A letter to myself (to remind me how to take care of myself on the busiest days)

Dear You,

It’s really quite ridiculous that I have to send you this letter, given all the tools you have at your fingertips, and what you know and teach. But then again, I guess you are just a human being like everyone else, and things do tend to slip when you are busy. So here are a few reminders of things you can do to take care of yourself at busy times:

  • Get less busy (Check your list and cut, delegate or move anything that really doesn’t have to be done today. Then lose another 20%. Really, you can.)
  • Breathe (Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a minute)
  • Move (Yoga, walk, run, dance around the kitchen, it doesn’t matter, just get up from your chair)
  • Drink water (You often forget this one. Tea doesn’t count), remember.)
  • Laugh (It changes everything, remember. And you have two little experts in your house)
  • Use your freezer (One afternoon of batch cooking feeds you well for a week)
  • Put time between your screen and your bed (at least an hour to let your eyes rest and your mind settle – but ideally way more!)
  • Be clear when the busyness will end. Don’t let it drift on and on. (You are good in short bursts, but then need a break. Take that break)
  • Don’t forget to notice the world outside your window (it’s very beautiful, and today is only here today)



How to change your life fifteen minutes at a time

Big dreams take time, and sometimes can feel overwhelming. In the very last in the series of The Freedom Seeker Chronicles, I am chatting with Kelsey Murphy, who shares how we can achieve anything when we focus on it for fifteen minutes at a time.

Kelsey is a career strategist, certified life coach and founder of Whiskey and Work. Previously the Advertising Director for Nintendo and Elizabeth Arden, she now works with people all over the world to help them create a more fulfilling career and life. Some of her clients include the management of Facebook, Apple and TOMS. She’s also a snowboarder, a dreamer and a fresh air addict, and her positivity is contagious.


How to change your life fifteen minutes at a time FS PODCAST FB S2 023 LR1

Key Moments:

[4m 00s] Kelsey shares the power of 15-minute chunking

[7m 00s] Why you don’t need to choose just one passion to live an inspired life

[11m 00s] Why you might want to pop into a bookshop this weekend

[13m 20s] On living a one hundred year life

[13m 30s] How to think about your life in phases

[15m 30s] What Kelsey wished people knew about her

[21m 30s] The importance of acknowledging when you are living the life you once dreamt of

[24m 35s] What Kelsey had to let go of to discover the life she has now

[28m 10s] The three questions Kelsey most often gets asked by women trying to find their path

[33m 20s] Kelsey’s advice for building your confidence


Thank you to the many thousands of you who have tuned in for this last series. If you missed any episodes you can catch them all here. I’ll be back later in the year with a new series once I have moved house and found a new recording studio!

Beth Xx

Got a book dream? Bring it to life with this advice

To celebrate the launch of my new book Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life next Thursday August 30, I did a Facebook Live Broadcast from the Headquarters of Hachette on London’s Victoria Embankment, talking about Bringing Book Dreams to Life with my Commissioning Editor Anna Steadman.


I know how the publishing world can feel impenetrable when you are on the outside of it, and I also know that many of you have a book dream, so I wanted to make the most of the opportunity of my book launch to lift the veil for you. Anna is the brilliant Commissioning Editor (Non-Fiction) for Piatkus, an imprint of Little, Brown Publishing Group, which is owned by the publishing giant Hachette – not only is she the one who put ink on the contract of my book deal, but also guided me brilliantly in many ways throughout the writing process.Got a book dream? Bring it to life with this advice BK WABI SABI PREORDER FBLIVE 2 800X400PXMy experience with Anna and Piatkus has been absolutely fantastic, and although I have been carrying around the idea for my new book for about two decades, I find it pretty staggering that we took it from concept (i.e. conversation with my agent over steaming bowls of noodles at a ramen bar) to the book being published next week in under a year.

