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  1. #MakingTime Day 2

    mt day2

    Your Day 2 Making Time challenge: For 2 minutes… write a haiku

    Forget boring work emails, today we challenge you to write creatively… bring on the two-minute haiku challenge!

    The haiku is a simple and powerful form of Japanese poetry that captures a single image or a moment in time. It’s always written over three lines and the structure is based on syllables: there are five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Here’s an example by haiku master Matsuo Basho:

    An old silent pond…

    A frog jumps into the pond,

    splash! Silence again.

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  2. #MakingTime Day 1


    Your Day 1 Making Time challenge: For 1 minute… listen to the sound of water

    Ocean waves, babbling brooks, freshwater streams and trickling fountains… there’s nothing as soothing as the sound of water. Water is essential to life. It symbolises purity, clarity and calm, and hearing it flow freely in its natural surroundings can be incredibly cleansing. As well relaxing our mind, on a subconscious level flowing water speaks to our soul and reminds us of our very existence. It’s a great form of meditation.

    For the full prompt, plus a daily time-saving tip and other inspiration into your inbox, sign up for the full Making Time series (a 31-day free challenge to make more time for the things you love).  Follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for more thought-provoking inspiration! We’d love to hear what you listened to in your ‘Making Time’ minute today, and how you felt afterwards…

  3. 31 ways to make more time

    bird time
    Often we get so caught up in our day-to-day routines, the chaos of family life, and the demands we put on ourselves and those others put on us, that we forget to make time for the things we love. If we do the same old thing day-in-day-out, the days blend into each other, weeks become months and the precious years disappear.

    Today we are starting a 31-day challenge to make time – starting with a tiny amount of time – to do something which refreshes and energises, stretches the mind or body, makes us laugh or makes us think.

    We provide a daily prompt into your inbox with an idea of something to try. With each day of Making Time you will be challenged to find an extra minute, so one minute on Day 1, two minutes on Day 2, three minutes on Day 3 and so on. If you find yourself ‘too busy’ to carve out the few minutes required for each challenge, ask yourself whether you really have your priorities right! You need time for yourself, and we hope this challenge will help you make it.

    Throughout the 31 days we will also include daily inspiration and a simple but effective time-saving tip to help you create more precious minutes. Once you have got into the habit of finding pockets of time in your day, you will be able to use those for more of the things you love.

    Want to join us? Making Time starts today, and it’s free. Sign up here and get going right away!


  4. How will you make the most of your time today?


  5. DWYL HQ – Monthly Update (August)


    Well it certainly doesn’t feel like a month ago that I was writing my last monthly update. There is so much exciting stuff going on behind the scenes here at DWYL. I will try and update you without divulging too much of our top secret work.

    I mentioned last month that we had taken on new staff. In fact, we more than doubled our team in a matter of weeks. A little scary but it is very necessary. Our driving goal is to provide you with a place to come that will help you build your own roadmap towards a life of doing what you love. And more than that, to offer you the tools and support you need along the way to make sure the changes you make are sustainable and life changing. A big promise, I know, but a promise we wholeheartedly believe in.

    Last month we had the great pleasure to introduce you to Henry and Rachael. This month I am delighted to introduce our Digital Strategy and Marketing Manager – Victoria Binz, who joins us after several years with Saachi & Saachi and other top ad agencies. It took less than a week for Vickie to demonstrate what great skills and expertise she possesses and we feel very lucky that she has chosen to share them with us and ultimately you.  

    And there’s lots more exciting news to report…

    TheLittleBeachHutOfDreams-HollyBooth-142image: Holly Booth Photography

    1. All the work on The Little Beach Hut of Dreams is complete. Will you be our first ‘dreamer-in-residence’? You can find out about how to apply and much more in next Monday’s newsletter. (Sign up here for our newsletter if you aren’t already on the list!)

    2. In order to make DWYL more accessible and to inspire even more people we’re making some cool changes to our website over the coming months. We can’t wait to get your thoughts – stay tuned for that!

