Metamorphosis, in front of my eyes.

A month ago the postman knocked at the door. “You’d better open this one soon,” he winked, handing a brown box to our six-year old birthday girl. “Are they dead, mummy?” she asked wide-eyed, carefully lifting the clear pot out of the box and staring at the five motionless hairy caterpillars inside, sprawled across some pale brown gunk. “Erm, I think they are sleeping,” I hoped, quietly wondering whether it was legal to send living things in the post.

A week later those caterpillars had eaten all the gunk at the bottom of the jar, quadrupled in size and crawled up to the underside of the lid, to dangle like a showoff doing one-handed tricks on monkey bars. Over the next couple of days they seemed to grow a cocoon, as if it was their own body thickening up, rather than spinning a web around themselves as I had always imagined. When those chrysalides hardened, we carefully lifted the lid off the pot, creatures still attached, and transferred it to the pop-up net habitat that had arrived with our unusual package. Over the next few days the chrysalides darkened and texturized into charcoal grey beads flecked with gold.

I became obsessed with them, watching for the slightest changes in their outer layer, imagining I could see the imprint of folded wings pushing against the hard casing. One sunny morning we went to the beach for a couple of hours, and piled back into the house all noisy and sandy before someone cried, “Look!” Three butterflies had emerged, and were clinging to the wall of their net home. Their shed skins remained attached to the lid at one end, the other end burst through in that moment of emergence.

Metamorphosis, in front of my eyes. BUTTERFLY BANNER 2540 x 600 4

They began as caterpillars and emerged as butterflies. I knew it was likely to happen. Of course I did. I had learnt about it in primary school forty years ago. But still I’m not sure I believed it would actually work. It seemed unfathomable. How did the caterpillars know what to do? How was that brown gunk enough to create something so beautiful? Where were their wings hidden? Surely they didn’t just spin them like fairy fabric in a matter of days? And how on earth did three of them emerge within an hour or so of each other, after all that time? (The other two had been disturbed when we moved them to their habitat and had fidgeted for a while. That must have taken some of their energy reserves, and they were the last to emerge a couple of days later)

Perhaps what amazed me the most was the realization that the caterpillar doesn’t actually turn into the butterfly, changing its whole body and so on. Rather it simply grows wings. I don’t think I knew that before, but having studied them so closely before they became chrysalides, I recognized their caterpillar faces as butterflies. Close up they were the essentially the same. From a distance they were completely new. When we released them, they instinctively knew what to do.

Metamorphosis, in front of my eyes. BUTTERFLY BANNER 2540 x 600 2

Their period of retreat had been an intense period of growth, away from the world, still and silent yet intensely fertile as they spun potential from their own bodies. What emerged was not another creature, but the same one, changed. The same face, but with the courage and confidence that wings can bring – wings they didn’t have to think to grow, but rather wings that grew on them, when they surrendered to the process, and trusted. Metamorphosis, just like that.

I am sending this to you from a short writing retreat where I too am surrendering to the process. It isn’t easy, or comfortable, but my winged friends reminded me that I don’t have to work so hard at it. Instead I just need to get quiet and wait. Then I’ll know what to write, or I perhaps will be written.

Have a good week friends,
Beth Xx

Metamorphosis, in front of my eyes. EYL 2540 BANNER 4 ZOLTAN TASI 1

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(Butterfly images: Holly Bobbins Photography. Lotus image: Unsplash/Zoltan Tasi)

Excavate Your Life (brand new personal development + writing course!)

For months now I have been working on a brand new course which combines personal development and writing, as a way to navigate life. Excavate Your Life is a rich online course which offers a unique opportunity to explore what you really want from life, while honing your writing skills. Join me, bestselling self-help author Beth Kempton as I guide you on a wild and beautiful journey towards clarity and direction. Each weekday for five weeks you will get a juicy lesson (audio, video, journaling worksheet and writing challenge) to help you go deep and stretch your writing. By the end of the course, the alchemical nature of it all will ensure you have a stronger sense of what really matters to you, and a clearer idea of where to focus your time, energy and attention. Not to mention having much more confidence in your writing after all that practice…

Excavate Your Life (brand new personal development + writing course!) EYL BANNER 2 2

This is a very special hybrid writing and personal growth course which I have designed to help you find clarity and direction, both in your writing and in your life. I have spent more than a decade helping people to navigate change and reconfigure their lives to do what they love. I have also written a series of self-help books, all connected by a thread of making the most of this precious life.