In our ask-us-anything conversation, Anna and I will be talked about:

  • What makes a great concept for a book
  • Whether you need an agent
  • How to pitch your book
  • The steps involved in taking an idea from concept to publication and beyond
  • Why Anna commissioned my book Wabi Sabi


On getting lost and finding purpose

What happens when you chase financial success, achieve it and then realise that things don’t feel quite as good as you thought they would? My guest on the Freedom Seeker Chronicles podcast this week, Brandon Evans, is the CEO and co-founder of 1Heart, a conscious start-up studio who found out the answer the hard way. Brandon previously built two $100 million companies, but after achieving financial success, he woke up one day lost and began a spiritual journey which he chronicled in his first Medium article entitled, ‘Lost on purpose’. That went instantly viral and he has since founded 1Heart with his best friend, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to find their path and build conscious companies.

I talked to Brandon about finding real meaning, and keeping it real.


On getting lost and finding purpose FS PODCAST FB S2 020 LR1
Key Moments:

[3m 00s] What Brandon has learned about how to find yourself

[5m 30s] How one particular blog post changed everything for Brandon

[9m 25s] Brandon shares the major turning point in his

[14m 15s] How his experience changed his relationships

[15m 43s] Brandon’s message to his younger, overworked self

[20m 59s] How Brandon’s start up studio is supporting other entrepreneurs

[23m 55s] The mistakes Brandon sees start ups make over and over

[25m 45s] On working with your best friend

[29m 30s] What freedom means to Brandon these days




What do you want to be grateful for, years from now?


Greetings from a cosy rainy England – such a difference from just a week ago. Right now my mum is building a theatre with our two little ones, and Mr K and I are in a café reviewing our numbers. We do this regularly, checking in on where we are, what’s going well, what has fallen behind, what we want to change, what we want to celebrate. And we each get to do this with one of our favourite people in the world. I am so grateful for the many varied opportunities entrepreneurship has brought to my door, but mostly I am grateful that we get to dream, plan and bring it to life together.

I’ll let you into a little secret. Back in the beginning, when I first started my business, every time Mr K came home from work (he was an civil engineer back then), we would do a high five for every course that had been sold that day. One day, soon after launching our first e-course there were a couple of high fives, a few more the next day, one the next, a couple the next and so on. It became a small but important reminder that it was working – this idea to do something different, and support others wanting to do something different, was working. I’ll never forget the first time we sold over 100 courses in a day, and our hands hurt from all the high fives, and our faces hurt from the grinning. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the freedom. I had created something from nothing, and it was helping people. That still blows my mind today, eight years on.

A couple of years after that day, the business was flourishing well enough for Mr K to quit his job completely and come on board. He started the first Monday after our honeymoon. It took a while for us to find our working rhythm, figuring out how best to use his skills, for me to let go of the need to do everything myself, and for him to get used to a very different way of working. But here we are, more than five years on, and he is absolutely crucial to the success of our business. He also gets paid a lot more than before, to work a lot fewer hours and spend large amounts of precious time with our daughters. We are building a life and future for our family, not just growing a business.

I am thinking about all this because tomorrow sees the start of our brand new online course, co-taught with my Make Art That Sells (MATS) co-founder Lilla Rogers. For the first time ever we are sharing all we have learned about money – in the context of business and life – in an intense and fun three week crash course, MATS MBA (Money BadAss). I love the title of the course because it is so Lilla – she has a brilliant attitude to business, while being both nurturing and fun, and a total badass. We combine strategy, practical guidance, advice on dealing with money stories and of course some woo, to bring you what I think will soon become one of our favourite courses. With daily video lessons, weekly live teaching and an amazing Playbook that provides a Game Plan for your business over the next twelve months. Class has just started but you can still squeeze in here.

Even if you don’t have a business, this week I want to challenge you to answer this question: What do you want to be grateful for having done NOW, in a few years’ time? I’d love to know your answer – come and share over on Instagram @bethkempton.

Have a great week

Beth Xx

Some thoughts on building a thriving creative career

Some thoughts on building a thriving creative career Kempton Shaw Shoot 01 DSC 0475 Filter

I am writing this to you from a private room above one of my favourite coffee shops, which is a regular hot desk space for me. Next to me is Mr K, making notes ahead of a full day of interviewing for a new team member. We just had a conversation about how it never ceases to amaze us how doing what we love enables other people to do what they love, as well as pay their mortgages, be there to collect their children from school, explore their own creativity or whatever matters to them. Being able to employ others in your own business is a huge responsibility, but also a huge privilege that you become part of that person’s career story.

