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  1. What do you want more than anything?


    Thank you for joining us for Zen for Ten. After our ten day mini chill, what have you come to realise about yourself?

    And now, what do you want more than anything?

    The courage to start a new career? The tie to pursue passions + hobbies? The freedom to travel + have big adventures? Or simply to “feel differently” about your life, just as it is? All of those wants — and so many others — stem from one big desire.

    “I want to do what I love.”

    And if that’s what you want? Then you’ve arrived in the best possible place you can be.

    If Zen for Ten awoke something in you, then the Do What You Love e-course (starting on April 28) will rock your world.

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  2. Zen for Ten {Day 10} CHOOSE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE

    day 10

    Ponder this

    Doing what you love is a way of life, an attitude, and a state of mind. It’s not about money or fame or selfish pleasure. It’s about sharing your gifts with the world in a way which serves others and makes you happy. And if you are doing what you love, it has a ripple effect on those around you.

    Choosing to do what you love could be the most important decision you ever make.

  3. Zen for Ten {Day 9} BE ALL OF YOU

    day 9

    Ponder this

    In our lives we play many roles – mother, wife, daughter, husband, father, son, friend, confidante, lover, teacher. But none of those alone is who you are.

    You are a unique combination of your genes, background, culture, experiences, environment, influences, memories, dreams, emotions, kindnesses, skills, strengths, attitudes and so many other things. And your unique personality is made up of many parts. It can sometimes seem strange that you love to party but like to be alone, or you are physically adventurous but terrified of talking in public.

    Some stages of our lives (and the people in them) nurture certain aspects of us, and other aspects get buried, forgotten about, hidden. The world needs you to be all of you – and for that you need to know yourself.

    To do what you love you need to do what feels right, do what feels good, and do what feels like YOU.

  4. Zen for Ten {Day 8} TRAVEL LIGHT

    day 8

    Ponder this

    All of us carry around a backpack full of emotional baggage from relationships, mistakes, bad experiences, painful memories. What if you could reflect on the things that have happened to you, but not hold onto them? What if you could move forward with a light step and happy heart? That is what travelling light is all about.

  5. Is this you? (Unveiling our brand new whiteboard animation…)

    When you were young everyone said, “Dream big, you can be anything you want when you grow up.”

    Maybe you believed those words. Maybe you had a dream. But then you got older, and responsibilities got in the way.

    Now you find yourself trapped in a life you don’t love, with jobs to do, and bills to pay, with not enough time to think, let alone dream.

    Is this you? Well it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Watch our short new whiteboard animation and get inspired:

    Ready to start doing what you love? Join our flagship online course ‘Do What You Love(starts April 28) and start making those changes in your life.

    Like the animation? Think it will inspire anyone you know? Please share it with your friends, linking to (or embed it directly from Vimeo: Thank you for helping encourage others to do what they love!

  6. Zen for Ten {Day 7} WALK (BAREFOOT)

     day 7

    Ponder this

    Doing what you love is not a final destination. It is a way of life. And in order to experience a different way of life from the one you have, you will need to make a host of different changes. Exactly what they are will depend on your particular circumstances, and what ‘doing what you love’ means to you. But in every case, it is a journey where every single step counts. And the most important step of all is the first one. You have to BEGIN.

    The truth is you will be vulnerable as you set out to do what you love. You will have fears, both rational and irrational, and not everyone will support you. There will be tough times along the way, but there will also be joy and exhilaration. And you will be living. Every experience of being truly alive happens when you strip back the gloss, bring down the walls and open yourself up to what is happening. In that sense, the road to doing what you love is best walked barefoot, so you can feel every step.

  7. Zen for Ten {Day 6} BE A BEGINNER

    day 6

    Ponder this

    How do you know if you are going to love doing something if you have never tried it? So to do what you love, you need to be prepared to be a beginner.

    If you make a leap to something new and different, it is inevitable that there will be things you need to learn. And the fact is, you are not going to get it completely right first time. That is just something you need to accept.

    You can either come at it with a stubborn, frustrated, closed mind, or you can come at it as a hopeful beginner, willing, open and ready to learn. (Hint: The latter always gets better results). Once you know what you don’t know, and you commit to learning it, that is half the battle won. Consider new challenges as stepping stones to doing what you love, and suddenly they seem a whole lot more exciting.

  8. Zen for Ten {Day 5} FOCUS

    day 5

    Ponder this

    Often, when we are on the cusp of a major change, our heads are awash with ideas and we have no idea where to start. We can find ourselves going round and round in circles, talking ourselves into something, and then talking ourselves out of it. We can get so excited about the prospect of doing something different, that we take a scattergun approach and don’t actually move forward with anything significant. If you feel like that it’s time to focus.

  9. Zen for Ten {Day 4} OPEN YOUR EYES

     day 4

    Ponder this

    Are you paying attention to your life? Do you stand by and observe things happening to you, or do you truly see your life, and play an active part in it? Do you remember what you did yesterday, last week, last month, this time last year?

    Are you taking the time to notice the beauty in the world around you? To find pleasure in simple things? To reconnect with what used to make you happy?

    Are you curious about the world? Do you give your mind enough time to ponder, investigate and discover? When was the last time you felt awe and wonder?

  10. Zen for Ten {Day 3} CLOSE YOUR EYES

     day 3

    Ponder this

    Often closing off one sense can heighten other senses. The same can be said for the sixth sense – intuition.

    Sometimes shutting off outside noise, and really concentrating on what is within can help us tune into our intuition more closely, and help us navigate through to where we want to be. Often we consider ‘passion’ to embody something active and exciting, but sometimes it is best recognised in a quiet place where you can feel your heart quicken, notice your temperature rise, taste a sense of delight, and lose all sense of time. Often discovering what you love is less about reinventing yourself, and more about finding yourself – the self that is already there. Close your eyes and listen to what you have to say.