It’s so easy in the rush of the modern world to go through the motions of each day without stopping to think what it’s all about, whether we are actually awake to our experience, and how we want to make the most of whatever is left, without knowing how long that will be. Personally I find journaling and writing incredibly powerful tools to help me tune in to the world, to my life, to other people, and to myself. I have brought all of this together in this course, with the aim that by the end of it you will be inspired, motivated and ready for whatever might be next.

To celebrate the launch of this brand new course you are invited to join with a 30% discount – just use the coupon code DIGDEEP when you register here by Monday August 23 (when class begins). Sign up now and start excavating your life. You never know what goodness you might find.

Beth Xx

Excavate Your Life: Writing towards clarity and direction 1

Who’s it for?

This is for you if any of the following are true:

  • You want to make a major change in life
  • You are wondering ‘What should I do with my life?’
  • You need help figuring out what you really want
  • You want to shake things up and get out of a rut
  • You want to mine your life for its most valuable lessons
  • You are looking for a sense of meaning and purpose OR
  • You want to write a memoir or a book that explores the human experience

Excavate Your Life: Writing towards clarity and direction 2

What’s included?

The course has been designed as a five-week intensive class, and includes:

  • Daily Spark audios to get your creative juices flowing
  • Daily video lessons, each guiding you to excavate your life from a different perspective
  • Daily journaling worksheets to guide you gently through the excavation process, seeking out clues and patterns to help you envision what kind of life you want to create
  • Daily writing challenges to push you out of your writing comfort zone and explore what you are really capable of
  • PLUS Along the way I include a host of insights into my experience helping thousands of people to navigate change, and writing five self-help books

Excavate Your Life: Writing towards clarity and direction EYL BANNER 4

About your tutor

Beth Kempton has spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of people find creative ways to live well doing what they love, through powerful online courses and workshops as founder of Do What You Love. Beth writes self-help books which have been translated into 24 languages.

Her bestselling book ‘Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect lifehas been recommended by TIME Magazine, British Vogue, The Telegraph, and Psychologies Magazine, described as ‘a truly transformational read’ by Sunday Times Style. She is also the author of Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love., Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year and most recently, We Are in This Together: Finding hope and opportunity in the depths of adversity’ (Piatkus) which she wrote in sixteen days in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. Mother of two adorable girls, she lives a slow-ish life in Devon, UK.

Important note

Please be aware that this is not a replacement for clinical therapy. Please seek professional clinical advice if you need it. Please also note that this class does not include specific advice on writing technique or any feedback on individual writing samples. It is a self-paced course so there is no direct interaction with Beth. It is also designed as a very personal experience so there is no private community with this course.

Excavate Your Life: Writing towards clarity and direction 3 1


Do I have to be online at a certain time to join in?

The classroom will open on August 23, 2021, and content will be released from that date. You do not have to log on at a certain time – you can follow the course at whatever pace suits you. You will have classroom access until January 31 2023 and most of the content is downloadable anyway.

Can I join if I live outside of the UK?

Yes you can join from anywhere.

Any other questions?

Drop the team a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Next year can be different

“I want 2019 to be different.

Less stuff, more soul.

Less hustle, more ease.

Less chaos, more calm.

Less complexity, more clarity.

Less bravado, more truth.

Less resistance, more resilience.

Less control, more surrender.

Less head, more heart.

More time for me. More time for creativity.

More time for life.”

Sound familiar? We’ll show you the way.

Next year can be different DO WHAT YOU LOVE SALE BLOG BANNER

For almost a decade we have been designing courses and workshops and writing books that transform lives. We have helped tens of thousands of people to follow their hearts, and live a fuller, more authentic and inspired life doing what they love. Every single one of those resources is based on extensive research and testing, personal experience and a deep understanding of the field.