This got me thinking about the ripple effect of any of us following our hearts and doing what we love. Other people sense it, get inspired by it, start asking themselves why they also can’t do it, and we become beacons for others feeling stuck or unfulfilled. The reward of that is almost as precious as the doing it ourselves.

Of course it isn’t always easy, and confidence can be a massive barrier to creative success. That’s why I invited Lilla Rogers – top art agent and my co-Founder of MakeArtThatSells.com – onto the podcast this week to share her thoughts and advice on thriving in a creative career. Listen in here and give yourself a huge motivational boost.

This month it feels like we have opened the faucet and so many new things we (and our amazing teams) have created are spilling forth into the world. Let me give you a taster, so you can see how much variety there can be in a creative career (and see if any of these new things can help YOU in yours!)

–       Today sees the launch of The Colour Gang, the new members’ club from Make It In Design which I co-founded with Rachael Taylor. We have created this in response to huge demand from our alumni for an accessibly-priced, year-round place to go for creative challenges, colour-based teaching, trend reports, and a buzzing community. And now the doors are open – come and join us here!

–       Next Monday is the first day of the first live class I have taught in over a year – it is a brand new co-taught class with Lilla Rogers, called MATS MBA (Money BadAss), a three-week intensive and super-fun course to help you deal with your money stories, take control of your money situation and figure out how to make a lot more in your creative business. It is completely video based (with daily videos and a downloadable Playbook), and includes a weekly live teachings with Lilla and me. If this is for you, come and join us. Starts next Monday!

–       We are on the countdown for the release of my new book ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life. With just over three weeks to go, I am looking forward to a photoshoot, videoshoots and a lot of podcast interviews over the coming days. If you would love to discover what life lessons lie hidden in ancient Japanese culture and aesthetics, I think you will drink in every page of this book. If you pre-order before August 30 it you can also get a place at my live group coaching sessions which will run online from late October-early November, diving deep into the main themes of the book and reflecting on what they could mean in your life. To secure your spot just pre-order from Amazon or any bookshop and pop your details on the form here.

Phew! So much goodness in such a short space of time! Thank you for being part of it, and for believing in your own potential to do what you love. It’s an ongoing journey for all of us, and I am so grateful to share it with you.

Beth Xx

Some thoughts on building a thriving creative career BK WABI SABI PREO.DER FB 3.1 800X400PX LR

Unleashing your creativity

There is beauty, creativity and purpose inside each and every one of us. Yes, we get days where our sparkle is dulled, but by breathing into it, understanding who you are and what’s important to you, will help you bounce back with the vivacity you’ve always had. My next guest on the Freedom Seeker Chronicles podcast, Pia Jane Bijkerk knows all about helping creative people to slow their minds and listen to their hearts.Unleashing your creativity FS PODCAST FB S2 015 LR

Pia is a stylist, photographer, author and creative mentor and down she is also a wanderer, a philosopher and a seeker of beauty. I called Pia to the show because I knew the strength her story has brought to the many people who know her (including me) and I can’t wait for her to share with you the creative, guiding principles she lives by which allows her to unleash magic across the world every day.

Listen in for a real dose of creative energy.

Unleashing your creativity FS PODCAST LISTEN BUTTON1



18 questions to help you figure out how to make money from your passions

Today I want to talk about something which can be a real sticking point for many of us – knowing we want to do what we love but not knowing how to actually make money from it. And let’s face it, most of us need to generate an income somehow. So I thought it would be helpful to share some questions which can help you figure out what might work for you. And if you already have a side hustle or a fully-fledged business, these questions can help you extend what you offer. Depending on your situation, some of the questions will be really obvious, and others will prompt a new avenue of thought. I encourage you to find a few minutes this weekend to sit with a cuppa and your journal, and see what emerges!