    Beth-Cafe-HollyBooth-14image: Holly Booth Photography

    3. Our little girl had her first professional photo shoot(!) recently ahead of Beth’s next column in Where Women Create Business, all about online business with a baby

    4. Beth has been locked away hard at work creating the content of an amazing new business e-course. I may have said too much already.

    5. We’ve been busy getting ready for Making Time, a 31-day experiment in making time for the things you love. Sign up here to get an inspiring email into your inbox every day for 31 days, with daily prompts to help you make time for something you love. It’s completely free and a great way to start the day – why not join us


    An update on collaborations

    Make Art That Sells: The Global Talent Search 2014 – Commenced on August 5th. With over 1200 participants form over 50 countries the work submitted was both fantastic and diverse. The Top 50 were announced and they are currently working feverishly to secure their place in the final 6. Someone’s life will change forever.

    Make It In Design: The FREE Make It In Design Summer School – for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists has been a hub of amazing energy over the summer. The work produced has been fantastic. I am constantly amazed at the quality of work that is created. Everyone is currently hard at work on their final brief.

    Most importantly, we were over the moon to discover that on August 27th Rachael gave birth to her baby boy Blayke Lennon Davies. Mother, baby and father are all just great. Congratulations Rachael and Matt.

    Our thought for the month: No one else can live your life except you

    It was last Friday and I was busy doing a little last minute shopping. Whilst standing in the queue I over heard at least five different conversations in the space of a couple of minutes. Each conversation revolved around the topic of being “…so bored at work”. In fact two of them were already considering what excuses they could give not to go back on Monday.

    I know we all look forward to our weekends and we need time to re-charge our batteries, and sometimes what we say is just a turn of phrase. But what alarmed me was that each of these conversations involved people no older than 24. I was stood there wondering why they didn’t find a more interesting job or ask for more interesting things to do. What a waste of precious time to be constantly bored.

    We live in an age when we have so much information at our fingertips. The world is connected in a way that it never has before. There is literally an adventure waiting to happen everywhere you turn, you just need to give yourself the opportunity to notice them.

    Add a little bit of adventure into your life and start living. Don’t accept being bored. Change it, no one else will. To give you a helping hand I can highly recommend having a read of Micro Adventures by Alastair Humphreys.

    Have an adventure filled weekend.

    Mr K

  6. Introducing Do What You Love’s newest recruit – Vickie Binz


    To ensure we are in a position to help each and every one of you, we are continuing to grow our team. I have the great pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of the Do What You Love family, Victoria Binz.

    Vickie will be taking on the role of Digital Strategy and Marketing Manager here at DWYL HQ. We first met Vickie when we interviewed her for an alternative position but as we chatted it became clear that she could have a much more profound affect in this role – a role which we hope will help her achieve her personal goals. 

    We’re thrilled that she has chosen to join us, even though I now get homework! – MR K

    Vickie_CapVertOur new recruit, Vickie Binz

  7. September’s Happy List is here!

    2014-07-01 12.05.30
    On my Happy List… making time to be creative

    Each month we share a free downloadable ‘Happy List’ as a place for you to capture the things – big and small – that have made you smile and feel inspired each day. Get yours here.

    Have a super September,



  8. There’s no right or wrong, you just have to follow your heart…


  9. Do What You Love Interview – Alex & Clare at Sixty Clicks Productions


    They believe that every project should tell a story because that’s what people open up to: great stories, told well. London-based couple Alex Kyrou and Clare Shields are a dynamic duo who are passionate about music and the power of film…


  10. I have this desire to explore…


    Explore. Verb: 1. travel through (an unfamiliar area) for the purpose of discovery, “to explore the island”
. 2. look into closely; scrutinize; examine; or discuss (a subject) in detail, “let us explore the possibilities for improvement”.

    Maptia Manifesto

    Today we thought we’d share some of the things that have been inspiring us to get out and explore and also to journey within and discover more about ourselves.