We never promise it will be easy. We don’t sugarcoat the reality of making different choices. But we know the rewards and understand the challenges better than most. And we really, really want you to fulfil your potential, find a rhythm and lifestyle that works for you, and appreciate the beauty of your wild and precious life.

Once a year we have a huge sale on all our courses, to make them even more accessible and help you plan for the year ahead. This is that sale, and it is your chance to invite a different kind of future. You can get 40% off our powerful, life-changing courses or save a huge 50% off if you invest in one of our multi-course bundles: The Perfectly Imperfect Life Bundle / The Time For A Career Change Bundle / The Set Me Free Bundle.

Sale ends Monday November 26, 2018. This might be the most important investment you ever make. We are honoured to be your guides.

Beth + Paul

Founders, Do What You Love

I have a confession to make… (I wonder if you have done this too?)

This is a story about hiding what we have done well, and not celebrating our creative work. It’s a true story, about me. I am embarrassed to share it, but am going to, because I think we all do this to our detriment, and in doing so stop others accessing what we have created with love.

You might have noticed that I wrote a book which came out last month. It is a book about life lessons inspired by ancient Japanese culture and philosophy. What you probably don’t know is:

  • It has been #1 bestseller in multiple Amazon categories ever since here in the UK.
  • It hit the top 40 on the whole of (which has over 4 million books).
  • The Sunday Times Style called it “A truly transformational read”
  • The rights have been sold for nineteen foreign languages
  • Japanese people have said some incredibly kind things about it, such as “Beth is one of the great foreign writers who truly understand (wabi sabi and Japanese culture)” and “Beth has described (this philosophy) better than a native could”
  • Tokyo’s biggest English-language bookstore called it “a beautiful book about Japanese culture”

I could go on – there have been many many kind words from all corners – from interior designers to life coaches, and readers all over the world.

And yet since the day it came out, I have not sent a newsletter or even shared it very much here on Facebook, celebrating one of the best creative projects of my life. Why? I have told myself I have been busy, which is true – I have sold a house, been to America to teach, settled my family into a new home and town, and my eldest started school, all in the three weeks since the book came out. But still, deep down I know that’s not the real reason.

It’s because I didn’t want to brag, or show off. Know that feeling? But the whole point of writing this book was to bring this hidden wisdom out of the Japanese language, and share it with all of you so you could integrate its beautiful life lessons to live a more authentic and inspired life. And I really really care about that.

I only realised I had done this when I was stood in front of a room full of female entrepreneurs at the incredible 1440 Multiversity in California a week or so ago, answering a question about newsletters. I mentioned that I rarely use my newsletter or my groups on Facebook to sell things, because I prefer just talking to you about life, and sharing thoughts and inspiration which I hope are of use. What I realised was that I have written a book full of those things, which a lot of people have said is a really fantastic book, and yet I have hardly shared it with you.

So, as of today that is all changing! I am going to celebrate this piece of creative work in three major ways:

(1) I would like to encourage you, in no uncertain terms, to PLEASE READ IT. I promise you will feel more calm, tuned in, and appreciative of beauty in your own life as a result. You can get it in beautiful hard copy or on ebook here (currently at around 30% off on Amazon)

If you are in the US/Canada you can get it at 30% off with free shipping from The Book Depository here.

I wrote it as a precious gift to you and hope it helps you treasure all that is good in your life.

(2) If you have read it, I am going to ask you to PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW! Reviews make so much difference. I am so grateful to have over 200 five star reviews for my first Freedom Seeker, and know they really help people to decide if a book is a good fit for them.

GIFT FOR YOU: As a token of my gratitude for you taking the time to write a review, I would love to send you a small gift in the post, to wherever in the world you are. Please complete your review ASAP and then fill in the quick form here with your address if you would like some delightful personal snail mail from me.

Here are the links for leaving a review: Amazon / Goodreads (if you got it from The Book Depository) / Waterstones

(3) Over the next few weeks I am going to share some of my favourite snippets from the book and the ideas behind the and some personal stories about my journey to writing it, so stay tuned for those!

And I am going to stop being shy about celebrating the things I have worked so hard to create with love for you. I hope you will do the same – this week I encourage you to think about one thing you are proud of, and share it with someone in your family, friendship circle, online community or elsewhere, celebrating your skills, talents and dedication. Please feel free to leave a note in the comments and share it with us too!

