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  1. Do What You Love Interview  – Alison Qualter Berna


    Every week in our Big Interview we celebrate people who have dreams, drive and passion. And one lady who has all three in abundance is the amazing Alison Qualter Berna. Alison is a mum, a businesswoman and an adventurer who thrives on helping to bring out the best in others. She loves a challenge and recently guided the first blind runner across the Grand Canyon. She can also do a headstand on a paddle board and we think that’s pretty awesome! If ever you needed inspiration to get out there, do what you love and live life to the max, this is it…  – Rachel

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  2. What will you share this month?


  3. What special moments will you share today?


  4. Do What You Love Interview – Annie Sloan (+ gorgeous free giveaway!)


    Everyone is talking about Annie Sloan… the paint lady. I first discovered her gorgeous range of Chalk Paint™ in a little interiors shop in Baslow, Derbyshire, and I just had to buy a pot. After watching a couple of her online tutorials I got stuck in, transforming a tired old wardrobe into a beautiful new piece of furniture. I  couldn’t believe how easy it was! I loved the no-prep formulation and completely understood why Chalk Paint™ has become an interiors phenomenon. 

    As well as being a paint designer, Annie is an entrepreneur with an ever-expanding empire which covers a mail order business, a website, a shop in her home town of Oxford and over 1,000 stockists throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. She’s also a teacher and an author of 24 books, which have sold over one and a half million copies.
 We’re delighted to catch up with her and talk paint, passion and projects. And in the spirit of sharing this month, don’t miss her lovely Christmas giveaway at the end of this interview… 


  5. Grateful everyday (PLUS Your free 2015 Happy List is here)


    So winter is finally here in England. The dark nights are setting in early and log fires are flickering to warm our homes. I’m going to keep it short today – we just got back from a short trip to Copenhagen, where we had lots of fun and started to feel very Christmassy. The 40ft Christmas tree in our hotel lobby, and the magical lights of the Tivoli Gardens Winter Wonderland probably helped with that…

    Anyway, after my recent post about having had a tough time these past few weeks, it was a brilliant way to relax and forget about everything except spending time together. I felt grateful many times on that trip – grateful that our little girl is such a good traveller; grateful that we have such beautiful places just a couple of hours away; grateful for my lovely family, who know just how to make me smile.

    I’m also grateful to our brilliant team, some of whom joined us for a fun team day at the Brighton Cookery School recently. You can see what we made, and what surprising lessons we learnt, in this blog post by our editor Rachel.

    If you want to take more notice of the things that make you happy in the months ahead, please feel free to download our Happy List – it’s completely free, and it’s a simple interactive PDF which allows you to note one thing every day that you are grateful for. Thousands of people used it last year and really enjoyed noticing the small and big things, and having a record to look back on. You can get yours here:


    I hope you manage to find some time for yourself over the busy holiday times ahead to appreciate all that is good in your life, and that you stay warm if you are somewhere cold like us!



  6. Shop small – not just for Christmas!


    Tomorrow is a big day for small businesses. The UK is hosting its second ever Small Business Saturday, a government-backed event aimed at celebrating and boosting small business and independent retailers across the country.

    With just three weeks to go before Christmas, this shopping weekend is expected to be one of the busiest of the year, so it’s the perfect time to help fuel our local economies by supporting the businesses we love.

  7. Do What You Love Interview – Jan Scott


    Today we are delighted to bring you an interview with yoga teacher and spiritual bathing practitioner, Jan Scott.

    I was blessed to meet Jan at one of her idyllic retreats in southwest France. It was perfect. I spent the week savouring local food and wine, shopping at flea markets and brocantes, cycling around sunflower fields and beautiful countryside, doing art, making new friends, expanding my yoga practice, rediscovering my senses and reconnecting with my soul. However one thing I’ll never forget was the spiritual bath I had. I booked this experience with Jan because it sounded intriguing and I was keen to cleanse my body, mind and soul. I had no idea what to expect and I was incredibly touched by the time, thought, energy, love and intention that Jan put into every part of the process. My healing treatment was extraordinary – magical, spiritual, and completely transformative. If you ever get the chance to have one yourself, I can highly recommend it. – Rachel

    Aubs Avalon Shower October 18, 2014 - 02

  8. Food for thought

    Brighton Cookery School - front

    Celebrity chefs, cookery shows and recipe books… everywhere we look there’s advice about what to eat and how to eat it and yet how often do we stop to listen? How often do we take the time to plan a meal, gather the ingredients and prepare them with love? And how often do we sit around the table with family, friends, or just by ourselves, and savour every mouthful?

    All too often we find ourselves grabbing fast food, eating on the go, or opting for quick fix ready meals to fuel our busy lifestyles. Yet food is nourishment, not just for our bodies and minds, but for our souls too. So last week, in order to help us re-connect with food and rediscover our passion for learning, cooking, and eating, the Do What You Love team went to cookery school!

  9. How can you have more fun in your every day life?


  10. Curl up this winter with our FREE Winter Writing Workshop!


    Do you have a secret dream to write a book? Or publish a blog? Or pitch to write for a magazine? Or do you simply want to get into regular writing in your journal, or create poetry, for fun? Then join our FREE Winter Writing Workshop with seven days of prompts and inspiration to help you to discover your inner writer!

    Here in England the time between Christmas and New Year is often quiet, after the hustle and bustle of preparations and the chaos of the festivities. It is also cold and dark, so we thought this would be the perfect time to get cosy next to a roaring fire, journal in hand, to write. We invite you to join us, whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out. (And if you live somewhere hot then of course you are still welcome – perhaps you will sit out in the sun writing?)

    We have teamed up with Frances Booth, author of The Distraction Trap, to bring you seven days’ worth of writing exercises, so by the end of the week you will have made real progress on whatever piece of writing you choose to commit to.

    Each day you will be emailed a short note from professional writer Frances, along with those daily writing prompts, writer development exercises and some special tips from well known writers. At the end of the series you will also receive a PDF of 100 writing prompts to keep you writing all year long.

    The workshop runs over the New Year period, from December 29 – Jan 4 and is the perfect way to kick start your writing for 2015.

    It is completely free, and is our Christmas gift to you!

    See for more details and to book your place. Please tell all your friends too!

    Beth and team