  1. Looking back at my story, what opportunities are there to monetise what I have learnt along the way?
  2. What skills/knowledge do I have that I could hire out by the hour as a freelancer?
  3. What could I make and sell?
  4. What could I teach in person?
  5. What could I teach online?
  6. What could I write about in a physical book?
  7. What could I share via an e-book?
  8. What topics could I consult on?
  9. What could I coach people on?
  10. Business ideas are everywhere. What products/services are out there that I could improve upon?
  11. Business ideas are everywhere. What products/services are needed but don’t exist?
  12. What opportunities in my field are offered by rapidly changing technology?
  13. What could I do as a side project to test the water before jumping in?
  14. Could I simply ask for a pay rise at my current job to help fund doing more of what I love? (Be sure to demonstrate why this is justified based on the value you bring and have created for your employer)

And if you already make/sell something, ask yourself:

  1. How could I sell more EXISTING products to EXISTING customers?
  2. How could I sell more EXISTING products to NEW customers?
  3. How could I sell more NEW products to EXISTING customers?
  4. How could I sell more NEW products to NEW customers?

Any closer to figuring it out? If so, you might find one of our courses helpful to take the next step (and the next, and the next)

PS I’m off to Japan on Sunday to work on a top secret project! Can’t wait to share more about it soon. In the meantime, come and follow along on Instagram @bethkempton. I promise loads of gorgeous eye candy and off-the-beaten-track peeks into this wonderful country!

18 questions to help you figure out how to make money from your passions JAPAN FB 02


On finding your true calling (even if you already have a successful career)

On finding your true calling (even if you already have a successful career) DWYL steps

If you take a moment to reflect on your journey so far, have you lived out your life on the path you thought was right for you back when you left school? If so, you are not alone. So many of us have the experience of recognising what we are good at, and what brings in the money, and following some version of that path in the hope that it is a route to happiness. And that’s fine if it works out.

But what happens when you get all the things you thought you wanted – the business card, the flash car, the beautiful home and have cash left over for fun… but don’t feel happy? What if you’re left craving something more?

If this sounds like you, you need to meet my guest on this week’s podcast episode, Ruth Anslow, a woman who quit her Global Marketing Manager career to unveil a purpose-rich life as a social entrepreneur. It was a difficult road, but she discovered her true path and is here to share tips with you in discovering yours. LISTEN HERE (and if you know someone who needs to hear this, please forward it to them!)

If this inspires you to make a move, whatever stage of your career you are at, then stay tuned for our huge sale coming next week. We have up to 70% off our life changing courses, that could help guide you in the new direction you are dreaming of, or support you after you have made a major change. I’ll be back with details of that next week!


On finding your true calling (even if you already have a successful career) FS PODCAST S1 002 1

Key Moments:

[2m 25s] Ruth shares how she is transforming the food industry and the social mission she is working on

[3m 30s] Why Ruth is so motivated to solve societal problems, and why you should work for what you’re passionate about

[5m 30s] The challenges Ruth has been up against in taking on such a strong industry, and how she deals with people thinking her mission is nuts

[7m 0s] Why you should start a community before you open a brick and mortar shop

[9m 0s] The confidence that comes from seeing the community you have built rally around the cause you’re fighting for

[9m 30s] How the people you need to build your business will be attracted to the energy you put out, if you’re not afraid to ask for help

[11m 0s] Ruth tells us why she has been outside her comfort zone for the last 10 years and wouldn’t swap it for the world

[11m 35s] Ruth reflects on where her innate “dream big” attitude has come from and how the vision for her future has quickly become a reality

[14m 0s] The crucial moment Ruth realised she had built a life she didn’t want

[15m 0s] The strategy Ruth took to discover who it was she really wanted to be, and what purpose she wanted to work for

[16m 0s] How Ruth came to quit her highly paid, Global Marketing Manager career to become a social entrepreneur

[20m 10s] Why and how Ruth set up business with her sister Amy

[24m 0s] How Anita Roddick’s legacy came to be Ruth and Amy’s inspiration in starting a business together

[26m 0s] The challenges that can come with working alongside a family member and the support they have had with their communication

[28m 55s] How HiSbe the supermarket physically came to existence

[30m 0s] Why Brighton, UK was the most suitable option for Ruth and her sister Amy to open their first supermarket

[33m 30s] Ruth explains how they’ve gone from a team of 3 balancing responsibilities to a team of 11 operating the store

[35m 0s] Ruth’s dream for her future

[36m0s] How do you know if now is the right time to start?


