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Flying the nest… we’re moving to Japan!

(Image: Cover of ‘Kodansha Bilingual Encyclopedia of Japan)

I am a wanderer at heart, but I am also Taurean through and through – which means I like to surround myself with beautiful things, and create a secure home.  This internal contradiction often pulls me in different directions, and right now has manifested itself as a very exciting decision… we are moving to Japan from next March for 8-9 months!

Last Summer we bought our lovely house, and have been so happy here, but in the past few months my man and I have started to get itchy feet.  I have long had a deep love of Japan, having lived in Kyoto for a year as a 19-year old student, and then in the snowy north, and in Tokyo for four more years in my twenties.  My man spent several years of his childhood in Hong Kong, but has never been to Japan, so we decided that now is as good a time as any! 

To me Japan is a magical place, a breathtakingly beautiful place, and a place where anything seems possible.  It has also been home to some of my craziest, funniest adventures, and most deeply thought-provoking experiences.  I have found myself dreaming of Kyoto quite often recently, and have long harboured a secret wish to spend several months just wandering – taking photos, writing, exploring, catching up with old friends, doing a class or two in indigo dyeing, papermaking or pottery perhaps…  And my man wants to learn the language which has captivated me.  So he is taking a sabbatical, and will study in the mornings, then spend the rest of the time exploring.  And as for me – I have no plan whatsoever!

I have a feeling this is going to be a very precious time, and I want to soak in every inch of it.  And I cannot wait to share it all with you!

PS. For this reason I have decided not to run a Do What You Love retreat in England next year.  The next one will be in 2013 – I hope you can wait that long!  (And maybe, just maybe, I’ll organise one in Japan, if anyone would be interested??)


Did you hear the news?  The Art and Business of Surface Pattern featuring Rachael Taylor launched yesterday!  You will LOVE it – take a look over here!


  • Kate MacAndrew

    How exciting! I hope you both have a fantastic, magical time whilst you’re there! x

  • jan avellana

    oh my goodness…you had me at JAPAN!!! my husband and i used to spend every other year there during the summers wandering around tokyo, hakone and ibaraki and chiba-ken where we have family. i had the lovely pleasure of visiting a paper-making facility and watching a private demo. we also enjoyed exploring two different pottery villages. could you imagine an art-retreat onsen experience?!!!! omgosh. i might have to do fundraiser to get myself there, lol!

  • Annika

    Wow! How amazing! I would love to visit Japan and can’t believe you are actually going to LIVE there! I also cannot belive you are a Taurean (like me). That makes the kind of live you lead and the kind of chances you grab even more impressive!

  • Cheryl

    Oh my goodness – what a wonderful adventure ! Carpe Diem !

    Japan is on my list of places to visit – and I especially want to do some indigo-dyeing and paper-making workshops. If I could meet up with you and do the DWYL Retreat there too in 2013- well, that would be heaven…

  • Beth Nadler

    amazing! I’ll be living vicariously through your blog posts!!!
    this is just really exciting news and I know the two of you will
    treasure your adventure.

  • Andrea

    So exciting Beth! Good for you :)

  • Monica Lee

    Wow! I am happy for you! I definitely want to go to England again…Japan is a little far (plane ride wise) from me! Very exciting news!

  • Elizabeth Gonzalez

    So exciting Beth! I am really happy to see you dreaming, planning and taking action. Great!!

  • Jill Metz

    Wow….love that you are brave enough to live like you want to live…with endless possibilities on your heart.

  • Lori Moon

    Congratulations! Totally exciting! I look forward to living vicariously through your posts, pictures and words.

  • Catherine

    Wow!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

    I’m so excited for you both and can’t wait to read your blog about your adventures!!!!!!!!

  • Angie Fraley

    I LOVE adventure. Here’s to wishing you a good one!

  • Lisa WrightStuff

    What amazing news, yet not surprising! Looking forward to following your oriental adventures!

  • Andria

    Congratulations on your exciting news, Beth! I hope you will share your adventures with us every step of the way.

  • lindy mcclellan

    Beth, that is awesome! I have never been but would love to someday. (perhaps a DWYL retreat?) I may have told you that when I was a little girl I thought there had been a mistake and I was supposed to be Japanese! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  • Steph

    Wow! Congratulations Beth. I too hope you will share some of your adventures with us here.

  • Marianne

    wow. This is exciting news. Looking forward to seeing japan through your eyes

  • moyra

    I love that you are doing this. sets a good example!! xx best of luck and love. go fly with it. follow your dreams.

  • Liv Lane

    That’s amazing, Beth! I so admire your adventurous spirit – and glad your travels will bring you to Minnesota soon, too!

  • Kat Sloma

    Congrats Beth! Exciting news. I have no doubt it will be a special time for you creatively and wonderful things will result. Just thrilled for you!

  • Tasha

    I tried to convince Husband to move to Japan when our Daughter was still little. I could teach English and he could be the stay-at-home Dad for a bit.
    He wasn’t keen, the language scared him, so we didn’t go…

    It definitely sounds like a precious time will be had. Enjoy every moment, and know that I’m just a tad jealous!

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  • Juli

    Beth! Just catching up! Congratulations! How wonderful!! Your dreams – and the way you turn them into reality – are inspiring. Can’t wait to hear your reports from Kyoto!

  • svm

    This is v. exciting news indeed. I will share it with some Japanophile 14 year olds I know (they are so obsessed that they are teaching themselves Japanese!) I wish you the best of luck. Now, I understand the postponement of a retreat but I hope you’ll still be able to run the Postcard Swap from abroad?

  • Barbara

    Hi Beth,
    wow that´s phantastic! Can´t wait to read here your stories from there!
    I related very much with what you wrote:
    “I am a wanderer at heart, but I am also Taurean through and through – which means I like to surround myself with beautiful things, and create a secure home. This internal contradiction often pulls me in different directions”
    I am also a Tauro and though I don´t really believe in astrology, for me this is exactly the same. Reading it like this it makes totally sense suddenly.

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