serger and needlefelting machine. To create built-ins for additional storage and surface areas to work. There is a walk in closet — a new storage area built-in, custom to utilize every space; including the walls — covered with ways to have inspiration boards, display art, what’s inspiring me. Good lighting. That is my dream!! And I’m dreaming big because what I’m looking at could run $10,000 and upward. Thanks for letting me expressive my dream art studio. Blessings Terri

  • Andria Kaskey

    Like a lot of people have said here, I have several rooms that would benefit from some redecorating. If I had to choose one, though, I would say the family room. We are reaching a point where we aren’t drowning in piles of plastic toys anymore. Now I’d like to go that next step to establish some sort of style for the space. What would I do differently? I would find a way to make it totally family-friendly, as well as stylish and comfortable.
    Andria Kaskey

  • Cheryl

    My walls are mostly white – time to add some personality! The room I want to decorate was my office, then became a “junk room”. Am de-junking it to turn it into my very first art studio space – and want to decorate it in an inspiring way….

    Cheryl Cooper, UK

  • Brenda Kula

    Sounds fantastic!

  • Megan

    Our study/studio room desperately needs redecorating! It was previously a kids bedroom and has two bright yellow walls, one lime green wall and one aqua wall. I would love to revamp it to create a cozy and inspiring space.

    New Zealand

  • Lisa

    I really need to decorate our bedroom. We moved into our Victorian terrace house a year ago after my husband took 8 years to renovate it! Yes 8 years, and its still not finished but getting there! So my bedroom needs doing so I can banish the clothes monsters that keep growing out of the carpet! I want it to be a serene clutter free relaxing calming place so I can cut down on my night terrors! (No joke I wake up shouting! Poor hub!)

  • Cheryl Mansson

    My wood fireplace area needs a complete redo. A cool mantle & something around the wood box besides plain ole dry wall same for chimney area. And I just plain love to decorate & get new ideas.
    Cheryl Mansson

  • Amelia Vickers

    My name is Amelia, I recently started getting into reading diy blogs after a year of feeling depressed over the decor in our small apartment and lack of money to do anything about it. When my husband had a higher paying job and we had our own big house, I loved changing the decor ans buying new things to spruce it up all the time. Wellll times have changes, stuff has been sold and we are now in a tiny apartment with our 2 girls.
    As I said I haven’t been able to purchase things so I have just lived with no style or organization, until now!! :) I am determined to turn our apartment a home and that’s what led me to you blog, and many other diy sites. I cannot believe what people do with little to no money. I have been soaking it all in and with some patience gradually making a plan of what I can do myself to transform our space :)
    Thank you for sharing with us and helping to inspire me to learn to diy!!!

  • Rosie

    hi there

    Hollys book sounds like it’d be wonderful for working through my own, and my daughters new lounge room. Mine is a bit and cluttered, but colorful and full of art stuff – its a relaxing as well as a productive space…. My daughters is her living, and creative workspace also, as a dancer. Its summer here, and a good time to clear and renew things for us all.
    When youre using a room for several purposes, you definitely need inspiration!
    Thanks for putting the book up, and Happy Birthday to DWYL as well!


    South eastern

  • Joanne Banko

    From the USA
    Moved seven years ago and kept all the living room furniture from previous home. Wish now I would have started fresh, at least with the upholstered furniture. At the very least I would have had quality items recovered. Along with that I would begin by making new pillows, (love to make pillows) and decorate around the pillow colors. Seems so often we do it the other way, make new pillows for tired furnishings. That is okay but if I had it to do over again I would start fresh. I think once you move it is harder to make a big change. Oh and my new bedroom would be totally toile, black and white with grey walls and striking black and white roman shades. Not too late I guess but it means I have a lot of blue fabric to re-purpose, sell, or give away!!

  • Corinne Groark

    I need to redo my son’s bedroom. We actually painted it and staged it because we wanted to move. Then our house didn’t sell and he has this room that is too bland and too “big boy” for him. I also want to revamp our family room – it needs something I can’t put my finger on to make it feel more like us. Thanks for the chance to win. I am in the United States.

  • Karyn Miracle

    I live in a LITTLE A-FRAME CABIN! Our house is very small and definitely needs some change. It’s really just ONE BIG ROOM –kitchen, living, office–with a sleeping loft upstairs. I need a cool way to have the areas look separate but cohesive. I am eclectic and want each space to show my personality. The book looks just my style!


  • regina

    thank you!!! did I say HBDAY to you :))) Well need a good kick in the you know what. Our humble abode is in a ghastly state esp the kitchen. We live in our kitchen and it is simply not efficient. At this moment I’m staring at piled up cookie sheets atop a massive toaster oven…pretty site eh. Need some ideas to get organized and especially inspired to begin such an overwhelming (to me) project.
    The plain walls are crying out “help me!”
    Thank you so much for your generosity.
    regina jessup, USA

  • Sandra

    My laundry room really needs a makeover. The rest of my home is colorful and has character, but the laundry room is ugly boring and colorless. I think that I would paint it and make it so beautiful that I would want to take a seat and stare at it!!


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