What a chaotic few weeks it has been for us Brits. The EU referendum generated the greatest political interest and interaction I have ever experienced, and the outcome will define our nation and society for generations. It certainly feels like our national pride and identity has taken a battering, no matter which way we voted.

Personally, I was dismayed to see the vote go the way it did, having voted ‘Remain’ myself.

Firstly, as a parent I think the opportunities for my two daughters will be diminished as a result.

Secondly, as someone who spent a lot of his childhood living abroad, I know the benefits of being surrounded and nourished by different cultures, religions and races. I find it fascinating that we refer to ourselves as ‘expats’ when we go abroad, when we are also immigrants in the same context. We seem to have definitions to suit our agenda.

Lastly, there is the ideological element. We are one human race and we have to work together, collaborate and share to overcome some of the huge global issues we are facing. We are better together, not divided.

main-qimg-68be796d4cc5e5d06369b4cdf17544e8-cA variation on a Banksy piece that has been doing the rounds on social media during the referendum campaign. Source unknown

So what now? We have been catapulted into the unknown. We are adrift with no plan in sight. The speed in which our so-called leaders have deserted us is particularly worrying and a sorry reflection of their character. There are a few queuing up to seize power, but I’m not sure anyone is ideal for the job. I think the real leadership we need now can only be found away from the political circus.

This post is not intended to be a political rant. There was a democratic vote and the majority won, even if our entire government seems to be crumbling around our ears. What we need to do now is look ahead, and think about where to find inspiration and leadership in the future, outside of the political structures and campaigns that have created this chaos.

We have been misled and misrepresented for too long. Hugely important issues — and the people affected by them — have been used as pawns in power matches. I get so frustrated because this is not the world I see in my work. It is such a stark contrast to the amazing people we get to work alongside, and serve, and is the antithesis of the values alive in our own community.

I believe that in the absence of an inspiring, authentic and honest political leader it is time for us to step up and lead ourselves, within our communities, online and in the wider world.

We are a country oozing with class, potential, character and integrity.

More and more companies are being built primarily to forge positive change in our world. Entrepreneurial visionaries all over the country (and indeed the world) are pouring their heart and soul into work that matters. Their mission statements demand only the very best from them and their staff, but they do it because they care. The people driving these businesses do so because of a desire to make the world a better place. We need these kinds of people playing a wider role outside of their businesses, influencing society to take a look at itself and start to make different choices.

The entrepreneurial spirit that is alive in our country is one we should be hugely proud of, invest in and harness. Entrepreneurs nearly always find a way, even when up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. They have tenacity and grit, creativity and vision. And if there isn’t a way, they will invent it. Imagine what we are capable of if we bring these qualities to all realms of our life.

When motivated, ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things.

To help them step up we need to put our trust in people who have earned it. We need to think carefully about whose example we are following, and whose behavior we are modeling. And as we start to step up ourselves, we need to share our own expertise and experience with great ease and grace, because it all helps.

I believe that this spirit is actually within all of us. We just need to find the inspiration, motivation and support to awaken it. We need to find the right communities and tribes of people that understand us, who stand for what we stand for. This is key for our growth and confidence.

Change begins within. We need to challenge ourselves to be the very best version of ourselves, and demand more of those who lead us.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading”. Lao Tzu

With so many brilliant, honest and inspiring people in our country there is no need to feel lost or uncertain. There is no need to look only to our politicians to represent us. Instead put your faith in people you believe in. Those whose values resonate with yours. Those who challenge mediocrity and demand excellence. Those who are innovating our communities, our country and our world in a way that is better for the majority.

What could you do?


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