Much love,

Beth Xx

I have a confession to make… (I wonder if you have done this too?) BethKemptonAugust2018 89

On getting lost and finding purpose

What happens when you chase financial success, achieve it and then realise that things don’t feel quite as good as you thought they would? My guest on the Freedom Seeker Chronicles podcast this week, Brandon Evans, is the CEO and co-founder of 1Heart, a conscious start-up studio who found out the answer the hard way. Brandon previously built two $100 million companies, but after achieving financial success, he woke up one day lost and began a spiritual journey which he chronicled in his first Medium article entitled, ‘Lost on purpose’. That went instantly viral and he has since founded 1Heart with his best friend, with the goal of helping entrepreneurs to find their path and build conscious companies.

I talked to Brandon about finding real meaning, and keeping it real.


On getting lost and finding purpose FS PODCAST FB S2 020 LR1
Key Moments:

[3m 00s] What Brandon has learned about how to find yourself

[5m 30s] How one particular blog post changed everything for Brandon

[9m 25s] Brandon shares the major turning point in his

[14m 15s] How his experience changed his relationships

[15m 43s] Brandon’s message to his younger, overworked self

[20m 59s] How Brandon’s start up studio is supporting other entrepreneurs

[23m 55s] The mistakes Brandon sees start ups make over and over

[25m 45s] On working with your best friend

[29m 30s] What freedom means to Brandon these days




On revealing your secrets and living your truth {New podcast with Kathe Crawford)

On revealing your secrets and living your truth {New podcast with Kathe Crawford) FS PODCAST FB S2 014 LR

And now for this week’s new Freedom Seeker Chronicles Podcast episode… a very special conversation with a woman with an extraordinary story. Kathe Crawford lived a secret life for three decades before finally discovering how different life can be when you open up to your truth. Kathe’s story is a deeply moving and a huge lesson to every one of us.

Kathe was barely 31-years-old and the mother of two young children when she and her husband received devastating news—information that they agreed to keep secret from everyone in their lives, including their families. As the years passed, this secret weighed heavily on her, even more so as she continued to respect her husband’s wishes for more than 20 years after his death.

Raising two sons as a single parent, Kathe was determined to build a successful career and a stable home. But this proved increasingly difficult as her secret became an exhausting facade. For so many years, survival had meant hiding the one thing that she thought would harm herself and her family the most. But when she could no longer maintain the protective wall around her heart, she discovered a deeper legacy of keeping secrets that she had inherited from her parents. The only way to heal would be to open herself to her heart and then to allow others to see her as she was, without secrets and without pretense. The shares all of this in her debut memoir, ‘Unlocking Secrets’, and in this podcast interview here. Kathe shares her spiritual journey from hiding in the shadows of her secrets to embracing the light of absolute authenticity, learning that self-love is perhaps the most important love story of all.

Listen in to hear the remarkable journey of a woman who set herself free by following her truth, and the difficult but necessary journey that followed as she revealed her secret. It will inspire you to release any secrets that have been weighing you down, and embrace the most authentic version of yourself. Listen here now or catch it on iTunes!


{Podcast} On finding your inner gold with Paralympian Karen Darke

{Podcast} On finding your inner gold with Paralympian Karen Darke FS PODCAST FB S2 013 LR

The Freedom Seeker Chronicles Podcast is back for Series 2, with more inspiring stories, great conversations and actionable advice! My first guest is one of the most genuinely inspiring people I know. Her strength in the face of adversity, and ability to train her mind to tackle any obstacle, was a real lesson for me.

When Karen Darke was 10 years old, she decided she would climb all 3000ft of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. She did so nearly 25 decades years later, even though she has been in a wheelchair since a rock climbing accident at the age of 21. She spent five days hoisting herself up the rockface and spent the nights on ledges in the cliff. This is just one example of extraordinary bravery and perseverance by Karen, who became Paralympic Champion in hand-cycling at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. She says “Life has taught me the importance of holding tight to belief, and never, ever giving up.” I invited her onto the show to share more about her amazing attitude to life, and what we can all learn from her about resilience, perseverance and possibility.

