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  1. Do What You Love Interview – Jo Klima (+ free giveaway!)


    This week’s interview is with Jo Klima, an Australian designer and artist who’s passionate about exploring creative projects which support our desire to live a beautiful and authentic life. Jo runs The Darling Tree, an art and design studio in Brisbane, where she spends her days creating stunning websites, custom art and pattern designs for amazing women, businesses and products.

    ProfilePhoto by Carter & Rose Photography

    I was introduced to Jo a while ago and I loved her work so much that I commissioned her to overhaul our branding and website. She’s one of those incredible people who has an uncanny knack of just ‘getting’ what you are trying to communicate and coming up with ideas that truly represent the heart and soul of your brand.

    It’s been a while since our last interview so I thought it would be nice to catch up with Jo and find out about her blossoming business and exciting new product range – leggings for darling legs! Don’t miss her generous giveaway at the end of this interview!

  2. Actions speak louder than words…




  3. Do What You Love interview: Vivienne McMaster


    Today I am delighted to share this interview with Vancouver-based photographer and workshop leader Vivienne McMaster. Vivienne has an incredible talent for capturing authentic beauty, and empowering new photographers to find their voice.  She has a wonderful way with self-portraits, as I learnt in one of her e-courses. I talked to Vivienne about becoming a photographer, the importance of playfulness, and the challenges of running e-courses She also shares her tips for taking beautiful photos.

  4. How will you play today?


  5. Use your hands – Our review of the TEDxBrighton 2014 event

    Last Friday saw the annual TEDxBrighton event take over Brighton Dome to offer a series of inspiring talks from speakers of all backgrounds. From knife-maker to journalist, from Frog Agent to poet and from truffle hunter to novelist, there really was something for everyone!

    This year’s theme was “Many Hands” and it was fascinating to get the speakers’ views on topics like collaboration, consumerism, sharing messages and knowledge, and using our hands. Most importantly, they spoke about their passion for doing what they love, with real genuine passion and we’d like to share some of it with you.


  6. Do What You Love Interview – Amelia Critchlow


    Amelia Critchlow is a Visual Artist living and working in London. After completing an MA in Fine Art in 2012 Amelia went on to open and co-direct ArtLacuna Space in South London. Her work encompasses collage, mixed media, photography and moving image. In this interview she shares an insight into how doing what you love is a requirement of the soul, but how the journey there is not always easy…

    Amelia Portrait 2013

  7. Make time to play today


    “If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.” ~ Bob Basso

    At the weekend I took my little boy to the park. He’s just started walking and he was in his element kicking his way through piles of crisp, colourful autumn leaves. As he giggled with joy I noticed a sweet old lady watching us. “Kids have all the fun don’t they?!” she said. Her words rang so true. As grown ups we’re so busy dashing from one thing to the next, juggling the responsibilities that come with work, family life and social commitments, that it’s easy to lose our sense of fun. 


    We know that play is vitally important for children, but it’s just as important for adults too. According to contemporary American psychiatrist Stuart Brown: “Play energizes us and enlivens us. It eases our burdens. It renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.”

    When you really think about it, play is just an attitude. An option. A decision you make every time you do anything. Life really can be lighter and more fun if you choose to make it that way. If life has become one big routine for you, or if you find that your days lack joy and laughter, it could be time to change your attitude.

    Need some inspiration? Here are our top 10 tips for living life in the fun lane…

  8. Let the PaperLovin’ begin!

    Are you a paper lover?

    Do you obsess about stationery, love the idea of creating your own books and boxes, enjoy sending real snail mail, and lust over the delight of words?

    If so this course is for you, and it begins TODAY!

    PaperLove is a five-week papery adventure, where we unwrap the possibilities of paper – getting stuck into a host of creative projects, sharing inspiration, hearing from people who have made paper love into their careers, learning about the fascinating history of paper, and connecting with other paper lovers from around the world.

    Join us to discover the delights of PAPER (week 1), COLLAGE (week 2), WORD (week 3), BOOK (week 4), MAIL (week 5).

    PL sal6

    During this online course you will be encouraged to tap into your own stories, discover the book inside you, get creative and have fun. The clear step-by-step instructions will help you confidently create stitched books, gift boxes and all manner of other papery goodies, while the stories, images and resources shared will provide a feast of papery inspiration.

    PL sal4

    This online course has been specially designed to get as close to an in-person workshop as possible, but to allow you to join in from anywhere in the world. Please see our FAQ page for more details on how it works.

    Is this course for you? Find out more here.

    Pretty much all the paper-knowledge our good friend Rachel Hazell has has been assembled in to this beautiful and inspiring five week course.

    The feeling that it is now spreading round the world is enormous. Join us! PaperLove has just begun!

  9. The secret to staying young…


  10. Only one day to go until the PaperLove is unleashed!


    Telling your story through paper is what this course is all about: Using words, collage, print, stamps.

    Inky lines of text can be created with so many kinds of pen. What do you have in your pencil case?

    Dilly dally no longer: Sign up for five weeks of PaperLove now.

    A warm excited welcome awaits… Class begins TOMORROW!