On holding your dreams like a baby bird {+new podcast episode with Josie Adams of The Coffee Gondola}

On holding your dreams like a baby bird {+new podcast episode with Josie Adams of The Coffee Gondola} library

Last week I spent two wonderful days in the library. Not just any library, but the Bodleian library at Oxford University, established in 1602 and home to over 12 million books. It felt like something out of Harry Potter because it actually WAS the Hogwarts library in the films. I was there working on a top secret new project which has had me up until the early hours bursting with ideas, and scribbling notes as fast as my pen will move across the paper. This is the early stages of a new dream. You know, where people ask you what you’re working on, but you know that it’s delicate, and you aren’t yet ready to share the details. And today I want to encourage you to take care with your dreams at this stage, because they are fragile.

As I shared in Freedom Seeker,  hyperurl.co/a941vs

“Whether your dreams are small but beautiful, like a sliver of gold leaf, or large and lofty, like parachute silk, if you share them too early they will collapse. When a project is up and running it can be poked and prodded and generally keep its shape. It can go through various iterations, but hold together. A dream, however, is more delicate than that. Exposed too soon, to the wrong people, your big idea can shatter into fragments.

Materials scientists describe objects that break into pieces upon impact as ‘frangible’. The first time I read that word, my brain split it into ‘fragile’ and ‘tangible’, and that’s exactly what dreams are. They live in the hinterland between imagination and reality, and need coaxing to life. Too much pressure too soon and they turn to dust.

So give your dreams gentle attention. Let them know that you know they are there, and you are rooting for them. Tell them you’re curious to discover more about them. Keep them tucked in a pocket for safekeeping, only to be brought out when you have a safe place to share, inside a friendship, with a mentor, or perhaps with your trusted online community.”

In this week’s podcast I talked to someone who knows only too well the importance of protecting a big but delicate dream. After meeting her partner Tom while working a ski season in Japan in 2013, Josie Adams set up The Coffee Gondola, as a completely mobile gondola serving fine coffee in the mountains. This wasn’t just any dream. They had to find, import and convert an actual coffee gondola, learn how to become champion baristas, and navigate the path of working together in a space smaller than the average bathroom. The business began as an actual dream Josie had when she was sleeping, and has ever since gone from strength to strength.

This episode is a fascinating story for anyone who fears their dreams could be too far from reality. Listen in here, you will go away making plans and taking action!

Keep dreaming

BethXx On holding your dreams like a baby bird {+new podcast episode with Josie Adams of The Coffee Gondola} FS PODCAST S1 010 1

Josie Adams is co-founder of The Coffee Gondola, a coffee shop in a converted ski gondola, which serves amazing lattes half way up mountains. This is a story about realising crazy dreams.

On holding your dreams like a baby bird {+new podcast episode with Josie Adams of The Coffee Gondola} gondola

Key moments:

[2m 50s] How a random dream turned out to be the path for Josie & her partner Tom’s entrepreneurial success

[5m 0s] The realisation of seeking independence, and how a fun project turned into a money maker

[6m 0s] Josie and Tom’s personality traits and how they both compliment their business ideas

[7m 20s] How Josie took her dream and made it into an actual working reality

[9m 0s] How Josie happened upon their famous Coffee Gondola which they later turned into their new mobile cafe business

[9m 45s] Ways in which Josie kept herself motivated during the year up to when they started trading

[11m 0s] The shift that occurred when the Coffee Gondola became a serious project and Tom and Josie quit their jobs

[12m 0s] How Josie and Tom planned their launch of the Coffee Gondola at festivals

[13m 15s] What life is like waking up in the mountains every day

[14m 20s] The satisfaction Josie feels in seeing her dream come to life

[18m 10s] What it’s like for Josie working with her partner Tom so close, every single day

[20m 50s] The things Josie does outside of work to ensure a balance between work and play

[22m 20s] Why Josie runs ultra marathons as a form of meditation

[25m 30s] Josie’s definition of freedom – what feeling free means to her.

[27m 30s] The approach Josie takes in making key decisions for her life and business

[30m 30s] Josie’s tips for anyone who has a dream that feels so far from your current life