{Podcast} On finding your inner gold with Paralympian Karen Darke FS PODCAST LISTEN BUTTON1


On giving yourself permission to explore [+ new podcast: Women’s Adventure Expo co-founder Rebecca Hughes]

On giving yourself permission to explore [+ new podcast: Women’s Adventure Expo co-founder Rebecca Hughes] Kempton Shaw Shoot 02 DSC 1626 Filter

This year I have had the chance to meet hundreds of you in real life, through talks and workshops and book-related events. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and your stories, and to hear more about what obstacles you face. Time and again the topic of adventure came up in our conversations. You asked me how I find the time to have adventures, how I push myself to take risks, and how I avoid getting too comfortable in the way I live, work and play.

My answer usually begins with some version of something I wrote in Freedom Seeker, when talking about the Freedom Key of ‘Adventure + Aliveness’:

Adventure is a mindset. It’s about seeking out the unknown in all parts of your life. It’s a thirst for freshness. It’s an active pursuit of inspiration. It’s the thrill of pushing yourself in new territory.

Adventure often involves risk, and even sometimes danger. The gift of this is the acute focus required, which obliterates the demands of the normal world in the moment.

Aliveness is about being in the moment, drinking it all in. It’s about noticing and appreciating, and basking in your own sense of wonder. It’s about allowing yourself to be in awe.

This Freedom Key is about realizing you are part of something bigger than yourself, part of a fascinating and mysterious wider world. It’s about wanting to witness it first-hand and taking action to make that happen.

What is the opposite of adventure – boredom and monotony perhaps? And the opposite of aliveness doesn’t even bear thinking about. That’s why this Freedom Key is so important. It’s about the beating heart of life itself. It’s about engaging with the world around you, being an explorer and a collector of moments. It’s about so much of what can make living in this world so exciting.“

So this week I want to challenge you to seek out adventure and aliveness in your every day life. Where can you switch up your routine? Where can you try something new? Where can you inhale beauty and drink in freshness? Where can you push yourself beyond what is known and comfortable, into something scary but exciting, even in the smallest way? Go for it my friend!

To inspire you further, I’m happy to share this week’s Freedom Seeker Chronicles podcast episode with Rebecca Hughes, co-founder of the Women’s Adventure Expo. It is sure to get you fired up and curious about how to bring adventure into your daily routine.

Enjoy the show!



On giving yourself permission to explore [+ new podcast: Women’s Adventure Expo co-founder Rebecca Hughes] FS PODCAST S1 011 1

In this episode, Women’s Adventure Expo co-founder Rebecca Hughes and I discuss the two different types of adventure seekers. There’s the sporty, thrill-seeking adventurer who challenges herself physically and mentally, and there’s the “urban explorer” adventurer who’s curiosity leads to twists and turns in business and life.

Which one are you?

Listen in to hear why Rebecca believes all women should give themselves permission to explore, live bravely and surround themselves with a community of likeminded souls.

Enjoy the show!

Key Moments:

[2m 30s] Rebecca tells us what the word adventure means to her and decribes the two different types of adventurers in the world

[5m 35s] What Rebecca has learned through being an urban explorer

[7m 0s] Moments when Rebecca felt trapped and her work life lacked adventure, and what she did to bring freedom back to her every day

[9m 40s] Rebecca’s thoughts on risk and why it’s essential for living and learning

[12m 0s] We chat about wild camping and how it’s a great break to experience a healthy pace of life

[14m 30s] How Rebecca has brought her children up with adventure at their core

[17m 0s] Rebecca’s advice for encouraging your children to climb

[20m 05s] How Rebecca’s business the Women’s Adventure Expo came to exist

[24m 25s] Rebecca’s business mission, core values and how they structured the business as a CIC Social Enterprise model

[25m 50s] The mix of adventure seekers who attend Rebecca’s events – some enormously sporty and physically brave, some less physical adventure seekers, explorers, and mummy adventurers

[29m 55s] How Rebecca feels when she is around women in her community who have such ‘can do’ attitudes

[32m 10s] Why women should unite to create communities and the importance of having other women in your life who empower you

[32m 50s] What Rebecca says to people who make finances the blocker for doing the adventures they love doing

[37m 0s] Beth asks Rebecca “What does Freedom mean to you?”


On healing from trauma (new podcast episode with three times cancer survivor Sam Reynolds)

On healing from trauma (new podcast episode with three times cancer survivor Sam Reynolds) Sam flower

For any of you who are healing from any kind of trauma, I think you’re going to get a lot from this week’s Freedom Seeker Chronicles podcast. It’s an interview with a wonderful lady called Sam Reynolds, three times cancer survivor and founder of SamSpaces, a network for people finding their way after cancer. Sam is a true inspiration.

After our serendiptious meeting (I share the story on the show!) I was so blown away by Sam’s story that I interviewed her for my book Freedom Seeker and was wholly moved by her strength and light. I’m delighted to have Sam on the show today to talk more about the healing process after experiencing trauma. We go deep into why we need to make radical self-care at the forefront of everything we do.

You can listen to this special episode here.

Have a lovely week


On healing from trauma (new podcast episode with three times cancer survivor Sam Reynolds) FS PODCAST S1 009 1

What to do if you’re facing redundancy {+ new podcast episode with Kerry Roy)

What to do if you’re facing redundancy {+ new podcast episode with Kerry Roy) Kempton Shaw Shoot 04 DSC 0363

I’ll never forget the day one of my closest friends phoned me at 9am on a Friday, and I knew something was amiss. She worked for an investment bank, NEVER phoned during office hours. It turned out that she had been made redundant with immediate effect, the last of her team to go. She had known it might be coming, but had buried her head in the sand and hoped for the best.

The funny thing is, the best did happen in the end, only not quite in the way she had hoped.

For someone who had been terrified of redundancy, I remember so clearly the lightness in her voice, the sense of relief and the excitement at the prospect of a new kind of freedom. No more commute. No more 6am starts. No more office politics. And so much opportunity. My friend is the first to admit she hates making decisions, so redundancy actually turned out to be a blessing because it made someone else make a massive decision for her. Now, four years on, she runs her own flourishing business, sets her own hours and gets paid twice as much to do the same kind of work she did before. And she loves it.

Sometimes the very things we are afraid of turn out to be the best kind of adventures. So if you are facing redundancy, ask yourself this:

“What if this were to turn out as a great blessing? What would that look like?”

And while you are thinking about it, I encourage you to spend 30 minutes listening to my latest podcast episode with free-spirited Yorkshire lass, Kerry Roy, who lost her job but found her calling.

Kerry used her redundancy notice to hatch her escape plan, combining running a successful glamping, wedding and events business with feeding her addiction for travel and adventure. Always determined to fulfill her dreams, seek new opportunities, travel often and be forever grateful for the wonderful journey of life, in listening to Kerry’s story you will be filled with motivation to bring your dream to life whatever may be thrown at you along the way.

Enjoy the show!


What to do if you’re facing redundancy {+ new podcast episode with Kerry Roy) FSC KERRY ROY

Key moments:

[1m 0s] How Kerry dealt with the disappointment of her redundancy notice and instead made it a positive thing

[5m 0s] How Kerry juggled finances when she began the road to opening her own business

[7m 0s] Kerry discovered her calling, hear how

[8m 0s] How the support of Kerry’s partner, Dave, helped her make breakthroughs

[9m 0s] Building a power team of friends and family who helped start Kerry’s business

[10m 30s] Kerry’s attitude to ‘risk’ when curveballs are thrown her way

[11m 30s] The story behind Kerry’s business name, Camp Katur

[13m 0s] Kerry’s mission for Camp Katur, how she looks after her customers and ensures their escape from routine

[16m 0s] Key ways Kerry makes time and space for herself while juggling business efforts day to day

[20m 0s] How she balances work, life and travel – some great tips here

[22m 0s] What’s next for Kerry and Dave, their exciting plans to move to the mountains

[25m 0s] How Kerry and Dave work as a couple in aligning each other’s dreams

[27m 30s] Kerry’s amazing visualization for her future

[29m 30s] The challenges and fears Kerry faces on her next chapter…